Friday, November 30, 2007

Yes! Precure 5 - New Import, In Stock

Nozomi Yumehara leads the Pretty Cure 5 team against an evil cabal known as Nightmare Company. Imbued with the power of "Pretty Cure," the five girls use exotic attacks to subdue their enemies and dispatch opposing overlords. The NDS game is based on the recent televised animation of the same name (Debuted in Japan on February 4, 2007) and features strategy-rpg action where the team members move on isometric battlefields and use their powers against the forces of evil. Rounding out the cast are Coco, Nuts, and Milk which are rascal-like rodents who hail from the Palmier Kingdom. The game uses a scribbling system to transform a girl from average teenager to Pretty Cure heroine where the outline of letters are doodled on the touch screen.

Datui Yakyuken Janken - Recent Import, In Stock

Play rock-scissors-paper against three Japanese gravure idols and strip them of their garments like a rollicking bandit. The three models featured in the UMD-Video game are:

Aki Hoshino - The princess wearing the tiara on the game cover
Rina Dison - A Leah Dizon sorta-look-alike capitalizing on the Nevada expat
Yume - Her name means dream or perhaps a reverie of some sort

Similar to other Yakyuken games that NCS has stocked in the recent past, the girls perform a spirited twirl before throwing out their concealed hands. At that point, you'll choose rock, scissors, or paper to counter the idol's action. For example, if you select rock and Aki woefully shoots scissors, she'll be forced to remove a piece of clothing. The goal is to eventually strip Aki and watch her cavort in a short video sequence.

After careful review of the game this morning, the producers apparently thought that cosplay would mesh well with the Yakyuken trade. The girls are decked out in assorted costumes and/or clothing themes. For example, Aki Hoshino dresses like a fairy princess of some sort while Yume looks like the prim office manager down the hall. Rina Dison has one getup where she bears a passing resemblance to Aya of Oneechan Bara fame and another where she plays the part of a schoolgirl.
Jan Code: 4571284390010

USB Illumination Stand - New Import, In Stock

Mount your Nintendo Wii on a sturdy vertical stand which patches through one of the USB ports on the back of the console to a USB port located on the front of the stand. Once mounted and properly set up, simply plug a USB device such as a keyboard or an external drive right in the front without any muss nor fuss. In addition to the convenience of a forward facing USB port, the Illumination Stand glows with blue light which shines from the inner sides of the stand. Note however that the illumination function requires that one of the USB ports on the back of the console be used for the cabling to provide power for the LEDs. Two color variants are in stock today: White and Black. Jan Code: 4961818007963