Monday, November 30, 2009

PSP Puyo Puyo 7 - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A new girl named Andou Ringo joins Amitie, Arle, and the rest of the gang in Puyo Puyo color-matching puzzle antics. She's a ginger with a cheerful demeanor, waif-like frame, and her character meshes well with the previous Puyo heroines mentioned above. The action in Puyo7 hews true to the previous volumes but with "Fever"-like puzzle matching interludes.

In the Story Mode of the game, the first puzzle battle is against a trio of Skeletons (Skeleton-T) but their skills are rudimentary and they don't pose much of a challenge. We knocked them out with a 5-string combo that ended with a double-color-match that made the skeletons scream in a somewhat comical manner. The next challenge is against the boy with the blue hair named Sig (Shigo) and he's got some skills but they weren't enough to match our quick color-combo-creation tactics. The Skeletons return in the third round and it's a race to see who can create the most matches. Raffine steps in for the fourth round with her billowing pink hair and baby blue eyes.

It took longer than usual but we beat Raffine too. The fifth challenge brings in Feli who's normally sweet but she shows her dark side in the interaction sequence with Ringo. After beating Feli, Ringo will appear somewhat smug as she tosses an apple on one hand. A decidedly different looking Amitie is the sixth competitor and she wears a different type of hat. The challenge gets a little tougher with Amitie on the other side of the screen but after two tries, we knocked her out too.

PSP Spectral Force Legacy - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Return to the world of Neverland and relive the original Spectral Force tactical adventure game which was first released on the Playstation in 1997. For the 2009 remake, Idea Factory updates the visuals and revamps the strategy and battle sequences with the Generation of Chaos game engine which allows players to fortify their castles and borders as well as mobilize armies against neighboring territories. When a conflict erupts, contingents of regimented soldiers face off against similarly arranged contingents on battlefields of varying terrain. Similar to the rules of engagement found in the Famicom Wars games, larger forces generally decimate smaller ones except tactical formations may also be used to gain an advantage against an army that's sizable.

In addition to the battles between states, players will also manage trade, diplomacy, and personal relationships to ensure a strong and functional country that can operate without hindrances. Neverland is split into 40 warring states led by different rulers but the main cast of characters in the game are as follows:

» Hiro - Redheaded progeny of Overlord Janus; half demon, half human.
» Orochimaru - Lord of Muromachi and a consummate warrior-general
» Chiffon - Used the demon-slaying sword
Tenmaken to defeat Janus
» Little Snow - Winsome and willowy Queen who enjoys Jadou's company
» Jadou - Estranged brother of Hiro who isn't fond of humans

BOOK Street Fighter Artworks - Sorta New, In Stock

NCS Preorder Synopsis
Update: November 30, 2009
«©NCSX» Capcom celebrated two decades of Street Fighter earlier this year with a thick and heavy art book which rehashed a lot of great artwork from Street Fighter's esteemed history. The spectacular group shot from Hyper Street Fighter II is in there along with dramatic character portraits and assorted scenes from artists such as Shoei, Udon, Nishimura, Falcoon, and Shinkirou. To attract fans who may already own earlier Street Fighter art books which share a good portion of the same illustrations, Capcom also includes artwork from Street Fighter IV and new heretofore unpublished pieces from the various games. The book contains 320 pages and is printed on glossy and heavy paper stock.

From the Distributor
Kick start your Street Fighter 20th Anniversary celebration with the most complete collection of official Street Fighter artwork ever! Gathering over 1,500 illustrations created by Capcom's top artists over the past 20 years, this massive tome includes character designs, concept art, sketches, and promo artwork, plus many never-before-published pieces from both Street Fighter's past and from the all-new Street Fighter IV. Japanese text.

NDS Professor Layton Kyouju Kyara Cover DSi - New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Wrap your Nintendo DSi in a pretty wine-red shell which comes in two pieces - a top shell which clasps onto the upper portion of the NDSi and a bottom shell which latches onto the lower portion of the NDSi. Once both shells are in place, you'll have a nifty Professor Layton design without much muss nor fuss. Officially licensed by Mori Games and designed exclusively for the NDSi.

NDS Professor Layton Kyouju Card Pocket 6+ - New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Slovenly gamers (none of whom are in our audience) are apt to grab a handful of Nintendo DS game cards and stuff them in their pockets where the cards jangle around with lint, dust bunnies, and other unsightly detritus. Mori Games offers a better way to carry NDS game cards with the Layton Kyouju Card Pocket 6+ which holds six games in rock steady retainers and even has a slot to store an extra stylus. The whole shebang closes down with an nifty Layton lid with dual clasp.

