Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi RE - New Import, In Stock

In the recent Suzumiya Haruhi PSP game, the heroine of the series charged the SOS- Brigade with the production of a movie. In the Playstation 2 Suzumiya Haruhi game, the SOS-Bridgade's new challenge is the creation of a video game worthy of Haruhi's refined taste and esteemed judgment. Three types of video games may be created for Haruhi as follows:

1) An RPG in the style of the olden 8-bit Dragon Quest games
2) A tactical strategy game that's a clone of the Super Robot Wars titles
3) A Princess Maker-esque game where a girl such as Mikuru is raised

Players take on the role of Kyon and the game is viewed from his perspective but the other members of the SOS-Brigade are fair game as everyone cooperates to create the perfect video game. Based on the choices that the player makes during the interactive sequences in Tomadoi, the contents and overall outcome of the finished game is changed accordingly. Once the game is coded and completed, players may be play it and check out their own handiwork.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron - Restocked

The latest and possibly greatest Transformers Masterpiece toy features the imposing bulk of Megatron, leader of the Destrons (aka Decepticons). Ol' Mega ships in robot form inside the glossy packaging but he may transform into a Walther P38 in gun mode with a scope on top.

Upon opening up the package, Megatron lies upon a plastic tray with accessories arrayed around him as follows:

» Black scope that's nearly as tall as Megatron
» Miniature Kremzeek figure in trademark hands-to-the-side pose
» Mini purple-colored PVC energy saber that's sort of transparent
» Mini purple-colored PVC mace with chain attached to a hand-grip
» Mini violet and silver-colored PVC handgun that's perfect for munchkins

Please note the MP-05 that NCS is supplying is the unmodified version and all boxes are still sealed with the original factory tape.

General Updates

Senjou no Valkyria Regular and Limited Edition
Japanese suppliers finally opened up preorders for the regular and limited editions of PS3 Senjou no Valkyria last night but please allow us one day before we open our own LE preorders. There may be a very small production of the limited edition and we're contacting all of our suppliers to assure that we can stock the quantities that we're looking for.
Guilty Gear X I-No Figure
All backorders for the I-No figure should be fulfilled by tomorrow.
Dairantou Smash Bros X
All remaining preorders and backorders for Wii Dairantou Smash Bros X are shipping today. New orders submitted today will ship on Thursday.

Gold Gameboy Advance - Clearance Sale

King Midas, Goldmember, and The Donald all share one thing in common: They love the gold. Join that unique clique of gold bugs by starting with the Gold Gameboy Advance. Next on your shopping list should be one Krugerrand, a few shares of GLD, and at least one gold tooth.

Sale Offering

Pricing per Gold GBA is set at US$45.90 which includes free shipping by UPS Ground within the USA.
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