Thursday, July 15, 2021

TOYS Dark Angel Olivia Renewal Package Ver. [Preorder $178.98]

 Product Synopsis

   From the popular card battle game “Rage of Bahamut,” comes a 1/8 scale reissue of Dark Angel Olivia with updated packaging!

   Olivia’s gigantic wings and bold yet highly detailed character design are faithfully recreated by sculptor Koei Matsumoto! The illustrator Mushimaro was also involved in the creation process with designing details not shown in the original art and supervising the sculpting process, resulting in a dynamic and beautiful figure that stands over 30cm tall. The hair, wings, and ornaments around the statue’s waist are created with translucent plastic, and the combination of clear and opaque paints give the statue a deep finish that emulates the atmosphere of the original character art.

   The base is covered with magical crystals jutting out from a pitch black void, with an impact that matches the statue itself. The crystals are also made with translucent plastic, giving them an fantastical appearance.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2021.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Dimension: H31.5cm (12.40") 1/8 Scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Product SKU: 4934054033805
Japanese Title: 神撃のバハムート ダークエンジェル・オリヴィエ リニューアル
Territory/Language: Japan