Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ETC Official CARS 2 movie trailer in LEGO

Official CARS 2 movie trailer in LEGO from Pascal Blais Animation Studio on Vimeo.

ETC Bruins Beverage Chart

 ETC Suicidal Cat

I took this in the mid­dle of the night on Ed and Frans balcony. I loved both of the cats, but they were incredibly suicidal all the time. They actually fought and chased each other on this railing, and as you can see its pretty damn fucking high. My heart always skipped a beat when I saw them doing this, but Ed told me its OK. loco gatos potones!»
By Crazy Ivory.

 NEWS General Updates

   There's not much going on so we've thrown up a hodge-podge of content from around the interwebs today.
Possible Delayed Shipment
   This week's import shipments were dispatched last night from Tokyo but one of the deliveries might be delayed. We'll update again tomorrow.
3DS Pokemon Scramble
   Preorders are still welcome.