Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hoshigami + Bonus Visual Book

The Valaim Empire is on the warpath and their actions rouse resistance from two neighboring countries. The protagonist is a mercenary named Fazz who's services have been employed by the Nightweld Empire to guard the Tower of Wind from attack. From a simple assignment, Fazz eventually goes on mission to save the land of Mardias from utter cataclysm. Originally released on the Playstation in 2001 to mixed reviews, Hoshigami on the NDS is an overhaul of the original which makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The game features updated graphics, new missions, a new character named Kasha who looks like Fazz but with red eyes, three difficulty levels including an Easy Mode, multiple endings, more save spots, and complete stylus control if desired. «more»

Kurikin: Nano Island Story

Wee beasties are on the rampage and it's your prerogative to make sure they are marshaled properly to destroy other wee beasties. In the early missions, players control masses of nano creatures known as kin that look like dispersions of dust on the touch screen. The top display features a magnified examination of the kin, some of which look like paramecium. To send the beasties into war, scribble a circle around them and then swish the stylus in a direction to mobilize them against enemy forces. When two opposing groups meet, the attack is shown on the top screen where the enemy beasties are devoured and destroyed by fevered gangs of your little kin. Groups may be divided intro smaller attack forces to perform a two-pronged attack or even quartered to swarm the enemy. «more»

Bleach: Heat the Soul 4 + Bonus

The latest and possibly greatest Bleach: Heat the Soul on the PSP features a sizable roster of characters, a new Soul Blaze system, and new special attacks for all of the participants. At the outset of the game, players may opt to transfer data from Bleach HTS 1-3 which unlocks main characters and partners in the game. If you don't have any Bleach data to convert, you'll have to unlock the characters and partners on your own. At the outset of the game, only 16 playable fighters are available but there's a total of 51 playable characters and 17 partner-only characters for a total cast of 68 fighters.

Game Modes
Character Master
/ Choose a champion and 2 partners; battle the ranks
Mission Battle
/ Engage opponents where conditions must be met
/ Battle the CPU in Time Attack, Survival, 100 Survival, Free Battle
Soul VS
/ Wireless versus play against another player
Training / Practice with a fighter and 2 partners from 16 available choices
Appendix / Sound Mode, Gallery Mode, Movie Mode, Convert
Option / Game Setting, Sound Setting, Key Config, Save/Load

All preorders shipping today will include a bonus file folder which features colorful Bleach artwork. The file folder can be used to hold a few sheets of paper, currency, or anything else that's thin enough to slip inside. Sadly, we don't have any extra file folders for new orders that are submitted today.