Tuesday, August 10, 2021

TOYS AVC Juicy Honey Collection Plus 12 - Preorder $119.98/ea

 Product Synopsis

   Mint presents AVC Juicy Honey Collection Card PLUS # 12 which features four JAV actresses in their new personas as American waitresses?!

Minami Aizawa [Aizawa Minami]
Birthday June 14, 1996
Constellation Gemini
Birthplace: Tokyo
Body size Ht155cm B78cm (D-cup) W54cm H80cm
Blood type A
Minami Aizawa won the FANZA 2019 Best Actress Award (@minami_aizawa_) | Twitter
Minami Aizawa (@ epoint2016) • Instagram photos and videos

Anna Kami [Kami Anna]
Birthday September 1, 1996
Constellation Virgo
Birthplace Tokyo
Body size Ht158cm B89cm (D-cup) W56cm H95cm
Blood type A
Anna Kami (@kamianna_) | Twitter  Anna made her JAV debut in 2020.
Anna Kami (@ anna.kami3) • Instagram photos and videos

Shiramine Miu [Shiromine Miu]
Birthday February 16, 1997
Constellation Aquarius
Birthplace Fukuoka Prefecture
Body size Ht170cm B88cm (F-cup) W60cm H94cm
Blood type AB
Miu Shiramine (@shiromine_miu) | Twitter  This year's super rookie joins the Juicy Honey sorority for the first time.
Miu Shiramine (@miu_shiromine) • Instagram photos and videos

Yui Hatano [Yui Hatano]
Birthday May 24, 1988
Constellation Gemini
Birthplace Kyoto
Body size Ht162cm B88cm (E-cup) W59cm H90cm
Blood type A
Yui Hatano (@hatano_yui) | টুইটার --Twitter  A recurring slice of sunshine in the Juicy Honey franchise.
Yui Hatano hatanoyui (@ hatachan524) • Instagram photos ..

   Photography by Kiyoshi Shinohara.

   Each box is guaranteed to include 2-3 special cards. The PLUS series features limited edition autograph "Art of Honey" and "Juicy Hips" cards and the rate of inclusion of these cards in each carton is higher than before! This edition is limited to 5004 boxes (417 factory cases total).

All 72 types of regular cards! 9 kinds of juicy specials, 1 in 4 packs!
2 or 3 special inserts or premium inserts from the box!
* Special insert
2 autographs, 2 honey costumes (waitress),
3 kinds of lingerie, bikini, socks!
* Premium insert (with serial number)
3 types of autographs, die-cut autographs, regular script (kanji) autographs,
1OF1 autograph, combo autograph 6 types, quartet autograph,
Handwritten message, handwritten message & autograph,
5 kinds of random color lingerie, dual panties,
Lingerie combo, 2 pinky spots, autographed lingerie,
2 types of big lingerie (with autograph parallel),
Raw kiss, raw kiss & autograph, 1OF1 photo, autograph photo,
Autographed check, color frame check (including photo booth and writing),
Breast Taku, DNA (with autograph parallel), bra strap, bra hook
* In addition to the above, autographed parallel (1OF1 limited) is included!
* New case hit (appearing from # 4)
Art of Honey is an autograph of artistic photographs! 30 sheets each (1 sheet in 4 cases)
Juicy hips are autographed with the theme of the buttocks! 5 to 30 sheets each (1 sheet in 2 cases)
* PLUS series limited insert! Kanji autograph and 1OF1 autograph autograph parallel!
* Double the popular BIG lingerie! Variations on color check!
* 1OF1 & color frame check with sticker, which was popular in the VOL. Series,
* A total of 40 types of 1OF1 bra straps, a total of 16 types of 1OF1 bra hooks, and DNA cards are still alive!

Juicy Special Set: 9 cards 9 types

● Base Autograph Set: 8 cards
Type A [Limited to 250] 4 types [Limited to 250 each]
Type B [Limited 200] 4 types [Limited to 200 each]
● Honey Costume Set: 8 cards
Type A [Limited to 250] 4 types [Limited to 250 each]
Type B [Limited to 320] 4 types [Limited to 320 each]
● Lingerie Set: 12 cards
Type A [Limited to 150] 4 types [Limited to 150 each]
Type B [Limited to 150] 4 types [Limited to 150 each]
Type C [Limited to 150] 4 types [Limited to 150 each]
● Bikini Card Set: 4 cards [Limited to 300] 4 types [Limited to 300 each]
● Honey Sox Card Set: 4 cards [Limited to 150] 4 types [Limited to 150 each]

* Photo card, autograph photo card, bra strap card,
A serial number is entered except for the Brahock card.
● Premium Autograph Set: 24 cards
Type C [#'d to 99] 4 types [Limited to 99 each]
Type D [#'d to 50] 4 types [Limited to 50 each]
Type E [#'d to 15] 4 types [Limited to 15 each]
Die Cut [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
kaisyo [#'d to 10] 4 types [Limited to 10 each]
1of1 [#'d to 1] 4 types [Limited to 1 each]
● Combo Autograph Set: 6 cards [#'d to 20] 6 types [Limited to 20 each]
● Quartet Autograph: 1 card [#'d to 10] 1 type [Limited to 10 each]
● Message Set: 4 cards [#'d to 15] 4 types [Limited to 15 cards each]
● Autographed Message Set: 4 cards [#'d to 15] 4 types [Limited to 15 each]
● Art of Honey Autograph Set [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set # 30 [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set # 20 [#'d to 20] 4 types [Limited to 20 each]
● Juicy Hip Autograph Set # 5 [#'d to 5] 4 types [Limited to 5 each]
● Random Colors Lingerie Set: 20 cards [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
● Panties Dual Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
● Lingerie Combo Set: 4 cards [#'d to 30] 4 types [Limited to 30 each]
● Pinky Spot Lingerie

   Preorders are welcome to ship in mid November 2021. Each box of cards contains 16 packs each containing 6 cards each for a total of 96 cards in each box. Please note there is a high probability of shortages from the manufacturer. This is not conjecture but evidenced by their fractional allocation of recent Juicy Honey releases.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Mint
Material: Cardboard, Card Stock
Japan title: AVCジューシーハニー コレクションカード PLUS #12 相沢みなみ 加美杏奈 白峰ミウ 波多野結衣 アダルトトレカ
Jan Code : 4589466360515 / 4589466360522
Territory/Language: Japan