Friday, December 19, 2008

Shooting Watch - New Import, In Stock Since Yesterday

«©NCSX» How quickly can you tap two buttons repetitively within a 10 second time span? Some game fiends can rev their fingers up to 16 hits per second for a tap-total of 160 slaps in 10 seconds. The gaming elite can do 21 hits per second. Fear them.

Over 20 years ago, Hudson gave gamers a chance to measure their button-tapping proficiency with the Shooting Watch but that was a while ago. A new production was manufactured in Japan this month and delivered to NCS yesterday. Preorders have shipped already and new orders are welcome. Note: The Shooting Watch may also be used as a clock and a stopwatch when you're not fixing your button-tapping addiction. Pricing is set at US$20.50 for new orders.
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Dissidia Final Fantasy Bundle - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» Some preorders for the Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP-3000 bundle have shipped yesterday but the bulk will be sent today as most of our shipments arrived earlier this morning. Each Dissidia PSP bundle includes a copy of the Dissidia Final Fantasy game and a ceramic white PSP-3000 which features an imprint of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary on the front of the unit which is located below the "X" button.

Flip the handheld over and images of the gods Cosmos and Chaos may be viewed which are stenciled on either side of the PSP shell. Pricing is set at US$369 which reflects the carriage costs and arrangements required to import this item into the United States.

Karaoke Joysound Wii - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» Sing your heart out with Hudson's Karaoke Joysound game for the Wii which is packaged with a USB microphone accessory. Instead of limiting would-be crooners with a fixed selection of songs, Hudson offers a more liberating library which contains an expansive library of 30,000 songs. The game DVD contains 70 songs including "Dreams Come True" from Hey! Say! Jump, "Flavor of Life" by Hikaru Utada, "Lovers Again" from EXILE, and "Seasons" sung by Ayumi Hamasaki. When singing, the lyrics will appear on the bottom of the screen so you can sing along. A diverse selection of Mii-like characters serve as the on-screen singers and/or dancers so you have something to stare at while crooning.

To access Hudson's licensed library of 30,000 songs, players will have to sign up for their online subscription service. The cost of entry is 300 Wii Points which grants you access to the entire library for 24 hours. If you feel the need to sing for three days straight, the cost is only 500 Wii Points which will unlock the library for 72 hours. If you're a singing fool who loves the karaoke, you can pay 2000 Wii Points and get access to the library for 3 months. Game modes include the default Full Game Mode, a Party Mode which contains mini-games, the Lesson Mode, and the Recording Mode. Preorders for the Karaoke Extra Mic will also ship today.

Yukinkoto Daisenpuu - New Import, Ships Today

«©NCSX» A snow maiden (aka Yuki Musume) teams up with a bunny-like familiar and her sister to beat back an onslaught of spirits, snowmen, mummies, and their overlords. Why is a mummy shuffling across the snow with both arms raised? No one knows but there are sights even stranger than the wrapped undead in Yukinkoto Daisenpuu including huge grubs that fall from trees and purplish imps that pop out of nowhere. The game starts off on a wintry landscape but travel to the southwest and the snow eventually gives way to greenery, blooming trees, and the glow of Spring.

The snow maiden uses the power of winter to meet her goals where oversized snowflakes and pointy icicles are shot at enemies to dispatch them. Power-ups may be picked up to enhance her firepower or gain speed. The enemy generally attacks in waves where they'll approach Yuki like a mob. During certain points in the game, the action stops and a warning indicator appears on the screen. That's your cue to take cover or start firing shots because a powerful wave of enemy attackers are on the way where they sweep through the screen with destructive force. In addition to a single player game, up to two players may collaborate for a concerted attack.

Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1046 - Subscriptions Only

NCS Product Synopsis
Cover Date: January 2, 2009
«©NCSX» The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and/or events:
» Famitsu scoops Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone.
» Preview of Biohazard 5 which contains big and bright photos.
Famitsu Crew rank NDS RIZ-ZOAWD (7/8/7/6), NDS Phantasy Star Zero (8/8/9/8), PS2 Lego Batman (6/6/6/6), Sid Meier's Civilization (8/8/8/8).
» The "Road to Famicom" special feature concludes with a look at Nintendo's red and white console that took over the video game market in the 80s. Screenshots of games and accessories are also included.
» Preview of Demon's Souls for the PS3 which looks okay.
Every issue includes a nifty Animal Crossing City Folk 2009 calendar with bright artwork inside which we just hung up in our main office.
Every issue also includes a little hint booklet for games such as GTA IV, Last Remnant, Fallout 3, Culdcept DS, and others.