Monday, April 09, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ Special Edition

Late last week, we received a small supply of the special edition of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix game which includes two bonus items:

» Transparent slipcase with imprint artwork of the main characters
» A 64-page hardcover book entitled "Kingdom Hearts -Another Report-"

The table of contents of the book is as follows:

» Story Report
» Prototype Report
» Director's Secret Report XIII
» Manga by Shiro Amano
» Novel by Tomoco Kanemaki

The paper used in the book is thick and glossy for the first three chapters but the Manga and Novel portions use a rougher but bright paper stock for the black & white artwork and type. The Novel isn't a full length tale but more of a short story titled "Roxas - Somewhere in Time" which spans 8 pages of Japanese prose. «photos»

Hello Kitty Kimono Plush

Hello Kitty's a traditional kind of Japanese gal. Instead of kicking back in jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, Sanrio's marquee superstar goes with the kimono and a bow.

Kitty finds herself bedecked in four types of yukata, a summer kimono that is made of lightweight cotton. A different hair bow and obi sash also adorn each version of Hello Kitty to further distinguish one from the other. Although the kimonos and the bows are different, every kitty features the same old feline face that has delighted children and adults alike for decades.
Preorders are shipping today and new orders are welcome at US$10.50 per plush. «photos»

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Plush 2

The latest Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS have sold impressive numbers and a number of merchandising tie-ins have already reached market. To expand the Pokemon market a little more, Bandai releases a new set of plushes which feature strange looking creatures:

Japanese/English: Cherimu (Cherrim) | Naetoru (Turtwig) | Pachirisu (Pachirisu) | Pinpuku (Happiny) | Usohachi (Bonsly)

Each plush measures 15cm tall and all preorders will ship today. «photos»

Kinu Nishimura 1/6 Mai Shiranui Figure

Max Factory has begun accepting preorders for a new Kinu Nishimura sculpt which features the irrepressible Mai Shiranui of KOF fame. The preorder solicitation from our primary toy suppliers specifically mentions that the figure will be a very limited production item and they're not guaranteeing our preorders.

We've submitted our case quantities last night but we're not sure if we'll get them all. Due to the limited nature of the item, please be aware that we cannot guarantee customer preorders for this item. We'll do our best however to eke out a few cases and wire deposits in advance to bolster our cause because Mai is worth the extra effort.
Pricing is set at US$85 and preorders are welcome but not guaranteed. Why does Max Factory hate their fan base? «photos»

Release Outlook

Japanese Imports
NDS Gyakuten Saiban 4 Capcom

Kakikomi Shiki 'Hannya Shinkyou' Renshuu Chou IE Instit.
PS2 Grim Grimoire Konami
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