Friday, December 12, 2008

Hakuna Matata - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» A week-long safari in Africa will set you back about US$5000 this year for a single person. Rates are going up to US$6000+ next year because... everything else is going up. NCS recommends Tanzania but we hear Kenya also offers a prime viewing experience. By going on a safari, travelers get to check out how the animals live in the wild and experience nature in all of its raw primal glory. By primal, we mean lions chasing down zebras, buffalo grazing in groups, and elephants trudging around with steadfast determination. Then there are the cheetahs that hang out in the trees while waiting for the sun to stop beating down on their backs and baby baboons playing in the brush with nary a care in the world.

A safari is a sizable investment in both time and resources. Not everyone can go out like that. For the next best thing to being there, Sony presents Hakuna Matata (Afrika) which is basically a safari simulator. Drive out on a jeep or take to the air in a hot-air balloon to view the mighty expanse of Africa and all of its furry denizens in the wild. Instead of behind bars in a prison zoo. Note: The game is playable with an English language option.

Eiyuu Senki Leavadein - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» In Gungho's new tactical strategy game, heroes lead small contingents of soldiers into battle against other similarly sized enemy contingents. We'd liken it to a medieval version of Advance Wars since the attack and counterattack phases play out the same way. Each hero starts off with an miniature army of seven or eight soldiers. When attacking another mini enemy army, the first strike knocks out a few of the enemy soldiers and then they counterattack. Each attack goes on for three rounds before the turn ends. The goal is to defeat the leader of the soldiers by diminishing his HP to zero. Similar to Advance Wars, units and HP can be replenished by resting in a base or fortress which also adds an extra measure of protection against enemy attacks.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» Take away the natty Yakuza suits, extinguish the neon lights of Kamurocho, and dock a few centuries to arrive in 17th century Kyoto where another installment of Ryu Ga Gotoku opens up. Kiryuu Kazuma reprises his role by retro-rocketing back to Edo era Japan where he works as a hired gun who tackles assignments for any client willing to pay. Kiryuu is hiding a secret identity however. He's really the legendary Miyamoto Musashi who's now living under an assumed name. One day, an orphaned girl visits Kiryuu and hires him to avenge the death of her parents with one simple request, "Please kill Miyamoto Musashi."

Sega fleshes out the world of old Kyoto with locales and structures to exacting detail for an engaging gaming experience. Players may visit soba shops in Gion District, trek to Kiyomizu Temple in eastern Kyoto, or visit the magnificent expanse that is Nij├┤ Castle. Similar to previous games in the series, Kiryuu gets to do a lot of fighting in 3D bouts tinged with heat.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Neo-6 - New, Ships Today

«©NCSX» Two more characters from the One Piece universe are granted the Portrait of Pirates treatment this December when Megahouse unleashes Rob Lucci (positioned in the photo on the left) and Brook (on the right).

Rob Lucci works as a foreman at Dock One and is accompanied by a pigeon named Hattori. In the animated series, Lucci uses ventriloquism to speak through Hattori. The figure is packaged with a hat and mask accessory.
Jan Code: 4535123711763

was originally from the "Rumba Pirates Musical Group" but joins Luffy and company to become the eighth member of the Straw Hats. Brook's special vocation is music and entertains his fellow shipmates with gracious melodies. The figure is packaged with a hat, a cup, and a cane accessory.
Jan Code: 4535123711756

Preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome.

Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1045 - Subscriptions Only

NCS Product Synopsis
Cover Date: December 26, 2008
«©NCSX» The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and/or events:

» Fate Unlimited Codes preview and information on Saber Lily.
» Preview of Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 which checks out the play mechanics and introduces a potential female companion for Kiryu. She resides at the "Love in Heart" establishment. Screenshots also show Kiryu golfing, doing karaoke, fishing, and playing pool.
» Special gaming history feature on popular game series such as Biohazard, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Kirby, and the legendary Momotaro Dentetsu games. Pretty much every release in each series is checked out.
» Learn more about Dragon Quest IX and its background story.
» Continuing coverage on
428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de from Sega and Machi e Ikouyo: Doubutsu no Mori from Nintendo.

General Updates

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3
The Hori RAP3 was restocked yesterday and all backorders have shipped. New orders are welcome to ship today. The Hori Real Arcade Pro.3SA is on schedule from Hori for next week and we'll update everyone once they're in stock and shipping out.
Japanese Yen vs Dollar
The strength of the yen against the dollar is a continuing concern but last night when the dollar dove to a 13-year low of JPY88, it bounced on Japan's announcement of a new stimulus package. Stimulus packages are murder on a country's currency. The dollar's currently at about JPY91 so we're hoping that was the intermediate term low.

Rogue Galaxy for the Japanese PS2 - Clearance

NCS Game Synopsis
Original Release:
December 07, 2005
«©NCSX» Level-5's latest adventure takes a departure from quaint fantasy worlds and heads for the heavens. The hero in Rogue Galaxy is a 17 year-old named Jester Rogue who stares at the sky and wants nothing more than to travel between worlds. Jester gets his chance when he joins a group of space pirates led by an eyepatch-wearing swashbuckler named Dorgengore who just happens to have a daughter named Kisara who takes a liking to Jester. The action starts off slow at first with introductory battles and cinemas which slowly unwind the storyline. At the outset of the adventure, Jester is completing an assignment in a town when he meets up with a stranger...

ale Offering
NCS' remaining inventory of Rogue Galaxy
for the Japanese Playstation 2 is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$35.90 per copy which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the continental United States. Media Mail normally delivers within 2-3 weeks but may take longer during the month of December.