Friday, January 25, 2008

Guilty Gear X 1/7 Scale I-NO Figure - New, In Stock

The first word that comes to mind when checking out Max Factory's Guilty Gear X I-NO figure is "funky." Some other words that might be bandied about the room could be "flaky," "ditzy," and conditionally "sexy" in a crazy sort of way.

As one might have surmised from the product header, I-NO hails from the Guilty Gear X games where she serves a shadowy figure known as Ano Otoko. Under instructions from Ano Otoko, I-NO machinates and manipulates the fighters in the Guilty Gear X game against each other. In the Guilty Gear XX sequel, I-NO is the boss character and the ultimate opponent in the game. I-NO's primary weapon is an electric guitar which she strums to blow out sonic blasts and wreaks havoc on opponents by swinging it like an actual axe. I-NO's witch hat also provides offensive capability to stun oncoming attackers.

Max Factory's Guilty Gear I-NO PVC figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 26.50cm or 10.43" tall. The likeness of the figure is true to I-NO's wacky video game persona and her body is posed in a manner which conveys her unique personality.

Amano: The Complete Prints - Old Import, In Stock

Originally released on April 10, 2002 in Japan, NCS scores another printing of Amano: The Complete Prints (1991-2001) which captures ten years worth of work from Yohitaka Amano. Gamers may recognize Amano as the default illustrator for the Final Fantasy series of games as well as other Squaresoft titles such as Saga Frontier, Front Mission, and Rebus. The book features full page recreations of Amano's prints as well as smaller works which are squeezed onto one page such as:

pg 012-013 Final Fantasy VI artwork from the Super Famicom game
pg 088-089 Amano does Gachaman
pg 096-099 Final Fantasy VII works

An English article titled, "Decadence, Innocence, and the Galaxy According to Yoshitaka Amano" and a short bio may be found on pages 281 to 287. ISBN: 9784568103397 / ISBN4-568-10339-8 / 290 pages.

Dengeki Figure Navi Vol. 1 - Old Import, In Stock

A couple of years ago, NCS cleared out a few thousand Japanese gaming magazines that were sitting in storage. Famitsu was well represented as was Saturn Fan, Playstation Fan, and a bunch of magazines from the Dengeki publishing empire. Dengeki started out covering the realm of gaming but they've branched out in recent years to also provide coverage for toy figures that were once the domain of periodicals such as Hobby Japan and Hyper Hobby.

Today's Dengeki Figure Navi Vol. 1 mook (magazine/book) is a few months old and many of the toys featured on its pages have either been released already or will be released soon. Some examples:

pg 004-026 Haruhi Suzumiya toy figures and kits galore
pg 036-040 Gainax figures including Tengen Toppa Lagann Yoko
pg 057-059 Alter's Trigger Heart Exelica, KOS-MOS ver. 4, and Saber Maid
pg 071-073 Kanu Unchou Chained, CGC Poison, and Creator's Labo #13
pg 086-088 To Heart 2 X-Rated, Disgaea's Etna, and Iroha

Soma Bringer - Preorder, Ships on Feb 28, 2008

Nintendo bought out Monolith (developer of the Xenosaga games) last year and the first game that the recently acquired crew releases is an action-RPG dubbed Soma Bringer.
According to the reservation details, the game will ship with a bonus CD in 1:1 ratio. Preorders are welcome to ship on February 28, 2008.

Jan Code: 4902370516401 / NTR-P-YBSJ

JAV Assortment - Restock

GBTD-001 Sora Aoi no Taiketsu Yakyuken DVD Gebet
GBTD-002 Aida Yua no Taiketsu Yakyuken DVD Gebet
GBTD-003 Monbu Ran Taiketsu Yakyuken DVD Gebet
GBTD-004 Mihiro no Yawahada Cram School Gebet
GBTD-005 Yoshizawa Akiho no Yawahada Cram School Gebet
GBTD-006 Kasumi Kaho no Yawahada Cram School Gebet
GBTD-007 An Nanba Cosplay Yakyuken Gebet
GBTD-008 Rei Amami Cosplay Yakyuken Gebet
GBTD-009 Kaede Matsushima Cosplay Sexy Yakyuken Gebet
GBTD-010 Nugase Yakyuken Pororigurabia Tengoku Gebet

Mega-CD Dragon's Lair - Stock Clearance

Dirk the Daring braves the forces of evil to rescue a beautiful blonde princess with long eyelashes. It's an age old tale, but one told through stunning animation courtesy of Don Bluth's studio. Original Japanese Mega-CD version which was originally released in 1993.

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