Tuesday, January 04, 2011

 NEWS Real Arcade Pro.EX RS-1

Real Arcade Pro.EX RS-1
«©NCSX» Reservations are welcome for Hori's tentative production of the Real Arcade Pro.EX RS-1 which is being manufactured for the Xbox 360. The RS-1 pays homage to Radiant Silvergun which is being released on Xbox Live Arcade sometime this year. The joystick is being described as a "tentative production" because Hori won't proceed with the manufacturing if they don't receive sufficient preorders to justify to production. That said, it's unclear why Hori limited the preorder time frame from December 17 to January 04. Why not extend the frame to a whole month to gather more preorders?

   The RS-1 uses Seimetsu parts and Hori colored four buttons on the joystick with green, red, blue, and yellow colors but the overall joystick button layout is the same layout that Hori's been using since the HRAP2. Radiant Silvergun uses three buttons for Vulcan Fire, Homing Shot, and Spread Shot. For comparative referene, the original HRAP(1) also featured eight buttons but the shape of the button layout is slightly different. Compare the photos of the HRAP-2 (Sanwa) and the RS-1 model below for their matching button layouts.

   Preorders are welcome to ship sometime this year. The production hasn't been finalized yet so the date is still up in the air. Pricing is set at US$289 which reflects special arrangements to import the joysticks to North America.

NEWS Factory worker steals Nintendo 3DS, takes photos

Criminal Behavior
«©NCSX» Apparently, a factory worker or a cohort of the factory worker in China stole a Nintendo 3DS right off the assembly line and has taken photos of the unit which are posted on TGBUS here. One sample photos is posted below: 

GALLERY Nintendo wallpapers by Justin Buonvino

NCS Synopsis
«©NCSX» What if the Nintendo Entertainment System games of yore were rendered in 3D? What would they look like? Justin Buonvino knows and he's recreated old-tyme NES games with 3D voxels. Can someone at Nintendo pay attention and make some of these into actual games and sell them for about $5 on VC? Kthxbye.

Justin Buonvino (http://nes--still-the-best.deviantart.com)