NDS Professor Layton Kyouju Pocket Book Pouch - In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Layton is a learned and knowledgeable bloke who probably prefers a good book over the lure of television. Mori Games takes what Layton likes to heart and creates a Layton NDS storage pouch that's shaped and molded to look like a book. The kind that's secured with a zipper. The pouch opens up like a book and holds a Nintendo DS, a touchpen, and a small collection of game cards. The outer covering is cushiony and provides a measure of protection against accidental drops that might otherwise shatter an NDS into three pieces.

PSP Kenka Banchou 3 [The Best] - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The heroes of the previous Kenka Bancho games have shuffled off to greener pastures. We imagine Yasuo from the first game to be a shopkeeper nowadays, peddling individually wrapped pieces of sushi at JPY100 a pop. Tomoya from the second game is probably still a punk but one with a job. At the local "hostess" bar. Earning his keep as muscle.

The two earlier Kenka Bancho games were cult. They didn't reach the critical mass that would have engendered a wave of merchandising deals but the games were popular enough to ensure another release in order to bring the series to trilogy status. The new protagonist in Kenka Bancho is a fresh-faced youth named Takashi Sakamoto who's living on the wrong side of the school yard. He's tough, fast, and has got a serious problem with authority figures. To that end, he gets into fights with other toughs and bristles in the presence of teachers. Takashi does have one redeeming quality however. He's ambitious. He wants to be the top dog among all the gangsters in all the high schools across all 47 prefectures. To reach his lofty goal, Takashi battles other bruisers in a bid to become the king of all Japan.

Similar to the previous games in the series, Takashi can battle multiple enemies at once and engage in Menchi-Beam contests. Errands, missions, and objectives also pop up from time to time to give players a bit of variety in the action. At one point in the game, an incident causes Takashi to shear all of his hair off. We thought it was a symbolic rebirth of sorts.

NDS Nintendo DSi LL - Expected on Thursday

«©NCSX» The Japanese tend to make their game machines smaller as time goes by. The bulky PS3 slimmed down earlier this year to the aptly named Slim PS3 and the PSP-3000 is slightly slimmer than the PSP-1000. Nintendo reverses the trend towards smaller sizes by releasing the Nintendo DSi LL last week. It's a big'un and bigger than the NDS, NDS Lite, and NDSi. The prices for the NDSi LL are still higher than expected but they've moderated a bit since the launch last weekend. NCS will receive a batch on Thursday of this week and our pricing is set at US$259.90 for either the Dark Brown, Wine, or Natural White color variants. We'll be bringing them in on a weekly basis and prices will probably be stable this month. Blame the weak dollar.

The Nintendo DSi LL's screens measure 4.2" compared to 3.25" on the original DSi but it's also a larger and bulkier handheld to accommodate the larger screens. The battery lasts 13-17 hours according to Ninty. A selection of software is preloaded into the system as follows:

» DSi Internet Browser (standard software)
» Moving Memo - Create animations and share them (aka
Flipnote Studio)
» Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters (Note: Japanese language)
» Brain Age Express: Math (Math is the universal language)
» Meikyou Kokugo Rakubiki Jiten (Japanese dictionary program)

Preorders are welcome to ship on Thursday of this week. Please note that NCS doesn't expect any supply shortages from Japanese suppliers but we're leery of importing bulk quantities at higher prices, especially with the yen near 14-year highs against the US dollar.

NEWS General Updates

Mushihimesama Futari v1.5 Regular Edition Update
«©NCSX» Copies of Mushihimesama Futari v1.5 (Regular Edition) without the bonus Futari v1.01 DLC card have already been spotted in Japan over the weekend. We had a copy overnighted to us just so we could verify. The new printing of the game has a different product SKU (5AD-00004) and the pink circular sticker isn't pasted on the front cover. NCS' inventory of the game still contains the DLC card but we'll update our product description once they're gone and only the 2nd printing is available. Comparison photos.
Best Seller
The best selling game over the weekend was the USA version of Backyard Football 2009 for the Nintendo DS. The regular edition of Xbox 360 Mushihemesama Futari was a close second runner-up.

NEWS Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Friday


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Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 - (the Best Reprint)


PSP Dice Dice Fantasia Broccoli
Dice Dice Fantasia Limited Edition Broccoli

KSG: Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS


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Phantasy Star Portable 2


Phantasy Star Portable 2 Accessory Set


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Tokyo Friend Pack II Ketteiban Spike

Wii Remote Controller Blue

Wii Remote Controller Pink Nintendo

NEWS USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Monday-Wednesday

NDS 7 Wonders II MJumbo

Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Majesco

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Ubisoft

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes UbiSoft

MX vs ATV: Reflex THQ
PS3 James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Ubisoft

MX vs ATV: Reflex THQ

Rogue Warrior Tri-Synergy
PSP MX vs ATV: Reflex THQ
Wii James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Ubisoft

Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Majesco
360 James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Ubisoft

Rogue Warrior Tri-Synergy

MX vs ATV: Reflex THQ