Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Dog Tag Strap - New Import, In Stock

When MGS4 shipped earlier this summer, it was a global event where the culmination of Kojima's work was laid bare for the world to witness. Sales for the game were strong but tie-in merchandising has for the most part been kept to a threadbare minimum. Maybe Kojima wouldn't accede to brand dilution or Konami doesn't need the cash. System Service was one company who got to produce MGS4 merchandise however and the company made sure that it was something special.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 Dog Tag Straps feature the following personalities: Old Snake, Raiden, Meryl, Johnny, Vamp, and Liquid Ocelot. Each dog tag measures 50mm or 1.96" in length and is made of metal wrapped inside a plastic frame. A strap is tethered to the top of each dog tag for attachment to your cell phone or perhaps your ring finger. The dog tags are triple wrapped in plastic bags and packaged in plastic capsules which are sold randomly in Japan. To make it as easy as pie for collectors to get all six dog tags without having to suffer duplicates, NCS has sorted out the capsules into complete sets at $22.90 each.
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Space Invaders Pillows - New Import, In Stock

The 30th Anniversary of Space Invaders is in full swing and Taito's been celebrating the historic event with numerous merchandise offers and preorders. The latest product released in Japan a few days ago is the Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Pillow.

The pillows are colored black and decorated with pixel images of Space Invaders in a shade of drab yellow and drab gray. There's a reason why the pillows are colored black - they provide the perfect contrast for the Space Invaders designs which glow in the dark when the lights are low. Two styles are in stock and shipping today as follows: (A)
Two large Space Invaders and (B) Space Invaders logo with rows of invaders.

Each pillow measures 53cm (20.86") in length and 33cm (13") in width which is larger than Taito's original measurements when they started accepting preorders. The pillows are big enough to accommodate human heads, pets, and assorted wide loads.

Due to the size of each pillow, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States or USPS Airmail for our international customers. Using any sort of domestic air service will incur onerous fuel-surcharge-laden shipping charges.
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Indiana Jones Room Light - New Import, Sold Out

Light up the night with one of two oddly appointed artifacts which were featured in the Indiana Jones movies. Each idol measures approximately 18cm or 7.08" tall and runs on a pair of AA batteries. The two artifacts are:

1) Crystal Skull from the recent Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie
2) Golden Idol of a Fertility Goddess from the Raiders of the Lost Ark

The artifacts sit on top of a circular base which holds the batteries and an ON/OFF switch on the back toggles the light on and off. The preorder solicitation depicted the Crystal Skull as a whitish-blue color but the final product is tinted a striking blue color which lights up nicely. Preorders have started shipping yesterday but we're sold out currently. We'll update if additional supplies are made available.
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Domokun Petit Mascot Strap - New Import, In Stock

Eikoh unleashes a quartet of furry Domokun plushes which are topped with straps for tethering purposes. One of the Domokun monsters is lying on its side and we imagine it to be drowsily watching bad television in Usaji's living room. The three upright Domokuns measure 9cm or 3.54" tall while the lazy one is half that height. We figured that out all by ourselves. Preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome at US$21.90 for the complete set of four as shown in the product photo to the left. Larger photos may be viewed in our Domokun Gallery.

Street Fighter Capcomaniax Ibuki - New, Restock Soon

In recent merchandising history, Megahouse's most memorable toys have been the wildly popular One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures. That might change this week with the debut of the Street Fighter Excellent Model Capcomaniax figures featuring Ibuki and Rainbow Mika.

Ibuki made her Street Fighter debut in the SFIII series where she kicked and chopped her way to the top. Ibuki's figure cuts a slender and wispy frame which is in direct contrast to the brickhouse that is Rainbow Mika. In her Capcomaniax turn, Ibuki wears her regulation issue battle uniform and stands on top of a tiny sphere on only the splayed toes from her right leg. Her left leg is slightly raised and never touches the ground. Ibuki is set to 1/8 scale and measures 38cm or 14.96" tall from the base of the figure to the top arc of Ibuki's two strands of hair. The seeming lack of a solid foundation to keep the figure aloft was a concern for us at first but we checked the sturdiness of the mounting rod and Ibuki's pretty well situated and sturdy.
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NCS has processed and shipped preorders for both Capcomaniax figures yesterday. We expect to restock Ibuki within the next couple of weeks but Mika is currently in stock and available to ship today.

Street Fighter Capcomaniax Mika - New, In Stock

In recent merchandising history, Megahouse's most memorable toys have been the wildly popular One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures. That might change this week with the debut of the Street Fighter Excellent Model Capcomaniax figures featuring Ibuki and Rainbow Mika.

Whereas Ibuki is a slender reed of a girl, Mika is gorilla-like in both build and muscle mass. Mika was introduced to the world in Capcom's Street Fighter Zero 3 where her bodacious self was on full display for everyone to give witness. Mika's a wrestler who grapples with grabs, slaps, the occasional pile driver, and multiple head butt action. She even has a screen spanning attack where she turns around and literally soars across the screen with her posterior jutting out like some kind of missile.

Similar to the Ibuki figure, Mika is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 220cm or 8.66" tall. We weren't sure about Mika's appeal when we first started preorders but the final product is beautifully sculpted and captures the spirit and verve that is R. Mika. Check out Mika's Photo Gallery.

NCS has processed and shipped all preorders for Mika yesterday and stock is currently available for new orders to ship today.

Persona 4 Konamistyle - New Import, Sold Out

NCS opened up preorders for the Konamistyle-exclusive edition of Persona 4 earlier this year which included the game and a Persona-themed T-shirt (in S-M-L-XL sizes). Konami didn't announce the third bonus item at that time. When we received the game yesterday, we discovered it was a nifty Kuma plush. In the Persona 4 game, Kuma waddles around and speaks with a barely intelligible voice. He's adorable. Preorders have shipped as of yesterday. If we're able to stock additional quantities in the next couple of week, we'll update accordingly. «Photo Gallery»

Bakegyamon: Ayakashi Fighting for NDS - Clearance

In an alternate dimension, an oddly apportioned creature known as Gyamon invites young fighters from Earth to battle in monster-charged contests. The lead character is an excitable lad named Sanshiro Tamon who starts his adventure aboard a ferry with a friend when they're attacked by ne'er do wells. After being saved by a mysterious girl, Sanshiro is inducted into the world of Bakegyamon.

Sale Offer: NCS' remaining inventory of Bakegyamon: Ayakashi Fighting is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Price: US$22.90 per copy which includes "free shipping" within the United States by USPS Media Mail Service. Product SKU: NTR-P-AB5J. «View larger photos»