Monday, October 15, 2007

Famitsu Wave DVD [Nov 2007] - In Stock

The November 2007 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD includes video previews and/or magazine coverage of the following games and toys:

» NDS Sonic Rush
» PC Monster Hunter Frontier
» PS2 Ar Tonelico 2
» PS2/Wii Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
» PS3/X360 Devil May Cry 4
» PS3 Warhawk
» PSP R-Type Tactics
» TOY CGC Poison PVC Figure
» Wii Takarajima Z
» X360 Halo 3

and the usual assortment of game challenges, retro reviews, Famitsu editor tomfoolery, and general interest clowning.

Evangelion Gosurori Asuka Polystone Figure - Preorder

Asuka Langley has found herself in many interpretations from many sculptors and artists over the years but she's never gotten the Gosurori treatment. That is, until now. Gosurori translates and expands to "Gothic Lolita" which is reminiscent of Victorian-era pomp and attendant poof but with strict chiaroscuro color schemes.

Manufacturer Amie-Grand makes sure Asuka wears her Gosurori garb well with a tight-fitting bodice and leggings. A crinkly white taffeta dress wraps around her waist and the ensemble is completed with a pair of black elbow-length gloves. Asuka's shock of red hair adds ample contrast to the black and white color scheme. As a bonus, her dress may be scattered to reveal the garters beneath. Preorders ship in mid-late December 2007.

My-ZHiME Otome-tachi no Ofuro Figure - Preorder

The girls of My-ZHiME wrap themselves in towels and try to relax in a hot spring in order to work off the stress of battle, fire fights, and the occasional mission to destroy an incoming meteor. Arika Yumemiya is the main character of the series and she's dead-center in the photo (focus on the ginger) and Arika's hanging onto Mashiro Blan de Windbloom for dear life. The other girls with the lovely couple are (from the left and moving to the right): Nao Zhang Juliet, Nina Wang, Akana Soir, and Erstin Ho.

The "rocky" enclosure and the figures are made of PVC. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2008 at JPY2980 or US$35 from NCS.

Moepro no Susume: Shaman Suplex Version - Preorder

Toy manufacturer Cafereo has started preorders for a 1/8 scale wrestling "scene" where two limber girls are engaged in the art of a move known as a suplex. In this case, it's called a "Shaman Suplex" where the blue-haired instigator grabs her opponent's torso and then flips her over in a back-breaking, spine-tingling assault. The red-headed victim then finds herself sprawled and vulnerable in more ways than one. Her eyes are still open and her legs are still taut so we're assuming that there's no brain or spinal damage...
The figures measure approximately 10cm or 3.93" in length but due to the unusual positioning of the wrestlers' bodies, we're guessing the retail packaging will be fairly sizable. Pricing is set at JPY7000 or US$75 from NCS. Preorders will ship in mid-late December 2007.

Taisen Hot Gimmick 3: Novia Wink & Pink Hair - Preorder

Lilics originally released a blue-haired Novia toy as a resin-cast garage kit earlier this year and sales were healthy. Novia hails from the Taisen Hot Gimmick 3: Digital Surfing PC mahjong game and a row of MJ tiles are affixed in front of her face whilst a larger single tile seemingly spins above her head. Novia is set at 1/7 scale and measures 15cm or 5.90" tall from bended knees to the MJ tile apex.
For the new incarnation of Novia shipping in January 2008, Lilics changes her hair color to pink and ships her in pre-painted and fully assembled form. Preorders are welcome today at JPY6000 or US$65 from NCS.

Japanese Import Outlook

NDS Bungakuzenshuu Nintendo

Osharena Koinu DS MTO
PS2 Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi Broccoli

Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi Deluxe Pack Broccoli

Palais de Reine Interchannel

Seaman 2: Peking Genjin Ikusei Kit Sega

Seaman 2: Peking Genjin Ikusei Kit + Microphone Sega

World Heroes Gorgeous SNK
PSP Riviera Yakusoku no Chi Special Edition Sting
X36 Zoids Alternative Takara Tomy

USA Release Outlook

NDS Fish Tycoon Majesco

Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day Nintendo

The Bee Game Atlus

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Activision
PS2 Avatar The Last Airbender: Burning Earth THQ

Daisenryaku 7 Exceed SysSoft

Thrillville: Off the Rails LucasArts

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Activision
PS3 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year 2K Games

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Activision
PSP Spider-Man 3 Activision

SWAT: Target Liberty Sierra
Wii Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Aksys

Thrillville: Off the Rails LucasArts

Victorious Boxers: Revolution XSeed
X36 Beautiful Katamari Namco

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Bethesda