Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 PC JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character Keyboard - Import Preorder $95.90/each

Product Synopsis
    Peck out your latest screed on the prettily painted Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character-themed keyboard which is available in five varieties as follows:

 » Jotaru
 » Joseph
» Avdol
 » Kakyoin
 » Polnareff
 » Iggy

   The membrane-style keyboard measures W43.6cm (17.16") x D12.2cm (4.80") x H2cm (0.787") and is constructed of PVC. Preorders are welcome to ship in late April 2015.

 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Voxpop
 JAN Codes:
4571215764941 | 4571215765245 | 4571215764958 
JAN Codes: 4571215764965 | 4571215764972 | 4571215764989
 Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
Japan Title: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 キャクターキーボード 承太郎
 Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA Itou Ittousai - Import Preorder $149.90/each

Product Synopsis
    Itou Ittousai suffers an embarrassment of riches in Vertex's upcoming 1/8 scale fixed-pose rendition of the Sengoku Bushouki Muramasa heroine which measures 22cm or 8.66" tall.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2015.
 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Vertex
 Material: PVC/ABS
 Dimension: 22cm (8.66") 1/8 scale
 JAN Code: 4562389470646

Japan Title: 戦国武将姫 MURAMASA 伊東一刀斎 1/8スケール塗装済み完成品
 Territory/Language: Japan

 PC One Piece 3D Mouse Pad - Sale Import $29.90/each, Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: October 06, 2010
«©NCSX» The girls of One Piece are generally attractive and have a bit of fashion sense. Nico Robin always looks chic and Nami looks better than most female pirates who spend their days on the high seas. The girls of One Piece are also very robust as evidenced by Morimoto's One Piece 3D Mouse Pads which feature three girls from the popular animated series as follows:

 » Nami - Her expression seems to convey vulnerability as her ample bosom is barely constrained by a meager bikini. 

 » Boa Hancock - One of three Gorgon sisters who enjoys a human-appearance as opposed to the Methuseleh-like vibe of her younger sisters. Boa's bosom on the mousepad is nearly as plump as her bosom in the One Piece animated series.

 » Nico Robin - Nic raises her arms because they just get in the way of her attributes. (SOLD OUT)

    The "3D" in the product title refers to the protruding "breasts" that jut out from the bottom of the pad. The breasts are filled with a solid gel-like material which is designed to cushion and conform to one's hand as it rests upon the pad. PC users who maneuver a mouse on top of a 3D mousepad apparently don't suffer from the debilitating effects of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Morimoto
 Material: PVC/ABS
 Dimension: 22cm (8.66") 1/8 scale
 JAN Code: 4562389470646

Japanese Title: ワンピース 3Dマウスパッド ボア・ハンコック 単品
Territory/Language: Japan

 X360 Last Remnant Xbox 360 Bundle - Sale Import $359.90, Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: November 20, 2008

«©NCSX» Namco releases a limited edition Xbox 360 + Last Remnant bundle which includes the following items: 
01) The Last Remnant video game
 02) Last Remnant Original Faceplate
 03) Last Remnant Premium Soundtrack CD
 04) Xbox 360 Console with 60GB (Jasper chipset, Internal 256MB memory)
 05) Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
 06) Xbox 360 Media Remote
 07) Xbox 360 D-Connector HD AV Cable
 08) LAN cable
 09) AC Adapter
 10) User Manual

    Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. This item ships for free within the United States.

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