Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michael Jackson Cosbaby - Preorder Import

Hot Toys of Hong Kong has started preorders for a collection of Cosbaby figures that are modeled after pop superstar Michael Jackson. In the product photo above, the first row shows Michael in his "Black or White," "Billie Jean," and "Thriller" personas. The second row features Michael in his "History," "Moonwalker," and "Thriller (Werewolf)" incarnations. Hot Toys mentions that a secret seventh figure will be randomly packaged in every factory box and we're thinking that it'll be "Smooth Criminal" because Michael is so "Bad."

Each figure measures 7cm or in height and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2009 at JPY11,760 (US$118) per box of 12 toys.

Karaoke Joysound Wii - Preorder Import

Sing your heart out with Hudson's Karaoke Joysound game for the Wii which is packaged with a USB microphone accessory. Instead of cramping the style of would-be crooners with a fixed selection of songs, Hudson will offer a more liberating library where up to 30,000 songs will be available online. When the game is released later this year, the DVD will contain 70 songs but an additional 20,000 songs will be available for subscribers who sign up for the service. Another 10,000 songs will eventually be released to bulk the library up to impressive proportions. A pay-per-song model may also be utilized but full details will be divulged once we receive the game and test it out ourselves. Modes include:

» Full Game Mode
» Party Mode
» Lesson Mode
» Recording Mode

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 11, 2008 at JPY5800 or US$60.90 from NCS. Additional microphones will also be sold separately and are available for preorder today as well at US$30.90 each.

General Updates

Melty Blood Act Cadenza Actress Again
All preorders for the Naomi MBAC Actress Again cartridge kit will be shipped to reservations this afternoon. The supplier accidentally shipped all of the kits that were destined for USA addresses directly to our company by mistake but we'll forward them (at our own cost) to everyone today. Shipments to Europe were processed properly to individual addresses. Tracking details will be emailed before 6PM EST.
Japanese Playstation Network Tickets
Both JPY3000 and JPY5000 PSN tickets were restocked yesterday and backorders have been processed. New orders are welcome. As mentioned in our product description, NCS sends an image scan of the actual PSN ticket to your email address. Such attachments may trigger your email program's spam filter. If you don't find the PSN Ticket in your Inbox, please check your Junk Email folder for the fulfillment message.
Preliminary 4Q Import Schedule
Capcom's Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes is expected on December 11, 2008 for the Wii and we'll open up preorders once Japanese distributors confirm the date and announce any bonuses. Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers has also been scheduled for December 18 and we'll open up preorders in the next few days once distributors begin their reservation campaigns.
Weekly Famitsu Back Issue Hunt
Looking for a back issue of Weekly Famitsu to complete your magazine collection? Check out these listings on Ebay.

Shining Tears Material Collection for PC - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis - Original Update: January 27, 2006
«©NCSX» Fans of all things Shining Tears may find solace in the Material Collection that was released yesterday in Japan. The first limited edition bundle includes a bonus mouse pad featuring the sorceress Blanc Neige.

Filled with desktop themes, screen savers, wall paper, and mini-games, the Material Collection contains a surfeit of artwork and doodads to customize your PC with. Want to change your standard trashcan icon to a shiny Shining Tears receptacle? DONE. When idle, do you want your screen saver to show an SD version of Blanc Neige walking around, waving her ice wand? DONE. Want to play mini-games featuring the maidens of Shining Tears? Sure, once you're done fiddling around with all of the other material featured on the CD-Rom.

Sale Offering

NCS' remaining inventory of Shining Tears Material Collection is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Pricing is set at US$28.90 per copy which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Famitsu - New Import, Subscriptions

NCS Product Synopsis

Cover Date: October 10, 2008
«©NCSX» The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and/or events:

» Preview of The Another World by Level 5 for the Nintendo DS
» Famitsu scopes out the Playstation Home service on the PS Network.
» Sega takes out a 3-page advert for 7th Dragon and Famitsu pays tribute by doing a 3-page preview for the game on the flipside.
» The Review Crew ranks PSP
Ikkitousen: Eloquent Fist (5/6/6/6), Unknown Soldier (5/6/4/5), Disaster (8/8/8/7), and Raiden IV (7/7/7/7).
» The continuing "Road to Famicom" feature gives readers a look at old self-contained video games including the Epoch TV Baseball console which featured a single controller, the Bandai Super Vision 8000, and Nintendo's dedicated Breakout clone which was priced at JPY13500.
» Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii) preview, character profiles, and screenshots.

