Wednesday, June 28, 2017

 TOYS Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon Plus Choco Egg - Import Preorder US$39.90

Product Synopsis
    Earlier this year,
Furuta released the first batch of Pokemon Sun and Moon Choco Egg toys and next month, they're re-releasing the same collection of toys based on the 3DS Pokemon Sun and Moon games released late last year. The collection of toys are packaged inside capsules and include chocolate. Please Note: The upcoming re-release features a variation of Pikachu who wears a baseball cap but the other 14 standard toys such as Magikarp, Charizard, Machamp, are the same as the original Choco Eggs issued back in February. 
 Package Contents
» Chocolate Egg x 10
 » Capsule with toy inside

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2017 at US$39.90 per box of 10 randomly packaged Choco Egg toys.


  Product Specs

: Furuta 
Product SKU: 4902501209318
 Japanese Title: チョコエッグ ポケットモンスターサン&ムーンプラス
 Territory/Language: Japan

 MAG Fortean Times #246 (Beyond Darwin) Single Issue 2009 - Magazine Sale US$12.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   New copy of Fortean Times Vol. 246 from Dennis PublishingUS$12.90 which includes shipping with USPS Media Mail within the continental United States. Orders placed before 4PM EST ship same-day.
From the Publisher
Published: April 2009, Original Cover Price: $11.99 1st printing.  

   Named after Charles Forte, the first person to research and document reports of paranormal phenomena in a concise and coherent way, Fortean Times is the monthly magazine dedicated to carrying on Forte's obsession with our world's secrets, featuring eyewitness and first-hand accounts of the unexpected, the unexplained, and unexplored regions around the world. 

   Celebrating Darwin's anniversaries this month, we consider those who haven't bought into Darwinism as enthusiastically as most of us, with Patrick Harpur wondering whether it's just another origin myth full of 'missing links', and Anna Smith-Spark uncovering the sometimes bizarre alternative theories proposed by the likes of Madam Blavatsky and David Barclay.

   Also in this issue we hunt the Almasty with the CFZ, investigate claims that a UFO flew into a wind turbine, are troubled by the tale of a dead wife texting her husband, puzzle over the mysterious case of Cardinal Newman's vanishing corpse and are astonished by the boy born with a foot in his brain.

Softcover, 80 pages, full color. Cover price $11.99. 

Product Condition
   This item is brand new from original NCS stock circa 2009.

ISBN-13: 0744705733946