Friday, August 17, 2007

Arcana Heart - Preorder

Yuki Enterprises (Examu) released Arcana Heart in Japanese arcades towards the very end of 2006 and found a ready and willing audience amongst the gaming cognoscenti. Firstly, it's a capable fighting game with a bevy of moves, combos, aerial maneuvering, and move cancels out the wazoo. Secondly, the cast of characters is entirely female. Make that attractive females who can choose their elemental powers by way of ten tarot cards which depict a beast such as Bhanri or a deity-like lassie like Partinias.

The main character is a redhead named Aino Heart and she's joined by 11 other fighters such as the blue-haired Tsuzura Saki, Tokinomiya Kamui, Kasuga Maori, Mei-Fang, Konoha, Lilica Felchenerow, Liselotte Achenbach, Yasuzumi Yoriko, Fiona Mayfield, Mildred Avalone, and Daidohji Kira. When fighting, the bouts generally take place on the ground but aerial attacks can send the two girls way up into the air as the playfield lofts higher to take in the action. The girls seem to be designed for eventual transition to the merchandising realm of figures, toys, keychains, blankets, etc.

The controls consist of a joystick and four buttons, which will make a prefect port, control-wise, to the Playstation 2 on October 11. We'll check out how true the game hews to the arcade original once we get our grubby hands on it. Preorders are welcome today.

Creator's Labo #13: Air Gear Shimuka Figure

Amidst the testosterone fueled episodes of the Air Gear animation, the creators were wise enough to dribble in some female cast members. The pink-haired Shimuka (USA: Simca) is the original leader of the Genesis Air Treck team, a gang of youths who ride like the wind on powered inline skates known as "Air Trecks."

Cerberus Project and Yamato have announced preorders for a non-scale Shimuka PVC figure where the Genesis team steward jets along on her Air Trecks. To ensure that everyone knows she's zooming, fiery sparks may be seen trailing her skates. Preorders will ship in mid-late October 2007.

CoCoNa PVC Figure by Shunya Yamashita

After finding success in the vocation of designing characters for the video game space, artist Shunya Yamashita explores the world of toys. Teaming up with the usual suspects to bring his creations to life, Shunya's CoCoNa figure reaches market later this year. We gave her the once over earlier this morning and she reminds us of something Richard Corben might dream up. CoCoNa appears perfectly proportioned and we like her sprig of blue hair that springs up like a stalk of wheat. Preorders ship in mid-late Oct 2007.

Yakin Byoutou Part 3: Ai Kazama PVC Figure

In the Yakin Byoutou animation, nurse-in-training Mana (Ai) Kazama is an innocent young woman who just wants to help her fellow man. Mana signs up for an internship at a hospital and is charged with taking care of a deranged patient named Wataru Mizukawa. In his previous life, Wataru was a doctor who suffered unrequited love towards Ren Nanase of the original Yakin Byoutou. After Wataru discovered Ren's corruption at the hands of the sadistic Ryuji Hirasaka, he went mad and was admitted to the hospital. When he meets Mana, he notices her strong resemblance to Ren and plans his twisted machinations...
Gigapulse has started preorders for a 1/8 scale Mana Kazama figure that's attired in her birthday suit and little else. Mana's color scheme is pink and red... and the hues of flesh. The figure is fixed-pose but Mana's head may be twisted left and right to look around.
Preorders ship in Nov 2007

Yakin Byoutou Part 3: Koi Nanase PVC Figure

Ren (Koi) Nanase hails from the Yakin Byoutou (Night Shift Hospital) OVAs where she was experimented upon by a crazed doctor to create the perfect sex slave. Along with a coterie of other nurses, Ren wears a crisp pink uniform and is assaulted by the bad doctor with extreme and brutal regularity...

Last year, NCS imported pillow cases, pillows, and figures based on the Yakin Byoutou property which sold rather well to an international customer base. This year, Ren Nanase returns with Ai Kazama in a pair of new figures by Gigapulse. The Ren PVC figure is set at 1/8 scale where she crouches gingerly and plants her hands on her thighs. A base is included so Ren can perch and a little mirror is included for "upskirts" action without a single lick of effort on the part of any voyeur in the vicinity Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late November 2007 at US$60 each.