Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Domokun & Friends Sponges

When Domokun makes a mess preparing his favorite meal of beef and spuds, a sponge might come in handy to mop up the splatters. To this end, Japanese manufacturer Eikoh unleashes three absorbent sponges that could double as bathing accessories or plain old plushes. Each sponge measures 10cm or roughly 4" square. From the left of the photo and going right, the characters are: Ta-chan, Domokun, and Usaji. Preorders ship today and new orders are welcome. «more»

He is my Master Maid's Uniform

In the anime, "He is my Master," two runaway sisters named Mitsumi and Izumi became maids for an adolescent pervert with a hefty inheritance. To cater to master Yoshitaka's whims, the two girls were required to wear sexy maid's outfits which provided gratuitous views of their bodies. To give cosplayers replicas of the maid's uniforms from the anime, Sega produces an outfit which measures 60cm from the bottom hem to the top of the bustier. The craftsmanship is very good with clean stitching throughout the outfit and frilly pieces that look downright... frilly. The outfit also drapes crisply like a maid's uniform should drape. To complete the ensemble, a maid's tiara and necktie are included. Preorders are shipping today and new orders are welcome at US$35 each. «more»

Kinnikuman Mask

A few months ago, the Kinnikuman Muscle Suits gave fans a way to pump themselves up with an impressive looking "body replacement" without crunches, push-ups, or sit-ups. In other words, a sixpack and pecs without the sweat. Sales have been healthy which has prompted Banpresto to announce an invaluable accessory to the Kinnikuman Muscle Suit - the Kinnikuman Mask.
Each cloth mask measures 35cm or 13.77" tall and features a flexible porthole through which your head enters. Once donned, two eyeholes and a thick-lipped mouth hole allow the wearer to see and speak. Preorders ship today and new orders are welcome.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Pouch

Banpresto's Pokemon Diamond & Pearl pouches were designed for use with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite but we dropped a Playstation Portable into one this morning and it fits inside as well. A zipper on top opens and closes the pouch and a little pocket located inside has enough space to hold 1 NDS game card. Overall, the inner capacity of the pouch is fairly spacious and will hold an NDS loosely. The cushioning power of the pouch is meager which is why we recommend linking the included metal carabiner to a sturdy loop at all times. «more»

Super Mario Bros Dot Design Mouse 2

When the first dot design Mario Mouse shipped in late 2005, NCS knew that consumers wouldn't purchase it for the ergonomics or ease of use but for the novelty. Sales were good and most suppliers in Japan have already sold out of the first mouse. BPS tests the market again with another pair of mice which include a similar Mario mouse design from Set v1.0 and a Star mouse with pointy design.
Please note the mice require a USB port and are compatible with WinXP/ME and Macintosh OSX operating systems. We can also confirm that the mice work fine on a Windows Vista PC.

Domokun Cube Plush

When Domokun isn't watering the television or eating his favorite beef dish, we're inclined to think that he just stands around with his mouth agape. With a maw that covers a sizable portion of his face, Domokun's facial color scheme is brown and red. A lot of red. Eikoh's new Domokun plush features big brown in the shape of a perfect cube. Domokun's recognizable face is plastered on one side of the cube while Japanese writing which reads "" is stenciled on the opposite site. Three Domokun Cube variants are in stock today: Domokun with black eyes, Domokun with angry eyes, and Domokun with sleepy eyes. Each cube measures 15cm x 15cm x 15cm in dimension which converts to 5.90" square. «more»

Mickey Mouse in Runaway Brain

Mickey Mouse is generally known as a jovial sort of rodent with a sunny disposition and a squeaky voice. Things weren't so in the "Runaway Brain" 7-minute movie where a misguided doctor named Frankenollie exchanged Mickey's brain with the crazed brain of a monster named Julius.

The Runaway Brain Mickey vinyl figure from Medicom was originally released in the spring of 2005 but a new production has finally shipped to market. Mickey sports bloodshot eyes and clenches the ground with his trademark mitts as if his life depended on it. The snarling and vicious demeanor won't win him any congeniality awards. Runaway Brain Mickey measures 15cm or 5.90" in length and is packaged in a blue card box box with window for easy viewing of the monster within. Preorders ship today and new orders are welcome
. «more»

Sengoku Ace Koyori PVC Figure

If there was one truism in the toy market that was applicable over the past couple of years, it would be, "You can never have enough Koyori." The same might be said about Ignis in recent time but we feel the statement applies more strongly to Koyori. To put the truism to the test once again, ebCraft/EnterBrain ships another Koyori to market courtesy of French Doll/Cerberus Project.
The new Koyori measures 25cm or 9.84" tall and is dressed in her trademark red and white duds with a complement of weapons. «more»

Street Fighter Sound Drops

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and the rest of the original Street Fighter gang return to the world thanks to the efforts of Bandai. The brawlers aren't featured in a new game but in a collection of eight toys known as Sound Drops. Although the toys look like mere teardrop-shaped pieces of plastic, they contain the muffled voices of legendary fighters. For example, press the thumb-friendly button on the Ken Sound Drop and the man bellows out, "Shoryuken" as if he was right there in the room and rarin' to go. Chun-Li chimes in with her recognizable "Yata!" or "Spinning Bird Kick" while Sagat yells out "Tiger Uppercut." Press Sagat's button ten times and he'll repeat those two words ten times like a well trained robot... «more»