Mana Khemia Portable Premium Box - New, In Stock

The limited edition of Mana Khemia Portable for the PSP includes a carrying pouch which is packaged with the game in a special box which measures 9 x 9.5 x 2.5". When we received the game this morning, we assumed that there was a bunch of goodies inside but all we got for our heady anticipation was a pouch.

Granted, the pouch is nice but we would have preferred the rumored Philomel Hartung fixed-pose figure which turned out to be false. The pouch is colored black and uses zipper technology to open and close. There aren't special compartments inside the pouch but it's roomy enough to hold a PSP, a bunch of games, AC adapter, and a USB cable. Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

Custom Battler Bomberman - Preorder

When Bomberman roams around inside a maze to do his bombing duties, he wears a regulation-issue outfit that's skintight along with a matching helmet. The future of Bomberman however is heavy-duty customization and specialization. In Custom Battler Bomberman, the plain bomber of old is gone. In his place is a futuristic hero who is equipped with a wide variety of gadgets and weapons which allow him to pull off special attacks and use exotic skills.

Hudson's latest version of Bomberman allows 2-4 players to link up wirelessly and battle it out with customized Bomberman. Can you design a Bomberman that's versatile enough to tackle all missions, conditions and challengers? Preorders are welcome to ship on December 4, 2008 at JPY4800 or US$48.90 from NCS.

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 Kanzenban - Preorder

The baseball season's winding to a close and Konami gets ready by announcing Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 Kanzenban which ships in December 2008. The upcoming revision of Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 will include updated team and player stats, accurate uniform representations used during the season, and even stadium renovations that were implemented over the course of the year will be reflected. For example, a spanking new high-definition scoreboard was installed in the Chiba Marine Stadium along with new seating areas and a room for parties.

Konami is accepting preorders for a PS2 and PS3 version of PYS5 Kanzenban and the first production of both editions will include a bonus 2008 Memorial Book which captures the drama, tension, and excitement of the 2008 Japanese pro baseball season. Preorders are welcome to ship on December 4, 2008 at JPY7800 or US$78 from NCS.

Japanese Import Outlook - Arrivals on Thurs


Nakamura Sumiko Tettei Shidou


Unknown Soldier: Mokuba no Houkou D3

Jikkyou Powerful Major League 3


Kanuchi: Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou IFactory

Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special


PSP Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist Marvelous
Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist Limited Edition Marvelous
To Love Ru Trouble: Doki Doki! Rinkaigakkou-Hen Marvelous

To Love Ru Trouble: Doki Doki! Rinkaigakkou LE

Wii Raiden IV Moss

USA Release Outlook - Arrivals on Mon-Wed

NDS Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Sega

Princess Debut Natsume
PS3 Silent Hill Homecoming Konami
PSP Valhalla Knights 2 Marvelous
360 Silent Hill Homecoming Konami
Wii We Cheer Bandai

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals for Japanese PSP - Clearance

From the Publisher - Original Update: Feb 23, 2005
Compete and earn respect in Need for Speed™ Underground Rivals only available on the PlayStation®Portable (PSP™) handheld videogame system. Customize and take on the pinnacle Japanese & American tuner cars in a pursuit of total ownership of the street racing scene. A uniquely designed racing game based on the legacy of the hugely successful Underground series.

All New Tracks & Environments
– Compete against your rivals in 10 all new & visually distinct tracks. Each one has been specially designed to maximize the experience on the handheld platform.
Japanese Customs vs. American Muscle Cars – Customize and compete against a host of high performance tuner cars from Japan and America. Take on these rivals and find out who’s best.
Head-to-Head Rivalry – Take on friends and foes in a range of new modes specifically designed for use via Wi-Fi. It’s multiplayer gaming in which you earn respect and own the competition.
New Ways to Go Underground – Brand new game modes that capitalize on the cutting-edge hardware features of the PSP handheld.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Simple DS Vol. 44: The Gal Majong - New Import, In Stock

Take a trip to a seaside resort and enjoy the sun, the surf, and the mahjong. Not just any mahjong however...

