Thursday, October 18, 2007

Arcana Heart Real Arcade Pro Joystick - In Stock

Yes, we know the price is silly but unfortunately we had to order these from and then have them shipped to an agent in Japan. Horistore doesn't ship directly to the USA. The agent then tacked on their 30% handling fees and then shipped them by Express service to the USA. We're making about $8 on each stick when priced at US$175. Since the price is exorbitant, we'll re-confirm with customers who inquired about the stick to make sure they're still interested.... which is unlikely. We also restocked the Hori RAP2 reproduction today but also at the high price.

Super Real Figure DX Series: Ikkitousen - Chou'un - New

Zhao Yun aka Chou'un Shiryuu hails from Seito High School and is armed with a Hyakuhekitou (Hundred Stone Sword) which is normally housed inside a black scabbard. When it's time to slash, the scabbard is shucked away to reveal the killing blade within. In the manga, Chou'un normally appears to be sleeping with her eyes closed but for her SRDX turn, her green eyes are wide open.

Yujin originally released the SRDX Ikkitousen Chou'un figure in Japan earlier this year and it's now time for Chou'un to take a bow in North America. The figure measures 15.25cm or 6" tall and is packaged with a pastel-blue stand and a mounting vice for display purposes. Chou'un's uniform appears to be in good shape until you peer at the area below her left breast - the cloth is slashed open to "accidentally" reveal a bit of skin.

FFVII AC Play Arts - Cloud Strife & Fenrir - In Stock

From the Manufacturer

Imported from Japan! From the Square Enix CGI masterpiece, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, comes the heroic Cloud Strife and his mighty motorcycle, Fenrir! Not just another figure/bike combination, this is the ultimate ride with the ultimate rider!

The fully articulated Cloud Strife action figure measures 7.5" tall and includes his famous massive Buster Sword accessory. The motorcyle "Fenrir" is a fully detailed masterpiece of style and design, and measures over 12" long. Every detail has been carefully crafted, from the real rubber tires to working shocks and steering. Best of all, Cloud Strife can be posed astride Fenrir in a multitude of poses!

Note: The Japanese version of the Cloud Stride & Hardy Daytona toy is still scheduled for Dec 2007.

Konami Figure Collection: Skygirls - Preorder

In the year 2071, robotic and highly malignant cell masses known as Weapon of Raid Machines aka WORMs have decimated the human population of Earth. Faced with extinction, mankind is forced to use unspeakable weapons to combat the WORMs but in the process, the continents are split and Antarctica sinks beneath the ocean. A massive loss of life is also suffered but the WORMs are extinguished.

Over a decade after the devastation, a contingent of WORMs is spotted amassing and preparing for another destructive wave. To combat the threat, three girls named Eika Ichijo, Karen Sonomiya, and Otoha Sakurano are recruited to battle the WORMs. The girls are known as Skygirls who pilot mighty exoskeletons (read: mechs) which are capable of fighting the WORMs. Konami has started preorders for a set of Skygirls Trading Figures which measure 12cm tall and are packaged randomly in boxes of 10. There are five standard figures (shown) and 1 secret figure. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2008.

Sesame Street: Premium Big Elmo Plush - Preorder

Everything's bigger in Texas but things can get pretty honking big in Japan as well. NCS has peddled "life-size" renditions of Godzilla, Gamera, and Gundam but those three are meant to be big. Elmo is generally a smallish beast which gurgles out high-pitched noises when tickled but he's apparently growing up.

Preorders are welcome for a 132cm or 51.96" tall Elmo plush which towers over all of his stateside plush counterparts. Whereas little Elmo looks somewhat cute, the oversize Elmo looks downright disturbing. It's the eyes. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around October 31, 2007.

Import Shipment Delayed

Due to an overnight shipment delay, please note that all of this week's new Japanese imports are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. If the shipment somehow makes it in this afternoon, we'll update our website accordingly. Based on tracking information this morning however, it looks like everything is en route for Friday.
PS2 World Heroes Gorgeous leads preorders for this week followed by the new Galaxy Angel II game. There's some interest in Seaman 2 but the subject matter may be too strange to appeal to today's mass audience.