Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Akatsuki Denkou Senki - Naomi Cartridge Preorder

Preorders were opened up a couple of days ago for the Naomi version of Akatsuki Denkou Senki, the latest doujin 2D fighter to make the transition from humble PC to full blown coin-op glory. The game features a motley assortment of characters, lots of blood, and fast-paced action fraught with juggles, combos, cancels, and EX attacks. To cap it all, the cast includes a leggy ginger named Marilyn Sue along with a gun-toting nun dubbed Anonym who's bullets ricochet for added attack strategies.

The game looks great but we're still undecided if we'll order a copy for our own collection. First off, the PC version can be had for about $30 nowadays and there's a bunch of recent boards we've acquired that still haven't been plugged in yet. Ever have one of those buying binges where you scoop up games that catch your eye but then you never have the time to play them? That's how we are at this point.

Pricing for Akatsuki Denkou Senki is set at JPY188,000 or US$1795 from NCS which includes shipping directly from Japan to any location in the world by way of Express Mail Service which is trackable and insured. Delivery is expected on or around February 28, 2008 and preorders are welcome.

Juicy Honey Special Edition Hotaru Akane - Preorder

We got an eyeful of Hotaru Akane in Juicy Honey 6 earlier this year but adult trading card purveyor Mint wants to give us more. Much more. The JAV idol has been given her very own collection of Juicy Honey Special Edition cards which are scheduled for release on February 23, 2008.

Some Hotaru Akane stats
DOB: October 25, 1983
Height: 157 cm
Measurements: B83-W58-H83 (cm)
Aliases: Anna Akitsuki, Akii Hotaru

The images from the Juicy Honey SE cards feature Hotaru in a number of swimsuits, in the nude, and in various situations. The trading cards are priced at US$58 per factory sealed box. Each box contains 12 packs which in turn contain 7 cards each for a total of 84 cards in every box. Preorders are welcome today to ship to preorders on or around March 15, 2008.

Partial Shooting Historica Sets - In Stock

Due to the events of last Tuesday, we have a few thousand Shooting Historica ships to sell. Thanks, Yujin. Without further ado, here they are - three ships from the Shooting Historica Gashapon set as follows:

featuring Vic Viper T301
Gradius 2
featuring Metarion
Darius Gaiden
featuring Silver Hawk (Note: Either Blue or Red Version)

Pricing is set at US$12.50 + default media mail shipping at $2.55. Photos

General Updates

Playstation Network Tickets Tomorrow
Another batch of Japanese PSN Tickets at the JPY3000 value are expected to arrive tomorrow. All backorders and new orders will be processed and fulfilled on Thursday afternoon before 12:30PM EST.
Shooting Historica Gashapon
We sent out an email earlier this morning to the remainder of our customers who preordered the full Shooting Historica Gashapon sets of five ships. It looks like we'll be able to fill everyone's preorder, but we're requesting reconfirmation before we ship on Monday of next week.
Star Wars Pepper Mills Update
They've been released in Japan and our shipment is on the way. Delivery is expected on Monday of next week and we'll process and ship all preorders once they're in stock. Sadly, our initial allocation is completely sold out but we expect another batch in mid January for new preorders. Due to the Xmas holiday on Tuesday, please note that UPS will not delivery any orders on December 25.
Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini
Another batch is expected on Friday or Monday. We'll process and ship backorders once the delivery arrives but please note that we are sold out at this time. Another shipment should arrive in mid January after the week long New Year's holiday in Japan.
More Kinu Nishimura Mai Shiranui Figures
One of our Japanese toy suppliers was apparently withholding Mai Shiranui figures but after a few minutes of cajoling, they've decided to allocate a portion of their inventory to us. Y'know, just to share the love. In any case, we should receive the new shipment on Monday or Wednesday of next week. The price remains at US$89 and new orders are welcome. Due to the size of the item, NCS recommends shipping only by way of UPS Ground within the USA to avoid dimensional-weight air shipping costs.