Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 TOYS Macross 1/60 Perfect Trans VF-0D Phoenix Kudo Shin Model - Import Preorder $359.90

Product Synopsis 
    The VF-0 Phoenix fighter piloted by Shin Kudo in the Macross Zero animation series is brought to life in a 1/60 scale model kit courtesy of Arcadia. Accessories in the package incude a gun pod, pilot figures for Shin and Edgar, medium-range air-to-air missile, missile launcher, display stand attachment, and decals.

    Preorders ship in late February 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Arcadia
  Dimensions: H32cm (12.59" in Battroid mode)
  Material: ABS, POM, Zinc Alloy
  Japanese Title: 1/60 完全変形 マクロスゼロ VF-0D フェニックス 工藤シン搭乗機
  Jan Code: 4582482820759
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 HOME Owl Night Light - Import Preorder $28.90

Product Synopsis 
    Banish the darkness with a little owl
night light which is fitted with a sensor on top which causes it to power on for 20 seconds and hoot audibly when dusk arrives. For those who want the owl light to be on all the time, a switch in the back toggles off the sensor so that the owl shines like a beacon 24/7 or as long as the batteries last. The owl light is available in yellow, blue, and orange and runs on three LR44 batteries.

    Preorders ship in November 2014.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Dreams
  Dimensions: W85 × H100 × D85mm (W3.34 x H3.93 x D3.34")
  Material: ATBC-PVC / ABS,  LR44 battery × 3 units
  Japanese Title: オウル ナイト ライト
  Jan Code: 4542202424827 / 4542202424834 / 4542202424841 (VRT42482 / VRT42483 / VRT42484)
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 PS2 Space Invaders Anniversary - Sale $38.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: July 30, 2003

«©NCSX» Twenty five years ago, invaders from space threatened the world and a lone cannon stood against the horde. Arrayed across the heavens, the marauders marched downwards - slowly at first but as their numbers dwindled due to the unerring marksmanship of the defender below, the deliberate march would ramp up to a fervent staccato. When the battle came down to one-on-one, the last invader would perform a maniac's march in an attempt to stamp out resistance. It would fail... but the waves would replenish themselves anew, leaving the lone cannon in an unenviable position... 
     Back in the day, Taito probably never envisioned a future in which their game would endure the decades to dawn again on new masses but here it is. Along with the original Space Invaders game, Space Invaders 2 is included along with the Tabletop version, a 2-Player Versus variant (very cool) and a 3-D update where players view the action from below the cannon. Watch as your shots rocket off into the distance at marching armies of invaders which dot the horizon. The following versions are all included: 

Space Invaders - Original
Monochrome version
Cellophane version
Full Color version
Cocktail cabinet version

Space Invaders 2
Standard version
Cocktail cabinet version

Space Invaders Variants

2-player cooperative mode
2-player head-to-head mode
VS COM head-to-head mode
3-D isometric mode

   To round out the Space Invaders fun, a Taito Arcade Game database and historical archive is included for retro fans to revisit the past.
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.
   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory sealed inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specs
Publisher: Taito
JAN/SKU: 4988611203026 / TCPS-10069
Japanese Title: スペースインベーダー アニバーサリー
Territory/Language: Japanese


 GEAR Transformers Limited Edition Destron Sunglasses - Sale $189.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 16, 2003
«©NCSX» Summer is the perfect season for shades and plastic vanilla varieties will set you back about $5.39 at any sidewalk vendor. However, if you're looking for something unique - perhaps glasses with Transformers logos stenciled onto the temples, you're in luck. Japanese manufacturer Beagle's Limited Edition Sunglasses featuring tastefully small Destron symbols are here which are officially licensed from Takara. This item was limited to only 100 pcs in Japan.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Beagle
Japanese Title: トランスフォーマー限定版デストロンサングラス
Territory/Language: Japanese
Jan Code: N/A
   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory sealed inventory from original NCS stock.


