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 TOYS Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Ayesha Altugle Figure - Import Preorder $109.90

Product Synopsis 
 The young alchemist living alone in the Ground of Dusk.
From the Playstation 3 game 'Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Ayesha Altugle. The original illustration by Hidari has been faithfully, intricately sculpted into a figure for fans to enjoy. In the game, Ayesha is a perky and cheery blond shopkeeper and the upcoming figure from Koei Tecmo conveys her sunny disposition.


    Preorders ship in late March 2015.

  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Koei Tecmo Games
  Dimensions: H22.5cm (8.85") 1/8 scale
  Material: ABS&PVC
  Japanese Title: 塗装済み完成品 1/8 アーシャのアトリエ アーシャ・アルトゥール
  Jan Code:
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 TOYS Nendoroid Sakura Wars 3 Shinguji Sakura & Koubu F2 - Import Preorder US$68.90

Product Synopsis
Good morning, good morning! Bonjour~♪
From the popular Dreamcast game 'Sakura Wars 3' comes a Nendoroid of the cheerful nun in the Flower Division of Groupe Fleur de Paris, Erica Fontaine! She comes complete with a Nendoroid-sized version of her Koubu suit, the Koubu-F2!

    Optional parts include both her cross-shaped machine gun for combat poses and maracas to display her famous 'Good Morning' dance scene! The Koubu-F2 has an opening hatch and Erica can even be posed riding inside - an alternate body part is even included to display her in her combat uniform! She also comes with a shouting expression, creating a powerful and confident appearance as she rides into battle!


    Preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2015.
 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
: 10cm each (3.93) Non-scale
Japanese Title: ねんどろいど サクラ大戦3 エリカ・フォンティーヌ&光武F2
 JAN Code: 4571368445346
Territory/Language: Japan


 PSP Atari Classics Evolved - Sale $36.90 Free Shipping USA

Product Synopsis
    Handheld gamers can get the authentic Arcade experience in this collection of eleven classic Atari titles. Players can try their hand at the original versions, or see if they prefer the improved graphics of the "evolved" versions, of:

    Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Millipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest, and Warlords.

    In addition to the arcade games, Atari Classics: Evolved features more than 60 original Atari 2600 titles, including: Crystal Castles, Canyon Bomber, Night Driver, and Yar's Revenge. The 11 Arcade games have online leaderboards, and titles with multiplayer capabilities will be available for peer-to-peer wireless competition.

Product Specs
 Publisher: Atari
 UPC/SKU: 742725276000 / ULUS-10325FV
 Format: UMD (Single-Layer)
 Territory/Language: USA/English

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 PS2 Sega Rally 2006 - Sale $38.90 Free Shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: January 9, 2006
«©NCSX» Eleven years after Sega Rally gave arcade racing fans white knuckles and heart palpitations, the game returns on the PS2 in a near perfect conversion. Sega Rally 1995 is however the side dish for Sega Rally 2006 which features a career mode where racers build up a reputation and win endorsements from sponsors. With corporate sponsorship comes the money to buy better gear and tune up a stock car to higher levels of performance. In addition to the career mode, gamers may also engage in Arcade Mode for a quick race or Time Attack. Sega Rally 2006 supports the GT Force Pro (sold separately).
View the back cover and screenshots on the main NCSX site.
Jan Code: 4974365831394
Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

Product Specs
Publisher: Sega
Compatibility: Playstation 2 (Japan-Only)
Jan Code: 4974365831394 / SLPM-66212
Format: DVD-Rom
Territory/Language: Japan

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 PS1 Leiji Matsumoto Galaxy Express 999 - Sale US$39.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: June 14, 2001
«©NCSX» Galaxy Express 999 uses two methods to relay the story of the anime in an edited and condensed form. There's an animation to set up the story and a polygon rendered representation of key scenes from the original animation. After the movie, you eventually gain control of Tetsuro and bound about in action-adventure with what appears to be over 40 sequential scenarios. An easy comparison game in terms of style would be Megaman Legends.

