Tuesday, May 25, 2021

 TOY Fighting Armor Deadpool - Preorder $128.98

 Product Synopsis

   The snarky Marvel superhero Deadpool appears in the 5th installment of the Fighting Armor action figure series!

» What if Tony Stark designed the armor of the Avengers? An original toy concept series.
»  Designed by Mitsunari Otenfu, a toy enthusiast of Deadpool.
»  Hiroyuki Komatsubara produced the prototype.
»  The figure is made with a suit that keeps the form and function of the human body in mind, and each joint point allows for movement and posing that is extremely close to the capability of the human body.
»  Weapon parts such as swords, shurikens, and guns can be attached to the figure.
»  A pedestal for recreating action scenes in mid-air is also included.

Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2021.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Union Creative
Material: PVC, ABS, POM, Die-Cast
Dimension: H16.50cm (6.49")
Japanese Title: フィギュア メラ 「アクアマン」 1/1 ライフサイズバスト
Language: Japanese
JAN Code: 4571335882969