Gal Mahjong

That's where you play MJ against attractive maidens instead of sweaty salarymen. One of the gals is named Reiko Saki and she's a high school math teacher. Four other gals are featured in the game to play against. By winning against the girls, players score swimsuits and outfits that the Reiko and friends can wear and revel in. Seven mini-games are also featured in the game including boating, mosquito bite healing, and others.

Bomberman - New Import, In Stock

Every year or thereabouts, Hudson can be relied upon to wheel Bomberman out for another bombing foray. This year's model ships on September 25 and it's a Wii exclusive. The two game modes are:

» Story Mode - Bomberman finds himself in an interplanetary drama where his help is needed to restore peace to the galaxy. Just before he receives the SOS message, he's dozing inside the cockpit of his spacecraft. Bomberman traipses around lush isometric mazes and bombs enemies to pieces. All in the name of peace.

» Battle Mode - Up to 8 participants may engage in classic Bomberman action where an expansive maze provides the backdrop for the bombing tactics. Players may choose a Bomberman as their onscreen action hero or select a Mii to do their dirty work. Each maze measures 17 x 11 and different themes such as the Bowling Stage and the Pitstop Stage make for interesting sights to see.

For players who are a little rusty after years of Bomberman inaction, a Tutorial Mode teaches the basics of bombing. The Wii Remote is used to control Bomberman and is held horizontally. No Nunchuk is needed.

Mana Khemia Portable - New Import, In Stock

Vain Aureolus is a student at a school of alchemy where younglings learn the ways and means of mixing reagents with over 400 assorted bits to craft new and wonderful creations. Together with his fellow students Philomel Hartung, Gunnar Damm, and Titil Mimi Nike Mele, Vain goes to class in weekly increments and then stalks out into the wilds to gather ingredients and battle monsters. Vain's interaction with party members serves to strengthen the bond between them which leads to a cohesive battle unit. Quests serve as homework in the world of Mana-Khemia and a passing grade is granted upon each quest's successful completion.

In addition to Vain's core group of friends, a cast of characters provide conflict as well as support during the school semester. Pamela Ibis, a ghost who first appeared in the Atelier games also makes appearances on the grounds of the school. Party members can be swapped out as Vain makes his way through the adventure. The battle system features the use of conventional attacks as well as special abilities and skills to defeat enemies. An updated version of the Burst Mode originally used in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is used in the game sans the spam. When exploring dungeons, the appearance of the underground areas change depending on whether it's daytime or night.

Either the d-pad or analog controller may be used to control Vain.

Princess Maker 5 - New Import, In Stock

A newly orphaned young girl has been rescued by the Man-Animal known as Cube but he's not very good with children. Instead of looking after the tyke himself, Cube requests your help to raise the girl from lil' orphan to a strapping young woman who's ready to conquer the world...

Princess Maker 5 was originally released on the Japanese PC last year and for the PS2 earlier this year. Taking place in modern day Japan, the little girl has access to contrivances such as television, cell phones, and the internet which may affect her pathway to adulthood. Similar to previous PM games, players interact with their adopted daughter and give her guidance as well as instruction so she grows up a certain way. Outside influences include friends that she meets at school and the aforementioned internet. A total of 102 different characters that populate the game world will provide the little Princess with advice, encouragement, and other feedback which all contribute to her growth.

New to Princess Maker 5 is the ability to play as a matronly mother or a doting father. It's not all work however since leisure time comes in the form of vacations which include a scuba diving sojourn, a visit to hot springs, a ski trip, and even a safari adventure. Depending on the girl's upbringing, she can become a gravure idol, wrestler, a musician, model, soldier, nurse, fortune teller, blushing bride, Evangelion handler, and many others for a total of 50+ possible endings.

Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle - Japanese Import, In Stock

Microsoft recently lowered the price of the Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade Pack in Japan to JPY19800 and NCS checked with our usual suppliers for some inventory. We found their warehouses lacking.