   In the first episode, a pilot of a small starship loses control of his vehicle and crashes into the Galaxy Express. Both tumble down into a planet which seems a strange amalgam of the wild west and a desert city. Tetsuro's first adventure finds him entering the town with the pilot of the starship to find help and necessary parts to repair the GEX. An indication of how friendly the people are on the planet comes from an old codger who shoots at Tetsuro when he nears the man's ranch and a guard in the town who denies exit whenever Tetsuro tries to leave.

   A loose camera follows the action with free flowing versatility and conversations with people are triggered with a button press. Gameplay works nicely and relays the ambience of the Galaxy Express very well. Fans of the series will likely be deliriously happy to see Tetsuo and Maetel in an interactive setting. Others may find a grand introduction to one of Leiji Matsumoto's most endearing works. 
Product Specifications
Matsumoto Reiji 999: Story of Galaxy Express 999
Release Date in Japan: June 14, 2001
Product SKU: SLPS-03220 / JAN Code: 4983164734744
Publisher: Banpresto
Compatibility: Playstation (Japan-Only)
Language: Japanese
Format: CD-Rom
Japanese Title: 松本零士999

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 TOYS Transformers Optimus Prime Featuring Original PlayStation - Import Preorder $98.90

Product Synopsis 
   The leader of the Autobots apparently prefers the Sony Playstation to the Sega Saturn in Takaratomy's upcoming 'Transformers Optimus Prime Featuring Original PlayStation' toy which measures 19cm or 7.48" in height.

    Preorders ship in late February 2015.

  Product Specification
Takaratomy Arts
  Dimensions: H19cm (7.48) Non-scale
  Material: ABS, PVC, POM
  Japanese Title: オプティマスプライム フィーチャリング オリジナル プレイステーション トランスフォーマー タカラトミーアーツ
  Jan Code: 4904790820878
  Territory/Language: Japan 


 TOYS PlayStation History Collection 20th Anniversary Edition - Import Preorder US$49.90

Product Synopsis
   Takara Tomy celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Playstation with six miniature renditions of the different models of the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 as follows:

PlayStation 2 [SCPH-10000] with Memory Card (8MB) and DUALSHOCK2 controller
 ● PlayStation2 [SCPH-70000] with Memory Card (8MB)
and DUALSHOCK2 controller
 ● PlayStation3 [CECHA00] with DUALSHOCK3 controller and PlayStation Eye accessory
 ● PlayStation3 [CECH-2000A]
with DUALSHOCK3 controller
 ● PlayStation3 [CECH-4000A]
with DUALSHOCK3 controller
 ● PlayStation4 [CUH-1000A] with DUALSHOCK4 controller and PlayStation Camera

    Takara is packaging the toys in factory boxes of six and preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2015.
 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Takaratomy Arts
: 1/6 scale
 Material: PVC
Japanese Title:  プレイステーション ヒストリーコレクション 20thアニバーサリーエディション 6個入りBOX
 JAN Code: 4904790823190
Territory/Language: Japan


 MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1348 - New Import

Product Synopsis
   The October 16-23, 2014 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» Continuing preview of the monsters and gameplay in Monster Hunter 4G which ships on the 3DS next week.
» Interview with Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft.
» Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One and PS4 are shipping in Japan on December 11, 2014.
» PS4 Disgaea 5 primer. The game ships on March 26, 2015.
» Game guide for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD which spans pages 99-113.
» Interview with voice actresses Rui Tanaba, Riho Iida, and Moe Toyota who star in Omega Quintet.
» DLC for Omega Quintet, Puzzle & Dragons W, and Ar no Surge Plus.
» Reviews for 3DS Majin Bone: Jikan to Kuukan no Majin (6/7/7/6), 3DS Choko Inu no Chokotto Fushigi na Monogatari: Chocolate Hime to Mahou no Recipe (7/7/7/7), PSV Hideboh: Tap Dance Hero (6/8/7/6), and PSP/PSV Flowers (8/9/7/7).
» Famitsu's Pick Up Food section is gone but the editors bring back a one-page food section which checks out snacks and eats around town.
» Smash Girls pictorial for actress Aoi Koizumi.

