Thursday, June 20, 2019

 TOYS MOLLY Wedding Flower Girl Series - Preorder US$119.90

Product Synopsis
   Meet MOLLY, an original character designed by Hong Kong designer Kenny Wong. The MOLLY series of popular trading figures are released to the world again, this time with the theme of "Wedding Flower Girl" where the titular character is dressed in various dresses and transformed into a cute flower girl!

   Please note this item is sold in factory boxes of 12 random figures and there is no assurance that any one, two, or even three boxes will contain the full assortment of 13 figures as follows:

» Princess January
» Princess February
» Princess March

» Princess April
» Princess May

» Princess June
» Princess July

» Princess August
» Princess September

» Princess October
» Princess November

» Princess December
» Prince Milky

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2019 at US$119.90 per factory box of 12. Figures are randomly enclosed in each box.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: POPMART
Material: PVC
Dimension: H75~80mm (2.95~3.14")
Product SKU: 6971640207996
Japanese Title: POPMART MOLLY ウェディングフラワーガールシリーズ
Territory/Language: Japan