None of our vendors currently stock Xbox 360 hardware and cite "risk aversion" as the reason for not keeping the slow-selling hardware in their inventory. We were able to find an alternate supplier who was willing to take a chance and ordered them for us on Wednesday. Thanks to quick express shipping, our shipment arrived today.

New orders for the Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle are welcome to ship this afternoon. You'll get the console, a controller, AV Cable, memory card, and the Xbox Live Arcade DVD. Pricing is set at US$289 per bundle which reflects the shipping costs to import heavy products from Japan with air service. Due to the weight and size of the bundle, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States.

Spy Hunter for Xbox - Clearance $13.90 free shipping

From the Publisher - Original Update: May 10, 2002

The evil NOSTRA corporation prepares to unleash havoc on the world, and only the SpyHunter is equipped to stop them. Strapped behind the wheel of the powerful G-6155 Interceptor, you are the world's last chance! Utilizing an incredible arsenal of both offensive and defensive weapons, you must elude NOSTRA spies, henchmen and assassins at any cost if civilization is to be saved. Prepare to be hunted!

Game Features:
■ Get behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor for high-speed, mission-based racing in exotic locales.
■ While operating your SpyHunter Interceptor, you are relentlessly pursued by hordes of air, ground and water enemies as you battle to accomplish your missions and save the world from the mind of a madman.
■ Ultra-realistic 3D graphics, real-world locales and the only vehicle capable of morphing into a boat, jet ski or motorcycle.
■ Explosive weaponry and impressive defensive mechanisms combine with intense speed and strategy to distinguish SpyHunter from routine combat racers and traditional action racing games.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knights in the Nightmare - New Import, Restock Soon

In Sting's latest S-RPG, players take control of a discarnate spirit known as a "Wisp" who guides a battalion of knights by taking over their bodies and bending them to its will. By commanding the knights thusly, skirmishes are fought against opposing forces on isometric grid-based battlefields.

Similar in style to other S-RPGs, the game is broken up into missions where objectives are presented along with a snippet of storyline. As missions are conquered, the Wisp and party level up in experience and are given the opportunity to improve weapons and items by utilizing material collected from the battlefield. Party members may also transfer vitality to compatriots in a process dubbed "Tran-Soul."
Although the text in the game is primarily in Japanese, the speech is entirely English. «G-Notes»

Knights in the Nightmare Limited Edition - New, Sold Out

The Knights in the Nightmare D-H-E (Dept Heaven Episode) Special Pack includes a copy of the Gameboy Advance release of Yggdra Union wihch was originally released . You get the complete game in its original packaging along with Knights in the Nightmare... which is grand fun. Both games are packaged in a special collector's box which features cover artwork from the two releases.

We'll be able to fill all preorders for customers who inquired about the game and/or submitted a preorder on our shop but we're sold out today.
If additional supplies are made available to NCS in the next few days, we'll update our product listing accordingly.

Yajuu Keiji: Tokyo Douji Tahatsu Tero o Chinatsu Seyo!

Hearken back to the era of the 80s when Yakuza dressed like Crockett & Tubbs and heroes roamed the streets to beat them down. In Success' side scrolling beat 'em up, players take on the role of an avenger who uses punches, kicks, and special attacks to quell the gangland threat.

Three heroes are featured in the game - a hipster policeman in a white suit, a stodgy middle-age detective who wears a trench coat, and a spry female cop who wears short shorts and packs firearms. Assorted guns may be picked up on the street to provide hard hitting power against groups of enemy troops and to take them down quickly. Bonuses scattered along the levels include big bulging hamburgers and triangle-cut sandwiches which allow the heroes to recover life energy.

World Destruction: Michibi Kareshi Ishi - New, In Stock

A wheat-haired lad named Kyrie Irunis lives in a world ruled by Beastmen and their human co-conspirators. A chance encounter with a terrorist named Morte leads Kyrie to join her organization which is known under the banner of the World Destruction Committee. Morte and her crew are determined to destroy the world and Kyrie is their secret agent of destruction.

