Thursday, February 22, 2007

Simple 2500 Portable Vol. 9: The My Taxi!

Hit the streets in a squat yellow cab and earn your keep by shuttling passengers from point A to point B. Although the PSP Taxi game takes place in a modern metropolis, the streets are eerily barren of crowds. While driving through silent city canyons, you'll see more cars than people. Sort of like L.A. When a potential fare is spotted, sidle your taxi next to him and he'll scoot in. An arrow then pops up on screen which guides you to the desired destination.

Different passengers expect different levels of service. For example, some riders must get to their destinations quickly while others aren't as as hurried.
Some passengers will request an interim stop so they can pick something up before going to their final stop. Other customers may get carsick easily so you'll have to drive carefully. The longer a trip takes, the more you'll earn but it's not advisable to take circuitous routes since a fast fare will earn the player a bonus score multiplier. For example, bring a patron to his port quickly and you'll earn the fare plus a 3X multiplier. The key to earning big bucks is fast and direct service. As your repute spreads, the area that you may drive around in expands along with your working hours.

The player's cab may be customized with over 100 different parts and upgrades which enhance performance. A souped-up cab is more likely to navigate through the city like a banshee than a regulation issue ride. In addition to upgrades that boost the capabilities of the taxi, there are also cosmetic additions which essentially pimp out the cab. «more»

Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan DS

The Air Traffic Controller line of games have sold remarkably well in Japan over the years with a total of 350,000 copies sold. The Nintendo DS version of the game looks to expand the total sales numbers by a good margin thanks to the immense popularity of the NDS in Japan.
Take on the role of a ATC who works in one of five available airports - New Chitose, Fukuoka Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, and Tokyo International Airport. Your job is to guide planes in and out of an airport efficiently and safely. If two planes meet on a runway, your job is pretty much over. Adverse weather conditions present special challenges while queues of anxious planes overhead foist additional adversity on an ATC to manage and persevere through. «more»

Lupin III: Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o

When Fujiko is abducted by fiendish thugs, Lupin and Jigen rush off to the rescue while Goemon waits in the wings. Although Lupin plays the hero at the outset of the game, he quickly becomes the victim when he's afflicted with a life threatening internal injury. With only three days to live, Lupin and friends rush off to find clues that will cure Lupin of his ails.

Taking a departure from previous Lupin III games, the latest PS2 offering features an engaging 3D action-adventure that's peppered with quick one-button-press interaction challenges as well as more involved gaming sequences that last a few minutes each. The games are linked together by cut scenes starring Lupin and crew as well as 3D exploration and discovery sessions. In an early level of the game, Lupin beats up a member of the police corps and takes his uniform. He may then skulk around the grounds partially disguised while collecting clues and hints. However, since Lupin's face and manner are so distinctive, the other cops are sharp enough to discern him from one of their own if they get close enough to examine him. Once the jig is up, Lupin will have to do some running and Dual Shock wagging to knock tackling cops off his limber frame. «more»

General Updates

Import Restock
Second shipments of PS2 Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 and PSP Monster Hunter Portable 2 arrived today and any remaining preorders, backorders will ship this afternoon. Please note the version of MHP2 that arrived today is the Japanese version which does not include the bonus Ailu strap. For reference, only the Asian version of MHP2 included an Ailu strap with game in 1:1 ratio.
Another batch of Banpresto's jellyfish aquarium is scheduled to arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week. All backorders will ship once the stock arrives. We can accept new orders today to also ship next week.
Final Fantasy Trading Arts III
A batch of the FFIII toys^ arrived this week and some preorders have been processed and shipped already. The remaining stock will arrive next week and we'll fill all remaining preorders upon arrival. We may be able to accept new orders for complete factory sealed cases of the toys and we'll post an update once we know for sure.