Tuesday, December 07, 2010

 TOYS Black Lagoon Revy Cowgirl - Japanese Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Revy of Black Lagoon fame is a skilled shooter who mows down her targets with two Beretta 92FS pistols which have been modified with elongated barrels. In A-Label's upcoming Black Lagoon toy, Revy goes cowgirl and gets gussied up in an outfit that's made up of revealing chaps and an equally revealing vest. A white cowgirl hat completes the ensemble and Revy's shoulder tat is intact. The manufacturer includes a mirrored base with the figure so that "upskirts" viewing won't require any craning of anyone's neck. The figure is sculpted to 1/4 scale and preorders are welcome to ship in April 2011 at JPY11,800 or US$148.90 from NCS.

 TOYS Mario Kart Wii Sound Drop Compact - Japanese Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The sounds, chimes, and jingles of the Mario Kart Wii game are captured in Bandai's upcoming Mario Kart Wii Sound Drop Compact Repeat toy collection which ships in April of next year. A total of eight drops are featured in the set which include a "STAR" version, "MYSTERY BLOCK," a "BANANA SKIN" version, "BLUE SHELL" and four others. By pressing a button on each Sound Drop, the sound chip inside each toy plays a sound effect whichs plays for roughly 1-2 seconds in length. To play a variant sound effect that's built into each Sound Drop, press and hold the button to force the chip to retrieve its alternate programmed sound.

   Pricing is set at US$28.90 for the complete set of 8 toys as pictured in the product photo. Reservations are welcome to ship in April 2011.

 TOYS Ocean Animal 3D Crystal Puzzles - Japanese Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The animals of the ocean are the subjects of interest in Japanese toy manufacturer Epoch's new collection of 3D puzzles. Not just any 3D puzzles however... crystal 3D puzzles. Six ocean animals are featured in the set including:

» Manta Ray - A bat-shaped creature that feeds through filtration
» Hammerhead Shark - The oddly shaped head gives it binocular vision
» Dolphin - Cetacean which is probably smarter than most humans
» Shark - Menacing creature of the deep with a jagged multi-toothed bite
» Killer Whale - Related to the dolphin and also known as Orca

   Each 3D puzzle measures approximately 8cm in length and is made up of at least 10 pieces which lock and fit together to create the animals shown in the product solicitation flyer. Preorders are welcome to ship in April 2010 at JPY1800 or US$28.90 from NCS. 

 NEWS General Updates

Interview with Yu Suzuki
James Mielke returns to 1-Up (momentarily) for a guest-interview with Yu Suzuki titled
The Disappearance of Yu Suzuki. The first part of the interview is up today and the piece is an entertaining read.
Japanese Kinects for $153.55
A few vendors in Japan are offering Japanese Kinects for the equivalent of US$153.55 this morning. If they don't sell within the next 2 weeks in the run-up to Xmas, we'd expect a discount.
Japanese GT5 Racing Packs
Our shipments of the GT5 Racing Packs should arrive later this week and preorders will be processed and shipped upon arrival.