Monday, December 11, 2006

Animal Crossing Pouch

Japanese manufacturer Sol International makes use of their Animal Crossing license by releasing four AC pouches. For this product offering, Sol Infinity decorated the pouches with images of various AC figures. Throw an Nintendo DS Lite unit in the case and lug it around in sweet Animal Crossing style. The four characters featured in the Animal Crossing Pouches are as follows (from the upper left and rotating clockwise):

» Totakeke on a yellow pouch with orange trim
» Sally fronts for a pink pouch with matching pink trim
» Bouquet masquerades feline style on a purple pouch with navy trim
» Sleepy-eyed Tanakichi stands on a blue pouch with aqua trim

A metal link is included in the blister pack to tether the pouch to a belt loop or any other usable loop on your person. All preorders ship today and new orders are welcome.

Evangelion Mini Display Figure S1

Sega Toys releases a new set of Evangelion Diorama figures where SD versions of characters such as Rei Ayanami and Misato Kisaragi are mounted on hexagon-shaped pedestals with gears and cog mechanics built-in. For example, take hold of Rei Ayanami and sidle her next to Misato. Spin Rei a few revolutions and watch as Misato also goes for a whirl too. The figures measure 5.5cm tall from the base to the top of each character's head and are as follows from the upper left and rolling clockwise:

» Maya Ibuki
» Misato Kisaragi
» Sachiel
» Rei Ayanami
» EVA-01 Test Type

All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

Dot-Pin Jack Skellington

Disney and Tomy expand their Dot-Pin offerings with a new set based on the main character of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. The NBC Dots kit includes four panels and a total of 750 pegs split in white, black, pink, purple, and a new color called "glow." As in, these pegs glow in the dark for nifty luminous effects on spooky nights.

By pushing colored pegs into panels, dot artists may create various representations of Jack Skellington of Halloween Town including one where he opens his powerful maw like jaws.
Please note that the pricing for Disney branded Dots kits are higher than the other standard Dots kits due to the magic known as Disney licensing costs. Maybe the "glow" color also costs more in fabrication costs. Pricing is set at US$19 per kit and all preorders ship today. New orders are welcome.

Dot-Pin Stitch

When Dr. Jumba Jookiba developed the perfect biological weapon known as Stitch by using gene splices from slavering creatures across the cosmos, he didn't expect his creation to befriend a little girl named Lilo. The good doctor also didn't count on Stitch becoming little more than a pet dog... with only the occasional destructive bent.

Disney and Tomy team up to offer a Dot-Pin kit based on the toothy Stitch where a blue dot palette is used to create renditions of the galactic destroyer. Similar to other deluxe Dots kits, the Stitch package includes 750 pegs and four panels to plug them into. To ensure that buyers are able to create Stitch, instructions are included along with templates. Pricing is set at US$19 and all preorders will ship today. New orders are welcome.

Ren Nanase PVC Figure

Ren Nanase hails from the Yakin Byoutou (Night Shift Hospital) OVAs where she was experimented upon by a crazed doctor to create the perfect sex slave. Along with a coterie of other nurses, Ren wears a crisp pink uniform and is assaulted by the bad doctor with extreme regularity...

Earlier this year, Toys Planning shipped Koi Nanase pillows and pillow cases which sold very well. So well that all stock is gone. For their encore, the company ships a Ren Nanase PVC figure where the nurse lies prone as her hands seemingly frame her bosom. For an added bonus, Koi's nurse uniform may be "opened" to reveal her bosom underneath. Ms Nanase measures 20cm or 7.87" long. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

Japanese import outlook

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Kabushiki Baibai Trainer Kabutore Konami
Naruto Shinobi Retsuden Tomy
Puyo Puyo! Sega
Quiz! Nihongo-Ou Success
Ryuusei no Rockman Dragon Capcom
Ryuusei no Rockman Leo Capcom
Ryuusei no Rockman Pegasus Capcom
SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS SNK
PS2 Beatmania IIDX 12: Happy Sky Konami
Daisenryaku VII Exceed Sys. Soft
Demento BEST Capcom
Okami BEST Capcom
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School Love! Views
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Street Fighter III 3rd Strike BEST Capcom
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Wild Arms The Vth Vanguard SquarEnix
PS3 All Star Yakyuken Blu Ray Disc Gebet
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PSP All Star Yakyuken UMD Gebet
Maplus Portable Navi Edia
Maplus Portable Navi with GPS Receiver Edia
X360 Chikyuu Boueigun 3 D3
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Phantasy Star Universe Sega
World Soccer Winning Eleven Konami
WII Bleach Wii: Shiraha Kirameki Rinbukyoku Sega
Pokemon Battle Revolution Nintendo
Rayman Rabbids Party Ubisoft

USA Release Outlook

PS3 Blazing Angels leads preorders for the week followed by Wii Elebits as the next generation gains traction and most importantly, a sizable installed base.
Please note that the USA Gamecube version of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is expected to be in short supply. While it's not sold exclusively on Nintendo's website like it was in Japan, the print run for the U.S. market is small. We may not receive enough quantities of the game to fill all preorders but we will update our customers concerning availability on Wednesday.
GC Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Nintendo
NDS Full Metal Alchemist Dual Sympathy Destineer

Micro Machines V4 CodeMast.

Star Wars Lethal Alliance Ubisoft
PS2 College Hoops 2K7 2K Sports
PS3 Blazing Angels Ubisoft
PSP Blitz Overtime Midway
Wii Elebits Konami

Far Cry Vengeance Ubisoft

Super Swing Golf Tecmo

World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions Activision

Metal Slug Anthology SNK
X360 Star Trek Legacy Bethesda

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