Kyrie lives in a small town that runs on wind power. We know this because there are three large windmills situated on the perimeter of the village. Control is handled through the d-pad and face buttons - there's no touch screen interaction to speak of. Battles are fought by pressing the face buttons which correspond to an attack - Press "Y" for multiple stabs and "X" for a strong slash attack. «G-Notes»

Kinnikuman Muscle GP Max 2 - New Import, In Stock

The Kinnikuman manga first appeared in 1979 where it poked fun at the super-serious yet ΓΌber-campy adventures of Ultraman. The title hero is named... Kinnikuman, who sort of looks like Ultraman. The two share the same blank stare, a muscular physique, and the self-imposed mission to save the world from malcontents. Next year is when the Kinnikuman fireworks really start since that'll be the 30th anniversary of the franchise but until then, Bandai celebrates the 29th anniversary with a new PS2 game.

A total of 39 muscle-bound meatheads of all stripes gather together in
Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max 2 Tokumori which is best described as a 3D wrestling game. The Story Mode takes its framework from the "Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne" story arc where Kinnikuman and friends battled five "destined" champions to establish Kinnikuman's right to the throne. As a bonus for fans, Bandai includes the Famicom Disk System games Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match (1985) and
Kinnikuman: Kinniku Ookurai Soudatsusen (1987) so the players of today can see how they wrestled back in the day. A second bonus on the game disc is an Artwork Gallery which contains 450 illustrations of Kinnikuman and friends.

Super Robot Wars Z - New Import, In Stock

Banpresto tickled the fancy of Super Robot Wars fans earlier this Spring by announcing SRW Z and then opening up a new website devoted to the game. News has slowly trickled out from the company which is a fairly routine marketing tactic used by publishers. By releasing bits of SRWZ news online and in print, the fan base gobbles every morsel up and gets stoked for the game's eventual release.

The latest Super Robot Wars features highly impressive new animation sequences, characters and mechs from newly inducted series including Eureka Seven and Aquarion, and oodles of mechs from a total of 22 animation properties (Zeta Gundam, Turn A Gundam, UFO Robo Grendizer, Zambot 3, The Big O, Xabungle,
Char's Counterattack, and many more). We've been asked by a number of customers to refrain from revealing spoilers in our game notes so we've decided to keep our synopsis short.

To reward fans who preordered the game early, Banpresto also shipped a bonus Premium Z Disc which was given away in 50% ratio. We will give away the bonus today to preorders today but please note that we didn't receive enough to give one away to everyone due to the 50% ratio.

X Edge - New Import, In Stock

Comic book crossovers are special because they're rare and (usually) once in a lifetime events. We're still waiting for Donald Duck Meets Spiderman and Doc Savage but maybe in our next lifetime.

Video game crossovers are doubly special since they unite characters that would never otherwise be seen in the same gaming universe. X Edge (Cross Edge) is the result of a collaboration between five publishers - Capcom, Namco Bandai, Idea Factory, Gust, and Nippon Ichi. Compile Heart developed the game. Characters from properties published by all five companies are joined by two original cast members - Kannagi Yuto and Aiba Mikoto who designed for the game. Familiar faces from the gaming fold include Marie the Atelier, Morrigan, Demitri, and Felicia from Vampire, Etna and her Prinnies of Disgaea fame, and Aurica, Misha, and Shurelia from Ar Tonelico. The cast of Spectral Souls is also in attendance to round out the bustling crowd of characters.

PC Engine Best: Soldier Collection - New Import, In Stock

The golden age of the PC-Engine was a wonderful time for gamers. NCS still recalls the first time we ever played R-Type on the Engine which was on a meager 4M Hu-card. The conversion was nigh perfect and a testament to the power of console. There were many more shooters back in the day which were coin-op conversions as well as original fodder for shmup fans to eat up at JPY5800 a pop. Over the years, one of the publishers that produced a steady stream of shooters for the PC- Engine was Hudson and their flagship franchise was the Star Soldier shoot 'em up series of games.

From 1990 to 1992, Hudson released four Star Soldier games as follows:

» Super Star Soldier (Original release date: July 6, 1990)
» Final Soldier (Original release date: July 5, 1991)
» Soldier Blade (Original release date: July 10, 1992)
» Star Parodier (Original release date: April 24, 1992)

Nearly two decades after Super Star Soldier first launced in Japan, Hudson compiles all four Soldier games onto a single UMD for the Sony Playstation Portable. To give fans a little something extra, a Gallery section features bonus material including videos of a perfect player blowing through the games without making a single mistake. Such captures are useful to learn how to twitch and shoot like a master.