 3DS Shin Hikari Shinwa Palutena no Kagami - Sale $49.90 Free shipping within USA

Game Synopsis
Medusa has been resurrected and is gathering the underworld forces of darkness to fulfill her ambition. You play as an angel named Pit who is bestowed the power of flight from Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Repel the Medusa's underworld army with your choice of an array of weapons like: Blades, Claws, Bow, Cannon, Mace, Staff and others that you will discover along your journey. Multiplayer mode allows for competitive gameplay locally or over a wireless Internet connection. Its time for Medusa to meet the power of light and only you can guide Pit to victory!

Game Features
  • Pit returns in an all new adventure only for the Nintendo 3DS
  • Collect special AR cards to interact with characters from the game using the 3D cameras and AR software on the system
  • Difficulty slider allows players of a range of skill levels to enjoy the Kid Icarus experience
  • Blast your way through missions in the air and go hand to hand against Medusa's minions on the ground
  • 1 player storyline campaign or up to 6 players in Multiplayer (local and Internet play options are available)
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese 3DS games will not boot on USA or European 3DS consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Japanese 3DS games.
Product Specifications
Publisher: Nintendo
Japanese Title:
新・光神話 パルテナの鏡
Territory/Language: Japanese
Jan Code:
4902370519396 / CTR-R-AKDJ
   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory sealed inventory from original NCS stock.

 TOYS Star Wars Helmet Replica Collection - Import Preorder $46.90

Product Synopsis 
    The helmets of Star Wars heroes, villains, and henchmen are presented in a collection of toys from Bandai which include a pedestal for display purposes. The six standard helmets are:

 » Darth Vader
 » Stormtrooper
 » Boba Fett
 » R2-D2
 » C-3PO
 » TIE Fighter Pilot

   A seventh secret helmet is also mentioned in the preorder solicitation but this inclusion complicates matters since it means a factory box of six helmets won't necessarily contain a full set of six standard helmets if a lucky buyer happens to get a chase helmet. Preorders ship in late February 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Bandai
  Dimensions: H7cm (2.75") including pedestal
  Material: PVC
  Japanese Title: ヘルメットレプリカコレクション:6個入りボックス
  Jan Code: 4543112892607
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 TOYS Strike Witches The Movie: Toys Works Collection Type-A Box - Import Preorder $59.90

Product Synopsis 
    The cast of characters from 'Strike Witches The Movie' are sculpted into miniature figures which are decked out in their striker units and regulation issue outfits. The six characters in the set are:

 1. Miyafuji Yoshika
 2. Hattori Shizunatsu
 3. Lynette Bishop
 4. Perrine Klostermann
 5. Erica Hartmann

 6. Gertrud Barkhorn

    Preorders ship in late January 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Chara-Ani
  Dimensions: H6.5cm (2.55")
  Material: PVC/ABS
  Japanese Title: トイズワークスコレクション にいてんごでらっくす ストライクウィッチーズ劇場版 Type-A BOX
  Jan Code: 454341135138
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 GBA Tekken Advance - Sale $29.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: December 21, 2001
«©NCSX» The Iron Fist tournament reaches the small screen of the Gameboy Advance in fine shape with acceptable gameplay, combo moves, and special attacks intact.

   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory boxed inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specs
Publisher: Namco
JAN/SKU: 4907892042032 / AGB-P-ATKJ
Japanese Title: 鉄拳 アドバンス
Territory/Language: Japanese


 iPhone Final Fantasy VII Advent Children iPhone 4 Case - Sale $26.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: May 18, 2011
«©NCSX» New orders are welcome for two iPhone cases which are based on Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from the FFVII Advent Children property.

» Sephiroth case adorned with an imprint of a single angel wing
» Cloud Strife case which is emblazoned with a Cloudy Wolf imprint [Sold Out]

   The silicone cases measure 63 × 113mm (approximate weight: 52g) and are designed for use with the iPhone 4 only. New orders are welcome at JPY2980 or US$46.90 from NCS.
Product Specifications
Publisher: Square Enix
Japanese Title:
新商品 ファイナルファンタジー VII AC iPhone4ケース クラウド
Territory/Language: Japanese
Jan Code: 4988601315562
   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory sealed inventory from original NCS stock.