Thursday, September 12, 2019

 TOYS miniQ Akira Part 1 Kaneda Trading Figure - Import Preorder $48.90

Product Synopsis
Akira's back in the living room in 2019!

    "AKIRA", which enjoyed blockbuster sales among the products released by Kaiyodo in the past, will be updated and four sets will be released one after another starting in the fall of 2019. Masahiko Kagawa, whose ability to build the world of Akira is enthusiastically in charge of modeling and uses his artistic skills to create small diorama models featuring the first character from Akira: Kaneda.

 Lineup all four
» Kaneda and motorcycle (Ver.1) The hero of the story. The custom bike that was remodeled. A symbol of power.
 » Kaneda and Army. Kaneda struggled against the Army's flying platform in the waterway to protect Kay.
 » Tetsuo - Awakening - I collided with Takashi while running away on a motorcycle with Kaneda. awakening the super-abilities that were latent.
 » It becomes No. 41. Takashi is one of the experimental bodies called "Numbers". 26. The owner of the mysterious power confined to the laboratory

    Preorders for complete factory boxes of 6 are welcome to ship in late November 2019 at US$48.90 per box.

 Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
 Size: H48mm〜81mm
 Material: PVC, ABS
 Japanese Title: miniQ AKIRA PART.1 金田
 Product SKU: 4537807022363 / MQN025B
 Territory/Language: Japan