Disaster: Day of Crisis - New Import, In Stock

Think back to the worst day you've ever had. Now multiply that feeling by 100 and you'll know how the protagonist of Disaster feels... Monolith's latest game falls into the survival genre where a hero named Raymond Bryce (Ray, to his friends) has to overcome the ravages of multiple natural disasters in order to stop a band of special forces malcontents. A bunch of malcontents armed with a live nuke. Mother Nature's acts of terror in the game include a tsunami-fueled tidal event, exploding volcanoes, and bowel-jarring earthquakes. The confluence of multiple disasters leads to outright chaos and disarray as Ray makes his way through a calamity-filled USA.

The camera takes in the action from a behind-the-hero viewpoint but it swivels deftly when necessary to capture Ray's heroics and life-saving escapades. When a victim requires resuscitation, the Wiimote may be moved up and down to perform CPR by following the cues on screen. Cut scenes are spliced into the game to show the progression of key events and disasters as they happen. For example, there's a sequence where explosions level an entire city square as Ray escapes in his vehicle. The text in the game is in Japanese but all of the speech is in English.

Dance Dance Revolution STR!KE for PS2 - Clearance

Original Update: February 15, 2006

«©NCSX» Konami trawls the Bemani waters and catches over 50 tunes culled from DDR Extreme 2, DDR Ultramix 2, and Karaoke Revolution along with a few new tracks. Songs featured in Dance Dance Revolution STRIKE include:

Let's Dance / David Bowie
i FUTURELIST / Akira Yamaoka
Block Rockin' Beats / The Chemical Bros
Injection of Love / Akira Yamaoka; sung in English
Passion of Love / NAOKI feat. Paula Terry
You gotta move it (feat. Julie Rugaard) / Yuzo Koshiro
You Sexy Thing / Hot Chocolate
Make A Difference / Lala Moore with CoCoRo*Co
Saturday Night Love / Sota feat. Brenda V
Genie In A Bottle / nc ft. NRG Factory
I will Survive / AKIRA feat. Daline
Oops!...I Did It Again / AKIRA feat. Susan Z «NCS Game Notes»

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cyber Figure Alice - Preorder

PC software distributors in Tokyo have started accepting preorders for Geisha Tokyo's Cyber Figure Alice kit which gives anyone (willing to pay) access to a virtual maid who resides on your desktop.

The Cyber Figure Alice package contains the following:
» Cyber Cube (2 pieces)
» Cyber Stick (2 pieces)
» Japanese instructions

A PC and a webcam are required but not included. The preorder details specify that users must download the Cyber Figure software from Geisha's website before using the product. It's unclear why the software isn't included but maybe it's a work in progress.

The webcam is used to project an image of a maid on top of the Cyber Cube. She'll react to external stimuli provided by the Cyber Sticks. For example, pouncing the Cyber Stick on her bosom will cause her to react in a convincing way. Alice can also talk, run from Cyber Cube to Cyber Cube, and show a range of emotions. A video of Alice's antics is viewable on Youtube and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late October 2008.

Patapon Ultra Detail Figure - Preorder

Members of the Patapon Tribe are small of stature but they're also hardy, resilient, and when the occasion calls, relentless. Medicom has much respect for the Patapon. They have so much respect that they've created five Ultra Detail Figures based on the Yaripon and Tatepon warriors of the PSP action game.

Each Patapon soldier is sculpted from PVC and measures 4cm (1.57") in height and roughly that much in width. A strap is also attached to the top of each Patapon for tethering to a cellphone, a belt, or any other device that can accept a loop. Unfortunately, Medicom neglected to include spears or swords with the straps so the Patapon figures are weaponless.

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2008 at JPY650 or US$9.30 each (which includes USA Media Mail shipping) from NCS.

Senjou no Valkyria Trading Figure Collection - Preorder

How does a manufacturer sell the same toys twice in quick succession? Answer: Box the toys in new retail packaging.

