Monday, June 03, 2013

 X360 DoDonPachi: SaiDaiouJou Kan - Additional Import Arrival

NCS Product Synopsis  
   The next batches of DoDonPachi: SaiDaiouJou Kan (Regular, Regular Limited, and Super Limited) arrived today and we'll process and ship the bulk of our preorders this afternoon. Our shipment of shipping boxes for the Super Limited Edition is expected to arrive this afternoon but rather than wait until today to start packing everything, we were able to borrow some boxes from a neighboring company over the weekend and improvise them for packing the Super Limited Edition.

   Please note that there's one remaining shipment of the Super Limited Edition containing 10 pieces of the game that hasn't arrived yet. This particular supplier shipped the parcel by international postal mail rather than UPS overnight but it should arrive in the next few days. If you are one of the 10 customers whose Super Limited Edition isn't shipping until that last carton arrives, we'll update you by this afternoon once we sort out all of the shipments that are going out today.

   Due to the revisions in the weight and dimensions of the shipping cartons used for the Super Limited Edition over the weekend, revised tracking numbers will be posted later today under customer orders.

Region Free
DoDonPachi: SaiDaiouJou Kan is a region-free Xbox 360 release that is compatible with North American and European Xbox 360 consoles.

Product Specification
: Cave
Territory/Language: Japan
JAN Code:
4988648914759, 4988648914773, 4988648914766