Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TOYS Mario Mascots Figure - Princess Peach - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» We're not fond of Sanei's Princess Peach plush. Her expression seems to convey discomfort. Maybe she's suffering from gas or bloat or something that's causing her to be discombobulated. Poor girl. Other than Peach's expression, she also has a big face and a stilted posture. Are there any redeeming qualities to the plush? Yeah, her blue eyes are pretty and she's got a nice pink dress on. The crown's a little tacky but she wears it well.

   NCS' shipment of this particular plush should've arrived with the other Mario Mascot plushes about 8 months ago but she got caught on a slower boat. A real slow boat. Peach is in stock now however and all preorders are shipping this afternoon. The plush measures approximately 8" in height and can be posed in such a way that her legs and her dress allow the Princess to stand without any external support.

   New orders are welcome to ship today at US$16.90 from NCS. The Mario plush
that was released along with the Princess Peach plush is currently in stock and available for shipping. Everything else is gone.

TOYS Seikai no Ejiputo Takara Gashapon - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» King Tut's visiting New York City this year and he's staying at the Discovery Times Square Exposition. Visitors get to pay a $25 admission fee to ogle at 130 artifacts from the "Golden Age" of Egypt when Tutankhamun and company ruled the land.

   Japanese manufacturer Eikoh also has Egypt on the mind with their new Seikai no Ejiputo Takara (Treasures of Egypt) which features nine PVC replicas of Egyptian artifacts. Buyers will get a metal recreation of Tut's death mask, one of the Cleopatra's Needle monuments, a Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, an Egyptian Cat Bastet, and more. Each replica measures approximately 3cm (1.18") in length and is attached to a strap for tethering purposes. Please note that we're only accepting orders for sets of 8.

TEES You Must Play The Sega Saturn Tee - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The last time we heard someone say "You Must Play the Sega Saturn" was about 15 years ago. That was when games like Nights Into Dreams, Burning Rangers, and Willy Wombat compelled us to sit in front of the Saturn and play. Two console generations have ensued since the days of the Saturn but every once in a while, the compulsion to play Willy Wombat rears up and NCS revisits the olden days of 32-bit gaming.

   Japanese manufacturer Cospa apparently feels the same way and designs an officially licensed t-shirt which bears imprints of the Saturn console, the Japanese Saturn logo, and a command which reads "You Must Play the Sega Saturn." The shirt is available in mint and white colors along with sizes in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. All preorders have shipped already but please note that we're sold out as of this morning.