Thursday, May 15, 2008

Luminous Arc 2 + Bonus - New Import, In Stock

Knights and witches are in focus once again in the sequel to Luminous Arc. Similar to the first game, players guide a group of adventurers and battle other squads on isometric tactical arenas. A total of 38 episodic scenarios are featured in the adventure but 50 side missions are available for exploratory adjuncts. When a battle begins, players choose the heroes to use in the encounter and then move, attack, use items, throw magic, and perform other maneuvers to defeat the opposition. To add to the atmosphere of the action, voice actors provide sayings and grunts that sound off in battle. Players take control of an aspiring knight named Roland who gets caught up in a war ignited by witches in the kingdom of Kalnava.

Mahjong Navi DS - New Import, In Stock

The game of mahjong isn't difficult to grasp but players who only dabble once every other month might need an MJ primer. That's where Mahjong Navi DS comes in which contains tutorials, lessons, and practice sessions which are designed to teach the rules and fundamentals of mahjong. Once you're up to speed, a few bouts of mahjong may be played against assorted characters so you can put your newfound knowledge to the test. The default game mode features 1-Player against 3 COM-controlled opponents. To get your friends in on the action, the download function allows up to four human players in the local vicinity to participate with the use of only one game card.

Dungeon of Windaria - New Import, In Stock

Isou is a spiky-haired farmer from the town of Saki where he lives with his wife Marin. When Isou gets caught up in political intrigue, he leaves the simple life behind and gets caught up in a fractious war between two countries.

Windaria was an animated movie that was released in Japan 22 years ago. It's unlikely to have much "brand" recognition or street cred amongst the jaded youth of today but Compile Heart has licensed the property for a dungeon exploration game on the NDS.
Inomata Mutsumi designed the characters and the hero Isou appears to have influenced the look of a certain somber hero with blonde locks and a big sword.

Bleach Heat the Soul 5 + Bonus - New Import, In Stock

In Bleach Heat The Soul 4, the primary game mode was "Character Master" where players selected a champion and 2 supporting partners. In Bleach Heat The Soul 5, it's all about the "Tag Master" mode where Shinigami, Humans, Arrancar, and others engage in tag team fighting action that runs fast and fluid.

Players select two characters from a roster of 31 combatants and then go to war against another duo. Similar to previous Bleach HTS games, the action takes place on a 3D battlefield where a versatile camera zooms in and out as the fighters draw close to each other and range far away. When special attacks are triggered, a short cinema takes over which shows the blazing theatrics to bombastic effect. Intuitive controls and a simple evasion system make Bleach HTS5 an easy game to get into without much time investment required. The other game modes include Time Attack, Free Battle, Soul VS, Survival, and Training for rusty captains who need a little practice. In addition to the aforementioned 31 character roster, two new fighters join the tried and true cast - the fearsome Cirucci Thunderwitch in all of her garter-wearing glory and a pink-haired lad named Zaeruaporo Granz.

Preorder Bonus: Early preorders will include a black/white Bleach HTS5 towel which is made of 100% cotton. Sony gave the towel out in 30% ratio so only early preorders will receive the bonus.

Ikuze! Gen-San: Yuuyake Daiku Monogatari - New, In Stock

Side scrolling platform games were once the rage in gaming circles but they've been displaced by first-person shooters. Every once in a while however, developers revisit the old school and create a new platform game that'll whet the appetites of middle-aged fans. In the case of Ikuze! Gen-San, Irem's new platformer is the sequel to a game titled Daiku no Gensan aka Hammerin' Harry which hit Japanese arcades in 1990. In that earlier game, the protagonist Gen-San's house was completely destroyed by a bunch of goons from an evil construction company. To seek revenge, Gen-San took up the hammer and sought revenge against the company. Irem's sequel follows the same basic theme.

When a corrupt construction company (fueled by corporate greed) overbuilds and disrupts the natural harmony of the great outdoors, an honor-bound carpenter rises up to put an end of the construction boom. Armed with a hammer and gifted with agility and moxie, the hero named Gen-San (Carpenter) trudges through different stages and dismantles robots, construction equipment, enemy workers, and other agents of the company. When the occasion calls, Gen-San can adopt the skills of eight other professionals such as a baseball player, a sushi chef, disc jockey, lumberjack, deep sea diver, and more. In his baseball persona, Gen-San wears a player's uniform and swings a bat and throws strikes. On the flipside, DJ Gen-San is decked out in baggy clothes and busts a move with a boombox and LPs. He's versatile and adept like that.

One Piece Trading Figures - Clearance

Monkey D. Luffy, Chopper, and his chef Sanzi, are featured in a toy series from Banpresto which features lots of bits and interchangeable parts from each box which can be put together to create various "scenes". Each figure measures approximately 2" tall and is crafted with movable arms and legs, as well as moving heads to strike a pose.

Sale Offering: NCS' remaining inventory of One Piece Trading Figures is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Pricing is set at US$15.90 per set which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S. Photos