Monday, November 10, 2008

Koisuru Purin! Koi wa Daibouken! - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Hiromu Shinozuka's Koisuru Purin! is brought to life with Tryfirst's side scrolling platform game which features a heroine named Tomoya Masuzawa and a living pudding who answers to Purin. The two traipse through various levels together as a cooperative team. Gamers may control either character at a time and Purin has a double-jump and a forward flying kick to dispatch enemies. Each end-level features a boss which must be defeated before the duo continues onwards to the next stage. During the course of the game, Tomoya may swap her little pudding friend for other friends who have special abilities to help the duo get through certain situations. Some early reservations will ship with a bonus Koisuru Purin handkerchief in 50% ratio.

Monster Hunter Tonkotsu Ramen - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» If you boil pork bones and whatever's still attached to those bones for about 10-15 hours, you'll end up with a milky liquid known as tonkotsu soup. Add a heaping of stringy arum root noodles, soy sauce, a few slivers of shimeji mushroom, and assorted spices to create Umai's canned Monster Hunter Tonkotsu Ramen. The company is selling the ramen in two types of cans but the contents are the same.

Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2008 at JPY400 per can or US$5.85 each. Customers who preorder a full case of 24 cans will also receive a Monster Hunter Tonkotsu Ramen canvas shopping bag. The full ingredient list may be viewed on our shop.

One Piece Luffy Pirates Muffler - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Winter is winging its way to the East Coast and according to the Farmer's Almanac, it's going to be a doozy. Expect the cold to settle in starting in December and endure through early March 2009. To help the masses of East Coasters weather the coming storm, Cospa starts preorders for a One Piece Luffy Pirates Muffler that's available in either blue or orange. The Jolly Roger design is woven onto the muffler along with the One Piece logo which spans the entire length.

Each muffler measures 146 x 21cm or 57.48 x 8.26" in area. The tassels on each end measure 5.90" in length but we're not sure that tassels will add to muffler's ability to retain warmth in subzero temperatures.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2008 at JPY3990 or US$43.90 from NCS.

One Piece Luffy Muffler - Blue
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One Piece Luffy Muffler - Orange
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Game Niku SJ Plush Doll - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» In the Monster Hunter games, innocent plant-eating creatures killed by the protagonist may be carved into huge mutton-like chops. Those meaty chops may be eaten to quiet the incessant stomach rumblings of said protagonist.

Japanese manufacturer Eikoh has started preorders for a big plush mutton chop which is colored meat-brown and features a plush "bone" that protrudes from the anterior. The Game Niku plush may be used as a prop for Flintstones as well as Monster Hunter cosplayers. The plush measures 55cm or 21.65" in length and may also serve as an impromptu weapon. Preorders are welcome to ship in March 2009 at US$45.90 each. Due to the size of the plush, NCS will only ship via UPS Ground in the U.S.

Japan Release Outlook - Arrivals on Thursday

NDS Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren DS 2


Ikatan: Ikamono Tantei CyberFront
Juggler DS Commseed
Rhythm de Cooking MTO
Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace Capcom
Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Red Joker Capcom
PS3 Resistance 2 SCEI
Samurai Dou 3 Spike
Wii Family Ski: World Ski & Snowboard Namco
Illvelo Wii: Illmatic Envelope MileStone

USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Mon-Wed

NDS Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins Popcap

Avatar the Last Airbender: Into the Inferno THQ

Call of Duty: World at War Activision

Guiness World Records: The Videogame WB

Hello Kitty Daily Aspyr

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Nintendo

Populous DS XSeed

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party Ubisoft

Star Wars the Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance Lucas

Tecmo Bowl Kickoff Tecmo
PS2 Call of Duty: World at War Activision

Eternal Poison + Bonus Soundtrack Atlus

Hasbro Family Game Night EA
PS3 Call of Duty: World at War [In Stock Now] Activision

Mirror's Edge EA

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 THQ
Wii Big League Sports Activision

Call of Duty: World at War [In Stock Now] Activision

Facebreaker K.O. Party EA

Family Party: 30 Great Games D3P

Guiness World Records: The Videogame WB

Hasbro Family Game Night EA

Luxor 3 MJumbo

Monkey Mischief: Party Time Activision

Star Wars the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels Lucas

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Namco

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 THQ
360 Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Microsoft

Call of Duty: World at War [In Stock Now] Activision

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 EA

Mirror's Edge EA

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 THQ

Another Code: 2tsu no Kioku for Japan NDS - Clearance

Original Update: February 23, 2005
«©NCSX» Just as Ashley is about to turn 14 years old, she receives a surprise gift which contains a Nintendo DS (well, its dubbed a DAS in the game) and a card. Written on the card is an invitation from her father to visit him on Brad Edward Island. Problem: Ashley's dad disappeared a while ago. Her parents were developing "Another" for a shadowy government agency which was a device capable of affecting the memories of people...

Sale Offering
: NCS' remaining inventory of Another Code: 2tsu no Kioku for the Japanese Nintendo DS is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$25.90 per copy which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S