Monday, February 02, 2015

 TOYS My Pokemon Collection Denki - New Import $13.90 each, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
   Six Pokemon culled from the Pokedex are being sewn into plush dolls courtesy of Banpreso which ship this December. The six critters are:
First row from left to right:
» A #702 Dedenne
» B #181 Ampharos aka Denryu
» C #311 Plusle aka Purasuru

Second row from left to right:
» D #312 Minun aka Mainan
E #403 Shinx aka Korinku
» F #417 Pachirisu
   The plushes measure 13cm or 5.11" in length and new orders are welcome to ship today. Pricing is set at US$13.90 each.

Product Specs

Publisher: Banpresto
Jan Code: 27150-14-49345
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Iron Man 3 Earphone Jack Accessory - Import Preorder US$99.90

Product Synopsis
Plug up the audio jack on your smartphone with a dangling Iron Man trinket with LED lights from Beast Kingdom which measures 3.54" in length and is available in six styles as follows:

» Mark XLII Night Combat
» Iron Patriot AIM Ver.
» Mark XXII
» Mark XXIV
» Mark XXX

   Preorders for factory boxes of six are welcome to ship in late April 2015.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Beast Kingdom
Dimension: H9cm (3.54")
Material: ABS & PVC
Japanese Title:  アイアンマン 3 Kids Nations Series 004 イヤホンジャック アクセサリー グッズ
JAN Code: 4571368444615
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS MAGI: ETERNAL MASTERPIECE Masou Amon - Import Preorder $46.90 each

Product Synopsis
   The sword wielded by Alibaba Saluja in the Magi The Labyrinth of Magic animation series is recreated in miniature form for Movic's Eternal Masterpiece collection which measures 15cm in length and is crafted of diecast zinc alloy.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late April 2015.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Movic
 Dimension: L15cm (5.90")
 Material: Diecast Zinc Alloy
 Japanese Title: エターナルマスターピース『マギ』魔装アモン
 JAN Code: 4961524782345
 Territory/Language: Japan

 PS3/PSV Pro Yakyu Spirits 2015 - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
   The 2015 baseball season is still a few months away and Konami readies this year's edition of Pro Yakyu Spirits for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. New to the series is the "Live Purosupi" feature where the actual results of professional baseball games in Japan are delivered to the Pro Yakyu Spirits program so gamers can join in the pennant race.

   Preorders for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita versions of the game are welcome to ship on March 26, 2015.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Konami
Japanese Title: PS3プロ野球スピリッツ2015 | PS4プロ野球スピリッツ2015

Jan Code: 4988602167627 / BLJM-61263 | 4988602167634 / VLJM-35198

Territory / Language: Japan