Monday, June 06, 2022

TOYS Prisma Wing Hatsune Miku `Art by Lack` (New, 2022) Import Preorder $178.98/each

 Product Synopsis

   The new figure brand [PRISMA WING] delivered by Prime 1 Studio, the first of which is [Hatsune Miku], a completely drawn illustration by illustrator Lack who is active in various genres such as games and Vtuber. Three-dimensional!

   Clear parts are used for the twin tails, and a fine and transparent gradation paint is applied to the ends of the hair to express lightness.
   The delicate texture of the costume, which has the image of the near future, and the detailed modeling, it is a reproducibility that seems to have jumped out of the world of illustration.
   Please enjoy picking it up at hand.

Overall height: Approximately 19 cm
Material: PVC, ABS, etc.
A dedicated base is included.

Prototype production: Pinpoint
Coloring: Pinpoint

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2023. 

Manufacturer: Prime 1 Studio
Dimension: H11cm (4.33") Non-Scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Japanese Title: 鬼滅の刃 ゆらゆらソーラー
JAN CODE: 4580708040332
Region/Language: Japan

GBA Mugen Kinogyou Zero Tours US$49.98 (Sale Offer)


NCS Product Synopsis
Release Date: July 27, 2001
«©NCSX» It's summertime and natural for members of the human populace to take vacations. Y'know, borrow some time to get away from the madness of the daily grind. In Zero Tours, gamers join galaxy spanning tours on hunting trips for creatures called Nuigurumin - creatures which look suspiciously similar to Earth based pigs, rabbits, elephants, and cougars. Tour guides take you by the hand and bring you to exotic locales and help in your quest for animal catching sport. The variety of planets and different adventures to engage in make for an interesting exploratory exercise, melding RPG and Pokemon elements together.
   This game is also known as Mugen Kinogyou Zero Tours.

Publisher: Media Rings 
JAN Code: 4989006000312
Japan Title: ゼロ・ツアーズ
Language/ Territory: Japan