Product Specs
Publisher: Enterbrain
Jan Code: 4910218841042
Japan Title: 週刊ファミ通 2014年10月16・23日合併号
Territory/Language: Japan

 PS2 Prince of Tennis Card Hunter Limited Edition - Sale $38.90 Free Shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: February 7, 2008

«©NCSX» Mint releases a Juicy Honey DVD which features Tina Yuzuki aka Rio cavorting in swimsuits, her birthday suit, and assorted flimsy lingerie. The DVD captures the antics that took place when Tina posed for the recent Juicy Honey Premium Edition trading cards which shipped in late December. For voyeurs who enjoy a little idol interaction, a 10-question quiz game is playable which features factoids about Rio. In addition to the DVD, each copy includes a bonus promotional Juicy Honey trading card which is packaged inside the retail case.
Product Specs
Publisher: Mint
Jan Code: 4582154107577 /
Japan Title: テニスの王子様 CARD HUNTER
Territory/Language: Japan
Region-2 NTSC DVD
50 minutes in length
4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio
MPEG-2 Stereo

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 PSP Buzz! Master Quiz - Sale $5.90

Product Synopsis
   Take the popular game show host Buzz! on the road with Buzz!: Master Quiz for the PSP (PlayStationPortable)! Buzz!: Master Quiz includes all-new round types and over 5,000 questions on topics including music, celebrities, TV, sports, science, nature, movies and more, putting your knowledge to the test at home or on the move. Play different quiz challenges by yourself, or enjoy the 3 new multiplayer modes (Pass Around, Fastest Finger, or Quiz Master) with your family and friends. Get ready to Buzz!-in today.
Game Features:
» Over 5,000 Unique Questions
» Over 1,000 Picture, Video, and Music Assets
» Enhanced Single-Player Mode with 15 Quiz Challenges
» Six All-New Single and Multiplayer Round Types
» Buzz! buzzers Not Required - the PSP Becomes Your Buzzer
   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST


 PS3 Hakuna Matata - Sale US$32.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
March 02, 2010
«©NCSX» A week-long safari in Africa will set you back about US$5000 this year for a single person. Rates are going up to US$6000+ next year because... everything else is going up. NCS recommends Tanzania but we hear Kenya also offers a prime viewing experience. By going on a safari, travelers get to check out how the animals live in the wild and experience nature in all of its raw primal glory. By primal, we mean lions chasing down zebras, buffalo grazing in groups, and elephants trudging around with steadfast determination. Then there are the cheetahs that hang out in the trees while waiting for the sun to stop beating down on their backs and baby baboons playing in the brush with nary a care in the world.

   A safari is a sizable investment in both time and resources. Not everyone can go out like that. For the next best thing to being there, Sony presents Afrika which is basically a safari simulator. Drive out on a jeep or take to the air in a hot-air balloon to view the mighty expanse of Africa and all of its furry denizens in the wild. Instead of behind bars in a prison zoo. The Asian version of the game features an English language option as well as Chinese.

   The Playstation 3 The Best re-release of Hakuna Matata contains the same game as the original release at a lower price point.
Product Specifications
Product SKU: BCAS-20090
Jan Code: 4948872960908
Publisher: Sony
Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
Language: Chinese, English
Format: Blu-Ray Disc (Single-Layer)
Chinese Product Name: 非洲 哈庫拉馬塔塔
Website: http://www1.jp.sonystyle.com/Qnavi/Product/BCJS-30021/

   Orders ship same-day if placed before 4PM EST.