Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kabu Trader Shun

The stock market is no place for amateur traders with aspirations of quick and easy riches. They tend to buy when it's time to sell and go short when it's time to buy. Don't tell that to Shun Aiba however. As an aspiring 18-year old trader, Shun Aiba hopes to make a killing in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Instead of going in with both barrels blazing, Shun takes a disciplined approach by nesting under the wing of a seasoned trader named Toru Narasaki. By learning the tricks of the trade, Shun hopes to grow his trading account exponentially by reading the tape and shooting at positions properly. Back in the day, Toru was trading with Shun's father but poppy blew up his account and subsequently disappeared. Since Shun is his father's son, he has a desire to trade and amass a fortune. «more»

Magician's Academy + Bonus

Novelist Sakaki Ichiro supervises an original script for Enterbrain's Magician's Academy Playstation game which is based on his books and subsequent manga of the same name. Sakaki is known for his Scrapped Princess works which originally reached market in 1999. Fitting neatly in the Moe RPG genre, the characters in Magician's Academy are a dainty lot with big eyes, pert bodies, and an irresistible essence of charm and lovability. While the cast is undeniably cute, the action is all business where the party battles opposing forces on tactical grids. The first mission pits the heroes against a group of robots who collectively pack a wallop. The movement and attack phase is similar to other S-RPG games where characters are sent scurrying across the stage to meet opponents head-on. When a hero is adjacent to an enemy, select the attack move to deal a blow or choose the magic option fire off an offensive spell. The battles run smoothly with no-nonsense execution and a sense of solidity about everything.
The game system in Magician's Academy eschews the concept of characters leveling up to ever higher gradations of power. To increase the capabilities of a hero, items may be equipped to enhance his performance on the battlefield.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2 + Bonus

From the Publisher

Dragon Ball Z®: Shin Budokai™ Another Road takes the intense fighting dynamics made popular in the 2006 hit game for the PSP® (Playstation Portable) system and takes it to new heights. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai™ Another Road offers a completely new story following the favorite character, Trunks on his adventures fighting against his rival Majin Buu in the future. With thrilling combative gameplay such as counter-attacks, super high-speed bouts, flight and Ki energy management, gamers will have the power to play heroes and villains from the worlds of the DBZ, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball movies. Are you ready?

» 18 playable characters, including in-game transformations to more powerful forms

» 7 game modes, including new "what if" scenario telling the story of the future world of Trunks

» Each transformed character has differentiated moves and fighting styles

» Compelling single player mode that allows fans to relive the best Dragon Ball Z and GT battles

Final Fantasy II Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy rolls onwards with the remake re-release of the second game in the fabled adventure series.

When the emperor of Palamecia summons hordes of monsters to help him take over the world, a fledgling rebel force rises up to meet the new threat. They're chopped down like wheat against the thresher. Led by a heroine named Hilda, the remaining rebels escape and hide out in the town of Altair to regroup and plan their next course of action. That's when four refugees from the fallen town of Fynn cross paths with the rebels and are sent on an adventure that takes them throughout the Kingdom.

Played in similar fashion to the original Final Fantasy game, players roam a world that's viewed from overhead and battle monsters in side-viewed action sequences. Just like the original Final Fantasy I 20th Anniversary game, Final Fantasy II may be played entirely in English by selecting the language at the outset of the adventure. A bestiary is available by pressing the "SQUARE" button and an Art Gallery is unlocked after playing the game for a bit. To access the gallery, go to the title screen and choose the "EXTRA" option. The visual quality of the game is sharp and crisp with bright images that'll please the eyes of adventure gaming fans the world. The music is also rich and vibrant with a resonant quality that'll stir one's soul. Or something like that. Sound effects are of the routine variety with jingles, chimes, and discordant rings that indicate various actions.

Bokujou Monogatari Yasuragi no Ki

When a mighty tree situated on an island withers and loses its vim, the Goddess who tends to the tree goes away. Goombye. With the Goddess gone, the vitality of the island droops. Not all is lost however. Assistance in the form of a young lad or lady steams towards the island on a ship. The Koropokuru helper elves of the island charge the protagonist with the task of reviving the Great Tree and in turn, bringing the Goddess home so that everything is hunky-dory again.

Bokujou Monogatari aka Harvest Moon for the Wii is played with both the nunchuk and Wiimote for a two-handed experience. To move, swivel the analog stick on the nunchuk and the onscreen character runs around obediently. The farming action takes place a bit later when you're settled but rudimentary actions such as hoeing require a quick up and down motion to stab a wooden hoe into the dirt below. When seedlings sprout, fill your watering can with some water and pour sweet sustenance upon them. The Wiimote motion to water plants is a tipping move where the Wiimote is held level to the ground and then pointed downwards as if you were really serving up some water to thirsty flora.

Real Action Heroes: Bruce Lee

Medicom fetes the "Enter the Dragon" movie with a Real Action Heroes figure which features the likeness, hairstyle, and clothing of Bruce Lee. The RAH figure measures 30cm or 11.81" tall and is articulated for posing possibilities. Owners of the figure may position Bruce in a fighting stance with the nunchuks at the ready or in a defensive posture so he'll be able to glance away all attackers.
In addition to the Bruce figure, the RAH packaging includes a pair of nunchuks which are linked with an actual chain, two bo-staff, two pairs of shoes, a white set of clothing, and multiple sets of hands. A mounting stand is included for display purposes. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome to also ship this afternoon. Japanese retail pricing is set at JPY16800 or US$159 from NCS.

Toy Shipping Updates

Star Wars Chubby
Some preorders for the Chubby Star Wars nesting figures have shipped yesterday but the remainder will all go out today. We'll throw up detailed photos tomorrow. Pricing is set at US$12.50 per box of three.
Final Fantasy Master Arms / AquaRain
The FF Arms shipments have begun trickling in and we'll begin processing preorders today or tomorrow once all of the cartons are in stock. A bunch of other toys also arrived this morning but we haven't had a chance to break down all of the cartons yet. We see the AquaRain boxes in there however and we'll start shipping those out today as well.