Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana

The kingdom of Pedan has fallen and a band of soldiers led by Rojer (Roger) stalk out into the world to collect themselves and rebel. Dissimilar to the classic Seiken Densetsu games, Heroes of Mana is a real time tactical strategy game where players take direct control of heroes and monster armies with the stylus. To move Rojer on a stage, activate him and then poke on a target area on the map. He'll walk in four cardinal directions to reach the spot. If he bumps into an enemy while en route, he'll attack automatically ala Warcraft and swing until the enemy is dead. Groups of party members may be selected and marshaled all at once by drawing a circle around the party to activate them. Once selected, tapping on any point of the map will get everyone moving towards the goal. «more»

Power Smash 3

Originally built on Sega Lindbergh coin-op hardware and released in Japanese arcades last year, Power Smash 3 reaches the PS3 this week.

From the Publisher:
Virtua Tennis returns for a third iteration, featuring improved AI, higher detail for the characters, and various modes such as career, mini-games, and more.

The fun, addicting, award-winning series continues with Virtua Tennis 3, built specifically for next-gen consoles. With ultra-realistic graphics and precise player control, gamers will hit the court and play as or against today's tennis elite including Federer, Hingis, Hewitt, Sharapova, Roddick, Nadal, and Williams. A new multiplayer mode allows up to four friends to battle it out on 23 courts around the world. As they serve up their best in a mix of exhibitions, tournaments and competitions, players will rise through the ranks and battle for the top spot!

Eyeshield 21: Field no Saikyou Senshi Tachi

Sena Kobayakawa is secretly Eyeshield 21, a mighty football hero capable of rushing through lines of defense and blowing past hunkering blockers. Sena is normally an easily cowed victim of the wretched Hah-Hah Brothers but when he puts on a football jersey and a green-visored helmet, he's literally a new man.
Previous Eyeshield 21 games featured rudimentary D-pad control schemes but the Wii version puts you in the game with lots of hand jive and wrist flicking motion. When two teams are at the line of scrimmage, wag the Wiimote left and right so your team pushes up against the opposing team. To snap a throw to a receiver, wave the remote back and then whip your arm forward to hurl pigskin. Kicks are performed by lifting the Wiimote upwards in an uninterrupted arc to punt the football.
The usual characters are featured in the game including the monster known as Ryokan Kurita, the maniacal Yoichi Hiruma,
Taro Raimon, and Mamori Anezaki. Ten teams battle it out on the field such as the Ohjo White Knights, Koigahama Cupid, Zokugaku Chameleons, Taiyo Sphinx, Seibu Wild Gunmans, and the NASA Aliens. An interactive and stylized game of football is the main thrust of Wii Eyeshield 21 but mini-games may also be enjoyed including a grilling challenge which mimics Yakiniku Bugyou Bonfire! «more»

General Updates

It's snowing in New York City but it probably won't affect any of our outbound shipments today. Just a heads up in case there are any "weather related" issues reported tonight with package tracking.
Imports Tomorrow
The remainder of this week's new import arrivals are scheduled to arrive on Thursday including DC Karous, PS2 Kenka Banchou 2, PS2 Monster World Complete Collection, and PS2 GuitarFreaks Masterpiece Gold.
Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joystick
The glitch with the VF5 joystick has been fixed and our suppliers in Japan will be receiving them tomorrow. Please note however that pricing will be changed. Our original preorder price was US$88 but please note that it will increase to US$109 to meet higher than expected shipping costs for this large dimensional weight item. Emails will be sent out today to reconfirm preorders with customers on our reservation list.
Telephone Number Change
As mentioned a few months ago, our telephone number has changed to (718) 353-2803. The old number has been disconnected. Please update your records if you keep our number on file. Thanks.
Japanese Wii Restock
Another batch of Japanese Wii consoles are scheduled to arrive tomorrow and all backorders will ship on Thursday. New orders are welcome.