Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fraulein Revoltech #003 Asuka Langley - New, In Stock

From the Distributor: "FRA√úLEIN REVOLTECH," is the name given to a new dimension of Revoltech completely devoted to female character created and sculpted by the brilliant Enoki Tomohide, using an innovative and newly developed joint/body system known as "E.L.F." "Soryu Asuka Langley" is a 14 year old fictional character and one of the three primary protagonists from the anime, movies and manga Neon Genesis Evangelion. She is designated as the Second Child ("Second Children" in the original Japanese versions) of the Evangelion Project and pilots the Evangelion Unit 02. "Fraulein Revoltech Soryu Asuka Langley" is the third character/figure to be released as a part of "FRA√úLEIN REVOLTECH" line. The figure is 6" tall, has 18 articulation points with 10 joint parts and comes equipped with interchangeable accessories/parts.

Capcom Vampire Hunter Series: Felicia - New, In Stock

Felicia of Vampire game fame is a blue-maned bundle of joy who bounds around with youthful energy. She's the shining light in the Vampire series as evidenced by her white garb (what there is of it) and sky blue hair. NCS thinks of Felicia as the diametric foil to the dark and foreboding Demitri.

Organic's Felicia sculpture exhibits the perky qualities of our favorite cat-girl fighter where she sits slouched on the ground and raises a paw. NCS interprets her gesture as a friendly one but opponents may view it as a threat since Felicia's claws are sharp and would rend flesh to ribbons. Felicia is also winking at admirers and we can't help but notice that her eyebrows are colored blue which proves she's naturally azure. The figure is sculpted to 1/6 scale and measures 150mm in height.

Tekken Advance - Clearance

The Iron Fist tournament reaches the small screen of the Gameboy Advance in fine shape with acceptable gameplay, combo moves, and special attacks intact.

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