Monday, November 09, 2009

TOYS Metal Gear Solid Kubrick Collector's Edition 2 - In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The original collection of MGS Kubricks sold like gangbusters and NCS eventually sold out of complete cases despite the lofty price. Medicom releases a new MGS Kubrick Collection this week and the characters in the new collection are (Left to Right):

Top Row
» Old Snake in Octocamo Facemask [MGS4] Box Ratio: 6/24
» Solidus Snake [MGS2] Box Ratio: 5/24
» Liquid Ocelot [MGS4] Box Ratio: 3/24

Low Row

» Liquid Snake [MGS] Box Ratio: 4/24
» Iroquois Pliskin [MGS2] Box Ratio: 2/24
» PMC Soldier [MGS4] Box Ratio: 4/24

In addition to the standard figures, two secret Chase figures are randomly packaged in the following ratios:

» Naked Snake [MGS3; Clear Plastic] 1:96 (1 in every 4 factory boxes)
» Old Snake [MGS4; Clear Plastic] 1:96 (1 in every 4 factory boxes)

New orders are welcome at JPY23520 or US$239.90 per factory sealed box of 24 figures.

PSP Genso Suikoden I & II - New Import, In Stock

NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCSX» Over a decade after Genso Suikoden appeared on the original Playstation, Konami bundles together the first two Suikoden games and updates them with graphical improvements and the radical idea of diagonal movement. Let us explain - in the original Suikoden games, characters were only able to walk in the four cardinal directions. Any attempt to move diagonally in the original games was met with resistance. In the new PSP updates, characters are capable of stepping diagonally to cross distances quicker in addition to standard left, right, up, and down movements. Based on our short play test this morning, we're assuming that Konami used the Saturn version of Suikoden and the Playstation version of Suikoden II for the PSP compilation. The intro from Suikoden is the same as the Saturn intro and Suikoden II was never released for Sega's 32-bit console. Konami also touched up the graphics for both games with little details and both Suikodens translate beautifully to the small screen with sharp and spiffy visuals that show the care that the development staff put into porting the games over to the PSP.

Additional portable Suikoden tidbits in the game include a BGM playlist which includes over 160 music tracks from both games, a movie gallery which features the cinemas from both games including the Sega Saturn introduction for the first game, and the ability to watch event cinemas and ending sequences after completing either game. The "PSP Best" version of Genso Suikoden is the same as the original release but at a lower price point along with a "Best" re-release game cover.

PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater - New Import, In Stock

From the publisher
In the aftermath of the Second World War, the world was torn in two between East and West. It was the beginning of a new era-the Cold War.

October 16, 1962. The President of the United States received word that the Soviet Union had deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba. The world trembled in fear as the prospect of nuclear war loomed ever closer. After days of tense negotiations, the Soviets finally agreed on the 28th to withdraw their missiles from Cuban soil. With the resolution of this incident, later to be known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, it seemed that humanity had survived yet another threat to its existence.

However, there was a secret condition in the deal that put an end to the crisis. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a Soviet scientist who had defected to the West, was to be sent back to the Soviet Union. The U.S. government agreed to this stipulation, and returned Sokolov to his native land. Little did they know that Sokolov was to be the designer of a nightmarish weapon. Now, with Sokolov back in their hands, the Soviets are ready to resume its development. If this weapon is completed, it will mark the beginning of a new age of fear.

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