Wednesday, May 07, 2014

 PS3 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late - Import Preorder $63.90

Product Synopsis  
   Japanese developer French-Bread updates their Under Night In-Birth 2D fighter with rebalanced gameplay, new characters, additional stages, and updated modes including Normal Mode, Score Attack, Time Attack and Training Mode. The Playstation 3 conversion of the game includes a new character named 'Nanase' in addition to the 14 fighters in the arcade version. In addition to local play, gamers may connect online with the Network Mode for matches and rankings.

   Preorders for the Japanese PS3 import Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late are welcome to ship on July 24, 2014.

Product Specifications

Publisher: Arc System Works
Territory / Language: Japan
Publisher website:
Jan Code: 4510772140072 / BLJS-10269

SALE Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: Saber (White Swimsuit) w/ Shinai - $58.90 each free shipping in USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update: June 28, 2006

«©NCSX» Saber drops the battle armor and dons a skintight white swimsuit which makes her look like a natural beach bunny. Sort of. She just has to drop the weapon... and smile. The figure is sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa to 1/6 scale and measures 9.44 tall.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Clayz
Jan Code: 4571104180722
Japanese Product Name: Fate/hollow ataraxia セイバー 白水着バージョン(1/6スケールPVC)
Territory / Language: Japan

 TOYS Persona 3 Fes Metis 1/7 Scale Figure - Import $95.90 free shipping in USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update: February 6, 2008
«©NCSX» In the early minutes of the Persona 3 Fes game on the Playstation 2, the android heroine of the adventure named Aegis encounters her new "bodyguard" named Metis. Dressed in tight leather and powerful, Metis is also an android who's on a mission to destroy the members of the Special Extracurricular Activities Club at Gekko High School. Aegis won't allow Metis to exterminate her friends so another solution is explored...

   Orchid Seed's (Sakurako Ishinaga) interpretation of Metis measures 22cm or 8.67" tall and the figure is clad in a skintight body suit that's evocative of super-shiny pleather. A golden helmet sits on top of her head with the visor lifted up and Metis' limbs are non-articulated so she's strictly fixed-posed. Three additional faces are included in the packaging along with two weapon/rod accessories and a red display base.

Note: NCS' remaining inventory is new and in the factory boxes but please note there are slight dings and dents on the cardboard containers caused during shipping from overseas.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Orchidseed
Jan Code: 4582292600312 / PVC31
Japanese Product Name:
攻ペルソナ3 フェス メティス (1/7スケールPVC)
Territory / Language: Japan