Yujin has practiced this tactic with their popular Shooting Game Historica toys and they've adapted it for their Senjou no Valkyria gashapon which originally shipped last month. When December 2008 rolls around, the same toys will be packaged in cardboard boxes instead of the plastic capsules used in the gashapon incarnation.

It's not all a rehash however, four new Valkyria soldier girls join Alicia, Asara, and Brigitte as follows (from the lower left portion of the photo and moving to the right and then upwards): Rein, Edie Nelson, Jane Turner, and Selvaria Bles. In addition to the standard figures, Yujin mentions that three color variations for Alicia, Asara, and Brigitte will also be randomly packaged in the factory cases. Preorders ship in mid-late Dec 2008.

Super Mario Galaxy Figure Keyholder Vol. 1 - Preorder

It's been nearly a year since Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy was released on the Wii. One year is a long time in our business. The gaming market is generally forward looking with an emphasis on the next big thing although there are occasional reflections from the past. The toy market is completely the opposite - it's primarily backwards looking.

Most toys rely on well known properties from pop-culture. Think Barbie and Elmo stateside or Kanu Unchou and Rei Ayanami in the land of the Rising Sun. So, even though used copies of the Mario Galaxy game may be found in flea markets for about $12, toys based on the franchise are still able to create cash flow and revenue for license holders. Case in point: Banpresto's upcoming Super Mario Galaxy keychains which feature nine characters from the game. Bee Mario and Bee Luigi are in attendance along with Princess and others. Each figure is packaged in a baggie with cardboard retainer. Preorders will ship in mid-late January 2009 at US$45.90 for each complete set of 9 figures.

Guru Guru Nagetto for Nintendo DS - Clearance

A witch in training named Straw teams up with a fluffy creature who answers to the call of "Mono" and the two engage in platform action where Mono is used like a mighty projectile. Draw concentric circles on the power-up meter to energize Mono and then fling him like a cannonball by swishing the stylus to the right. Depending on the character chosen, three types of throws are possible per protagonist - a lofty overhead toss, a straight-forward pitch, an underhand chuck, and many more.

Sale Offering

NCS' remaining inventory of Guru Guru Nagetto is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Pricing is set at US$22.90 per copy which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Xenosaga III KOS-MOS Swimsuit Version - Preorder

In Namco's Xenosaga III game, KOS-MOS is a powerful android who can manifest high energy weapons by using futuristic nanotechnology. She's special that way. In addition to being a versatile warrior, KOS-MOS is gifted with a body that appears womanly even though she's really just a machine.

Toy sculptors have created numerous versions of KOS-MOS through the years but most of them have featured "her" in regulation-issue battle armor. Japanese manufacturer Alter has crafted two previous versions of KOS-MOS and the company gets back into the game with a third iteration of KOS that's scheduled to ship in January 2009. The new figure loses the battle armor and is adorned with frilly blue coverings that apparently comprise a swimsuit of the future. We found it amusing the KOS-MOS also wears matching high-heel pumps. Preorders are welcome today.

Super Mario Galaxy Super DX Plush v1.0 - Preorder

If you've ever stared at the cover of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, you might remember the image of Mario soaring through the heavens like a space vessel. A plump space vessel. In blue overalls.

Banpresto's crew has studied the cover of the game and their designers have recreated Mario's pose in the form of a big plush. Mario measures 36cm or 14.17" in height and his wingspan is roughly as wide as he is tall. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2009.

Kanu Unchou Battle Damaged Version - Preorder

Toy manufacturers continue to push Kanu Unchou of Ikkitousen fame on the toy collecting public and there's no slump in sight. Maybe she'll eventually match the girls of Evangelion in terms of longevity in the marketplace. If so, we can expect to see 5-6 new versions of Kanu every year henceforth if history is any guide.

The latest Kanu toy announcement comes from Griffon and the Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny warrior is depicted in a compromising position. She's on all fours and is somewhat sprawled. The "Battle Damaged Version" designation refers to Kanu's shattered clothing. In fact, her clothes are so battle damaged that they're not there any more. She's still wearing her shirt but her skirt has been destroyed and lily-white skivvies are in full view. The figure is set to 1/7 scale and measures 7cm in height. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2008 at JPY7000 or US$72.90 from NCS.