Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Datacenter fuel contamination update

The latest update from our datacenter:
For customers at our New York hosting center at 33 Whitehall: We have partially restored power to some of the areas at the hosting center. Some customers still remaint down as of 11:30PM. A possible fuel contamination is suspected as the cause of the failure to both our primary and secondary generators. Final load tests are currently being conducted before bringing the remaining customers back online. We continue to work with the generator contractor to restore service. Due to the nature of the problem there is no estimated time to repair. There is no access to 33 Whitehall at this time. Once power is restored, if you need to have your server rebooted, please send a request to support@cogentco.com with a subject of "33 Whitehall Reboot Request".

Pikmin plush reproduction in February 2013

Sanei has announced a new production of the Pikmin 2 plushes which will ship in February 2013. Please note however that the 'Olimar' and 'Louie' plushes are not being produced in the new batch. Reservations are welcome to ship in late February or early March 2013. If there are any delays, we'll update our shop listing with more information. Pricing is set at JPY980 or US$16.90 per Pikmin plush and JPY2,200 or US$49.90 for the largish Chappi plush. Thanks.

Fuel contamination issue at datacenter

Our site at ncsx.com is down again due to an morning 'fuel contamination' issue affecting the two generators which are providing power to the building.
 For customers at our New York hosting center at 33 Whitehall: At this time both our generators are down due to possible fuel contamination issues. We are investigating at this time and have no ETR. If you are an Off Net customer of Cogent in the lower Manhattan area, Verizon has reported wide spread outages due to flooding of their central offices that are impacting many services.
We're assuming the generators will be back online today and service will be restored to the servers running in the datacenter.