Tuesday, September 02, 2014

 PS4 Dragon Quest 'Metal Slime Edition' Playstation 4 Console - Import Announcement

NCS Product Synopsis
   Sony unveiled the Dragon Quest “Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4 during the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia press conference in Tokyo, Japan, on September 1, 2014. Preorders will open once confirmed by Sony.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Sony
Territory/Language: Japan

 MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1343 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
   The September 11, 2014 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following news and games in the Japanese marketplace.

» p006-017 Continuing coverage for Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold which was released on the Playstation 3 last week.
» p030-035 Preview for Ryu Ga Goptoku Zero which ships for the PS3 and PS4 sometime next year. Famitsu reveals the protagonists in the upcoming game and interviews the creators. 
» p036-037 Gundam Breaker 2 is shipping for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita next year.
» p070-075 3DS Final Fantasy Explorers preview which ships on the 3DS on December 18, 2014.
» DLC for PS3 Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, PSV Toukiden Kiwami, PSV Chou Jigen Action: Neptune U, 3DS Medarot 8, PSV Phantasy Star Online 2, and iOS Brave Frontier.
» Smash Girls profile on actress Ayami Nakajo (中条あやみ) who plays 'Rei' in the 'Zero' movie adaption Gekijoban Rei Zero Nakajo which bows across Japan on September 26, 2014.
Product Specs
Publisher: Enterbrain
Jan Code: 4910218810949
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOY Beach Queens Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunoa Ver. 2 - Import Preorder US$72.90 each

NCS Product Synopsis
   French transfer student Charlotte Dunois of Infinite Stratos is a beach queen in a 1/10 scale fixed-pose yellow and black bikini figure which measures 14cm or 5.51" in length. A display base is included for posing purposes. Preorder are welcome to ship in March 2015. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Wave
Jan Code: 4943209552795
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS GIRLS und PANZER Type89 Middle Tank Kou Ending Ver. - Import Preorder US$56.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Tank handler Miho Nishizumi and cohorts from the Ōarai Girls High School ride a tank in toy manufacturer Pair-Dot's upcoming ABS and PVC non-scale toy which measures 96mm or 3.77" in length. Preorders are welcome to ship in November 2014. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Pair-Dot
Jan Code: 4986470017495
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOY Sword Art Online Asuna Swimwear Ver. - Import Preorder US$98.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   The heroine of Sword Art Online,  Yuuki Asuna, is rendered into a 1/7 scale swimsuit figure which measures 8.5cm or 3.34" in height and 20.5cm or 8.07" in length. Asuna wears a red and white striped two-piece bikini and straddles the floor. Preorders ship in October 2014. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Griffon Enterprises
Jan Code: 4582221157641
Territory/Language: Japan


 TOYS Dead or Alive 5 Kasumi Figure - Import Preorder US$119.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   The buxom kunoichi named Kasumi from the Dead or Alive franchise stands with her weapon behind her back in a 1/6 scale figure which measures 26cm (10.23") in height. Preorders are welcome to ship in October 2014. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Jan Code: 4582221157801
Territory/Language: Japan


 CD Shin Sekaiju no MeiQ Soundtrack Rough Sketch Version - Sale US$13.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Shin Sekaiju (Etrian Odyssey) soundtrack CD which contains seven songs composed by Yuso Koshiro and Yuji Himukai. New orders are welcome.

New, mint condition inventory


 TPB Miyazaki's Spirited Away Volume 5 - Sale US$8.90 Free Shipping in USA

Product Synopsis
   Is Haku's illness really from a curse laid on him by Yubaba's sister Zeniba? Sen is about to journey to Zeniba's home in Swamp Bottom to find out. But before she can take the mystery train that leads there, she has to confront the frightening No Face, who's been tearing up the bath house, and demanding to see her. Sen is on the verge of answering many questions. Can she pass Yubaba's final test in order to win back her parents, and even her real name? Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.

New, mint condition inventory
ISBN13: 9781569317952
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Publication date: 2/28/2003
Pages: 184

 OST Tekken 3 Playstation Soundtrack Seven Remixes - Sale US$25.90 Free shipping USA

Product Synopsis
   Music for Jin, Yoshimitsu, Ogre, Ling, etc remixed and produced by names such as Ken Ishii, Captain Funk, Wiggle, 2 Terror Crew and Jelly Jelly. Fun fun.

Orders ship same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST.
Track Listing
01 Jin Kazama (Ken Ishii Vs. Captain Funk Remix) 4:38
02 Yoshimitsu (Wiggle Remix) 2:38
03 Ling Xiaoyu (Jelly Jelly Remix) 6:29
04 Eddy Gordo Vs. Bryan Fury (DJ Ishii Vs. Terror Crew) 4:41
05 Ogre (Ken Ishii Remix) 5:45
06 Dr. Boskonovitch (Akio Milanpaak Remix) 5:38
07 Tiger Jackson (Captain Funk Remix) 5:14
Disc length 35:03
New, mint condition inventory
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Jan Code: 4988013828537 / PCCG-00455


 TOYS Pokemon X/Y Metal Pencil Case - Sale US$8.90 Free shipping in USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Officially licensed Pokemon X/Y metal pencil case which may be used for storing school supplies or in our case, petty cash in the office. Orders ship same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST.

 Brand new, factory sealed, mint condition inventory
 Manufacturer: Yamada-Denki Co. Ltd


 TPB Astonishing X-Men: Emma Frost, Vol. 3 - Sale US$8.90 Free Shipping within USA

Product Synopsis
   Emma's fought her family, the Boston mob and her own boyfriend - and won! Now, the young mutant sets her sights on the Big Apple and Empire State University, where she becomes extremely friendly with another, more experienced telepath. But is this relationship entirely healthy? It might not be for Ian Kendall, the teacher Emma's infatuated with... whose life is suddenly turned upside down! With the love of her life on trial for his job, what is Emma willing to do to save him? Don't miss the ultimate telepathic catfight! Collects Emma Frost #13-18.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EST.

New, mint condition inventory
ISBN13: 9780785114734
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Publication date: 6/08/2005
Pages: 144

 NEWS Import outlook

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3DS Gaist Crusher God e-Capcom Limited Edition Capcom
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