Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol. 1 - New, In Stock

Square Enix appeals to the wallets of fans once again with a new collection of figures based on Final Fantasy. The first volume features five notable heroes and heroines which measure 6cm or 2.36" tall. Pricing is set at JPY350 per toy or US$39 per factory sealed box of nine randomly packaged figures. The characters in volume 1 are as follows:

Cloud Strife - The lead character in Final Fantasy VII
Yuna - Female lead in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Vaan - Sky pirate from Final Fantasy XII and FFXII Revenant Wings
Penelo - Accompanies Vaan on his adventures and explorations
Rinoa Heartilly
- A stalwart of the rebel force in Final Fantasy VIII
(Why do competitors pilfer our product descriptions word for word?)

Final Fantasy Tactics Trading Arts - New Import, In Stock

Square Enix fetes the recent PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics with a new Trading Arts figure collection which features characters from the game. Five heroes which measure 11cm or 4.33" tall are featured in the set along with ?? secrets as follows:

» Ramza Beoulve
» Delita Herial (Hyral)
» Ovelia Astkaasa (
» Balflear
» Agrias Oaks

Pricing is set at US$68 per factory case of 8 randomly packaged figures.

SMB Sound Nuigurumi Series 3 - New Import, In Stock

Three more Sound Nuigurumi plushes based on Super Mario Bros reach market this week but two are duplicates - Goomba is a rerun from the first series that shipped earlier this year and the Golden Question Block is from series 2. The Series 3 plushes are as follows:

» (A) Star plush that's colored a banana yellow patina
» (B) Dark brown Goomba that stares at the world with bared fangs
» (C) Golden Question-Block plush that's identical to the one in Series 2

Each plush is fitted with a removable sound module which is inserted inside a flap on the plush. Smack the plush and a jingling sound fills the room. Preorders and new orders will ship today.
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Star Wars R2-D2 Night Projector - New Import, In Stock

In the Return of the Jedi movie, C-3PO and R2-D2 gain entrance into Jabba's lair and are given an audience with the massive gangster. During their meeting, R2-D2 beams a message from Luke Skywalker where the fledgling Jedi requests a sit-down to bargain for Han Solo's hide.

Banpresto's R2-D2 Night Projector is sort of light that. Instead of projecting a 3D holographic movie however, the projector lights up the room with images of a partially completed Death Star, an X-Wing Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon against a backdrop of stars.

Two variants are in stock today: an R2-D2 model (blue and white) and a R2-M5 version (red and white). Each droid projector measures 15cm or 6" tall and runs on two AAA batteries which are not included. The struts which serve as the legs are movable and the dome flips open easily for projecting purposes. Preorders and new orders will ship today. «Photo gallery»

Petit Happy Bits - New Import, In Stock

The turtles from Walkie Bits conquered Japan last year with their clunky plodding motions and rounded proportions. Takara originally released the Walkie Bits in the summer of 2005 and the toys caught on and gained momentum as popular toys tend to do.
Takara's new Happy Bits toys are based on the Walkie Bits but these little goofballs don't walk. They just sort of stand there and wait for you to push their heads in... which in turn tucks all four of their legs into the removable shell. Each factory box contains 12 different blister packed turtle toys - due to the wide range of variety, we're only selling these randomly but you may enter a color preference and we'll try our best to fill it.