Friday, February 09, 2007

General Updates

Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joystick Cancellation
Due to reported technical problems in Japan, Sega has recalled/canceled the release of the Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joystick. A new ship date has not been confirmed as of last night but we'll update customers once news is available. We're anticipating late February for the fixed stick.
Since the joystick has been delayed, we'll process and ship Virtua Fighter 5 game preorders today and keep everyone posted once we receive news on the new re-release date from Sega's distributor. Please note that you do not have to place another order for the VF5 HG Joystick - your original preorder is still on file and in good standing.
Next Week's Preview
Despite the cancellation of the VF5 joystick, the rest of this week's new imports are scheduled to arrive on Monday. NCS will process and ship preorders for the following imports on Monday: PS2 Oretachi Game Center: Trio the Punch, PS2 Oretachi Game Center: Thunder Cross, and PSP New Rainbow Islands: Hurdy Gurdy Daibouken!
The import preorder leader for next week is NDS Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem followed by PSP Tales of Destiny 2.
Japanese Holidays
Monday of next week is "Kenkoku Kinenbi" (建国記念日) or "National Foundation Day" which celebrates the ascension of the first emperor Jimmu (神武天皇) to the throne. Kenkoku Kinenbi is a national holiday that will be observed across Nihon.
Wednesday of next week is "Valentine's Day" but it's not a national holiday and only the women give out Valentine's Day gifts in the form of chocolates to romantic interests and platonic male friends, coworkers, etc. Neither holiday is expected to affect NCS' normal trading activities.
Vice closes doors
The Vice X Alter Motoko Kusanagi figure will be the last product from Vice. The company closed its doors last month and shuttered the business. Our shipments of the 1/7 scale Motoko Kusanagi figure should not be affected.