Friday, November 27, 2009

General Updates

New Import Arrivals
«©NCSX» The rest of this week's new Japanese releases have arrived today including PSP Spectral Souls Legacy and PSP Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition. Three Professor Layton DSi accessories have also arrived and are shipping out today. We're short-staffed today so we'll post full product summaries and images for today's new arrivals on Monday of next week.
Mushihimesama Futari v1.5 Limited Edition Update
«©NCSX» The remaining shipments of Mushihimesama Futari LE have arrived and we'll be able to process and fill pretty much everyone's order at the original price of US$109.90. We were short-shipped 8 copies of the game so we probably won't be able to fill 8 relatively recent orders.
We've contacted vendors in Japan for potential LE restock but prices for the game have been hiked in the aftermarket. Some retail shops are quoting prices of ~JPY16,100 (US$185.34) but one seller on wants JPY19,780 (US$228.07) + JPY440 shipping for his inventory. On the wholesale side of things, prices have increased to approximately JPY15,000 (US$172.68) from two vendors in our Japanese distribution network but everyone else is completely sold out. NCS does not plan on purchasing any additional copies at what we consider to be unreasonable prices.
UPS Holiday Schedule
«©NCSX» Please note that UPS is not picking up or delivering UPS Ground packages today because they're on a (Thanksgiving) holiday schedule. Normal Ground delivery and pickups will resume on Monday of next week.