Monday, March 01, 2010

PS3 End of Eternity Bonus Soundtrack - Sale Offer

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Brand new and factory sealed End of Eternity Special Soundtrack Resonance of Sounds CD which was only released in Japan as a bonus to be included with the End of Eternity game for PS3 and Xbox 360. NCS was able to purchase surplus inventory from vendors in Japan which we are offering for general sale.
The CD is packaged in a laminated cardboard slipcase and the tracks on the CD are as follows:

01) The beginning of eternity 1:58 (Kouhei Tanaka)
02) Fighting with the devil 2:37 (Motoi Sakuraba)
03) The truth 5:05 (Kouhei Tanaka)
04) Resonance of fate 3:47 (Kouhei Tanaka)
05) Chandelier 2:12 (Kouhei Tanaka)
06) Cranktown 2:07 (Kouhei Tanaka)
07) Freud Remnants 4:16 (Motoi Sakuraba)
08) Irruption 3:46 (Motoi Sakuraba)
09) Battle to pay the debt 3:35 (Motoi Sakuraba)
10) Fighting with the devil - ANOTHER VERSION 2:37 (Motoi Sakuraba)
CD Length 32:00

The tracks are composed by Kouhei Tanaka and Motoi Sakuraba as listed above. Orders are welcome to ship this afternoon. NCS recommends USPS Media Mail shipping for customers within the United States for the most economical shipping method. «NCS Photo Gallery»

TOYS The Pig Dako Plush Doll XL - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Poem
«©NCSX» Bein' a pig
Is an easy gig

Eatin', sleepin', and gettin' big
Was once a runt but not no more
Growin' to be an outright boar
Pretty soon I'll be the man
Ain't no one gonna push me 'round
Yep, being a pig is an easy gig
Bet a bottom dollar I'll be a king
Farmers and farmhands surrounding me
What is it about me that they see?
Takin' me to the other place
Heard them talkin' about a deli case
Being a pig is an easy gig

Each Pig plush measures 50cm (19.68") in length and incurs UPS dimensional shipping weight. NCS recommends shipping by UPS Ground only.

Preorders for the Pig Dako Plush Doll XL are welcome to ship in mid-late in June 2010.

NEWS General Updates

X360 Espgaluda II Regular Edition
The new batch that arrived today is from the first printing and we'll process and ship all backorders this afternoon. Another batch is expected on Thursday but this upcoming shipment appears to be second printing.

NDS Dakkoshite! Chimpanzee - Delayed
Prospective chimp trainers will have to wait a bit longer for
Dakkoshite! Chimpanzee (NDS) which has been delayed from March 18 to March 25.

X360 Death Smiles 2 - Announced and shipping on May 27, 2010
Preorders for the regular and limited edition should open up soon.

Snow NYC
Last Friday was a snowy mess but by Sunday morning, most of it had melted when temperatures hit the 40s. There might be another snowstorm during the Tues-Wed crossover but (according to the tanned TV weather guy) it's likely to be a snoozer of a storm.

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SOTW PC-Engine Ten No Koe 2 Bank - Clearance

NCS Sale of the Week Offering: March 01, 2010
Original Release in Japan: August 8, 1989

«©NCSX» Brand new and factory boxed Ten no Koe 2 Bank for the PC-Engine which is a save-data accessory. Back in the day when the PC-Engine was a contender, RAM was expensive so companies like NEC opted to not include any S-RAM in their consoles to keep costs down. The PC-Engine did not have any internal save-ram for data storage but the Tennokoe 2 Bank adds that function with a whopping 2K of S-Ram. You read that right. 2K. Once the Tennokoe 2 is connected to the back of the PC-Engine, games that support data-saving can now be stored to memory and the option will appear on the game's title or menu screen.
To access the menu of the Tennokoe 2 Bank, press the "SELECT" button and three options will appear (in Japanese):

View contents of RAM (2) Format RAM (erase) (3) Return to game

The Tennokoe Bank requires two AA batteries. Two AA batteries are included in the product packaging but please note that they're most likely dead since it's been over 20 years old since the Bank was released.

Product Condition
NCS' remaining inventory is brand new and factory boxed in the original cardboard container. The condition of the packaging is in excellent structural shape with no signs of wear or weathering. The Tennokoe 2 Banks are in brand new and pristine condition.

Sale Offering

Pricing per Ten no Koe 2 Bank is set at US$46.90 each. If you reside in the USA, NCS recommends USPS Ground shipping for the most economical domestic service.

Product Specs

Product SKU:
JAN Code:
Japanese Product Name:
Manufacturer: Hudson
Compatibility: PC-Engine
Special Features: Save-Ram Backup