Friday, February 02, 2007

Transformers Sports Label

NCS recalls a time when the words "Nike" and "Transformers" would have never jibed in the same sentence or breath. Nike = Sneakers. Transformers = Robots. There's no relationship between the two whatsoever and never the twain shall meet.

Hell froze over.

Enter the latest collaboration between two household names: Nike and Transformers. At first glom, the Nike Transformers looks like a well-appointed 6" duo-tone sneaker with white laces. However with a few twists, shifts, and turns, the shoe transforms into a recognizable robot known by fans the world over. This is no normal robot however since its trailing loose laces and wearing miniature sneaks which may be popped onto its mechanical feet. Two styles are on offer as follows:

» White/Red Nike sneaker which transforms into a red/white/blue Optimus
» Black/White Nike sneaker which morphs into a black/white Megatron

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April 2007 at US$29 each.

Virtua Fighter 5 Shipment Update

The PS3 version of VF5 was leaked to Japanese distribution last night and a partial shipment is already on the way. The first batch should arrive on Monday of next week and NCS will be able to process and ship some preorders upon arrival.

Please note however that the Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joystick was not released to distribution yet and is still scheduled to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. If you have a preorder on file for the VF5 game and the VF5 joystick, we'll hold your order until both items are in stock so the two items can be shipped together.

New orders that are submitted today will be shipped when the regular shipments of Virtua Fighter 5 arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. As mentioned when we started accepting preorders, the first production of VF5 includes a bonus copy of Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary.