Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NEWS General Espgaluda II Updates

X360 Espgaluda II Black Label [RE and LE]- Tomorrow
«©NCSX» Our entire allocation of Espgaluda II Black Label has shipped from Tokyo and NCS expects to take delivery tomorrow. All preorders submitted to NCS as of 10:30AM EST today should ship on Wednesday. Please note however that new orders that are placed after 10:30AM (today) may not ship until Thursday due to the volume of orders that we'll be processing, packing, and shipping tomorrow. Our Espgaluda II preorder numbers beat Mushihimesama Futari's numbers by a wide margin.

Due to the earlier than expected arrival of Espgaluda II, please be advised that we'll begin processing transactions today so we can alert customers if there are any payment issues and allow customers enough time to make alternate payment arrangements. Note that we cannot accept any shipping changes at this time since all invoices and shipping labels have been printed and are ready to go for efficient dispatch tomorrow.
X360 Espgaluda II Black Label - Region Clarification
«©NCSX» We're still receiving inquiries regarding the region status of Espgaluda II. This makes us nervous. To reiterate, the Regular Edition of Espgaluda II is Region-Free and the Limited Edition is Region-Locked.

TOYS Miss Bunny Chibizu MJ FuwaFuwa Plush - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Thumper was a rabbit character who starred in the Bambi movie from roughly 70 years ago. Thumper's betrothed was a bunny named "Miss Bunny" who had a sunflower-colored hide and pink ears. She also had big eyelashes which she batted to catch her man. Thumper and Miss Bunny have probably had a hundred kids since rabbits breed like... rabbits. Sega Toys shows love to Miss Bunny by announcing an "MJ FuwaFuwa" plush which measures 45cm or 17.71" tall and is made of cushiony material which is soft and pliable to the touch. Preorders ship in May 2010.

TOYS Stitch & Bugu MJ FuwaFuwa Plush - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» No one has ears as large as Cheburashka but Stitch gives him a run for the money with a pair of big velvety ones. In Sega Toys' upcoming Stitch FuwaFuwa plush, the blue-skinned alien creature shows off its big ears, pot belly, and black talons. Stitch is accompanied by a little pal named Bug which peeks out from behind. The version of Stitch that Sega presents is peaceful Stitch. We know this because he isn't baring its fangs for all the world to witness. The Stitch FuwaFuwa plush measures 50cm or 19.68" in height and is fixed pose. Preorders are welcome to ship in May 2010.