Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dots Start Set

Tomytech eases off the Dots (.S) licensing parade and goes back to the basics with a simple collection of pegs and pegboards. Although the Dots Start Set is unattached to any one franchise or theme, the massive amount of pegs included is enough to create a diverse assortment of objects, characters, caricatures, and stylized pixel art. Each kit includes eight peg boards, eight connecting joints, and a whopping 2,240 pegs spread out in a spectrum of 17 colors. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2007 at JPY3000 or US$29 per kit.

Evangelion PVC Figures

Kotobukiya has started preorders for two new PVC-based Evangelion figures which ship in mid-late June 2007.

» Asuka Langley Room Version - The red-headed Evangelion handler sits on a stool wearing a red/white bikini while a loose towel drapes over her belly. The measurement at 1/8 scale or 16cm tall from head to toe.

» Rei Ayanami BMX Trick - We barely recognized her but there she is, perched atop a BMX bike like Dave Mirra. Rei comes in at 1/12 scale or 15cm tall from the bottom of the rear wheel to the top.

K Dash Idol Figure Collection

Talent Agency K Dash Group has started preorders for two limited edition figure collections which feature in-house actresses in assorted "roles."

» Yoko Minamono (aka Nanno) 20th Anniversary Commemoration Figure. A collection of four figures which celebrate the roles of Nanno. Limited to 1000 sets only.

» Yu Yamada Figure Collection - Singer, actress, and emcee Yu Yamada is featured in three figures which re-enact her roles. Limited to 1000 sets only.

Monsieur Bome Vol. 20 preorder

The 20th Bomé sculpt features the bunny-ear wearing Misty May of the fanboy-effacing "Otaku no Video" animation. Gainax released the video in 1991 and poked fun at their fan base as well as themselves to make sure everyone was in on the joke. In the upcoming Bomé release, Misty drops to her knees and props up her frame by thrusting out her right arm while her left arm is slung in an awkward position across her back. Red shoes cover her feet while purple stockings adorn her legs. Misty wears a white top with stylized bow and vamps it up with elbow-length gloves. Te figure measures 18cm or 7.08" in length. Two mascots named Nega-King and Posi King are also included in the blister pack to add value.

The Japanese release of Monsieur Bom
é Vol. 20 ships in mid-late April 2007 but a North American version will ship in late June 2007 at the lower price of US$29. Preorders are welcome today for the Japanese version.

Wolverine Cold Cast Figure - Preorder

NCS hasn't really kept up with the X-Men comics ever since the team of Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin disbanded about 2 decades ago. Every once in a while, we'll pick up a trade paperback on the cheap and skim it. From a round table poll of memorable Wolverine characteristics this morning, we gathered the following FACTS:

» Wolverine's skeleton is laced with adamantium, making it unbreakable.
» He says, "Bub" a lot and his claws pop out with a "SNIKT" sound effect.
» His pointy hair makes him look like a psychotic &$#!@#%.
» We don't remember if he ever married that Japanese chick Mariko.

Kotobikiya has started preorders for a 31cm (12.20") tall Wolverine Cold Cast where the berserker rises up with extended claws and a snarl on his face. The production quantity is limited to 300 pieces only and preorders will ship in mid-late April at JPY30000 or US$259 from NCS.

General Updates

PS3 Virtua Fighter 5 Update
The second batch of VF5 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Please note that the Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joysticks have not been released in Japan yet but they should be available to our suppliers tonight and we expect them to be delivered to our company in the USA on Thursday.
PS3 Real Arcade Pro Joystick 3
All preorders will ship tomorrow. Due to the high volume of orders for the bulky joysticks, please notify us by today if you wish to add any items or make any shipping changes. Thanks.
NDS Guitar DS M-06
It's a certified hit among the musically inclined as well as aspiring guitarists. All backorders will ship tomorrow and new orders are welcome.
DC Last Hope
It was shipped. All that remains at this point is final delivery by our courier. We'll post an update once it's in stock and shipping to customers.