Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Metal Gear Solid Collectors Edition - New, In Stock

Medicom celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Metal Gear by starting preorders for an MGS Collector's Edition Kubrick set which features:

SOLID SNAKE [MGS Ver.] / 16.6% assortment rate
NINJA [MGS Ver.] / 12.5% assortment rate
NAKED SNAKE [MGS3 Ver.] / 20.8% assortment rate
SOLID SNAKE [MGS4 Ver.] / 25%
assortment rate
RAIDEN [MGS4 Ver.] /
25% assortment rate

Each factory case contains 24 pieces but we're selling these individually at US$8.50 per figure or US$204 per factory case. Please note that each toy is blind boxed and randomly packaged.
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CoCoNa PVC Figure by Shunya Yamashita - New, In Stock

After finding success in the vocation of designing characters for the video game space, artist Shunya Yamashita explores the world of toys. Teaming up with the usual suspects to bring his creations to life, Shunya's CoCoNa figure reaches market after preorders were started earlier this year. We gave her the once over earlier this morning and she reminds us of a typical heroine that Richard Corben might dream up. The color scheme, the pose, and perhaps the moxie are representative of a Heavy Metal Magazine superwoman. CoCoNa appears perfectly proportioned and we like her sprig of blue hair that springs up like a stalk of wheat.

The figure is set at 1/7 scale and measures 25cm or 9.84" in height. The construction material is a mix of PVC and ABS. Please note the figure is fixed-pose and a toy sword that's taller than CoCoNa is included for posing purposes. View Photo Gallery.

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Dead or Alive Extreme Ayane - New Import, Restock Soon

When Ayane plays volleyball with the DOA girls, she limbers up and stretches to prepare for the game. According to the toy peddlers at Kotobukiya, Ayane lifts her right leg and and grabs her left foot with her left hand. She then stands there on one foot as if emulating a crane or a flamingo.

The new Ayane figure from Kotobukiya features the warrior woman in two forms of dress. In her garbed form, Ayane wears a blue flower-print top and a short skirt which is held up by a belt. In Ayane's bikini form, she changes into a matching two-piece. The figure stands atop a round disc and is fully assembled, pre-painted, and ready for display. Pricing is set at JPY8000 or US$80 from NCS.
Preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today. View Photos.

FFVII: Cloud Strife Masterpiece Arts Statue - New

Square Enix hasn't been prolific in recent years with grandiose toy products. We recall the Final Fantasy XI Chocobo and Elvaan statue that sold well and the Final Fantasy Yuna Wedding statue that sold even better. Please don't order them - they've been sold out for years.

Square returns to the realm of grandiosity this winter with a large 1/4 scale Cloud Strife figure which measures 50cm or 19.68" tall. The coldcast sculpture stands atop a base and wields a blade in each hand. Cloud's clothing is made of cotton fabric while his shoes, straps, and belt are crafted from leather with metal buckles. The design of the figure follows the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children version of Cloud where his left arm is covered to hide the ravages of Geostigma. Pricing for the Japanese production of the toy is set at JPY50000 or US$425 from NCS. Preorders have shipped yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.

FFVII Crisis Core Soldier Class 1st Key Holder - New

Final Fantasy Crisis Core sold big numbers in Japan and Asia when the game was released on September 13, 2007. Since Square is pretty much the merchandising king of the Japanese video game industry, a number of products were released to ride on the coattails of the Crisis Core game. We've already peddled the three different types of potions, a Loveless pendant, and a few figures and plushes. Today, NCS receives the final FFVII: CC tie-in product for 2007 - the Crisis Core Soldier Class First Key Holder.

In case you're wondering, a "key holder" is just another name for a keychain. The text "Soldier Class 1st" refers to the elite soldiers featured in the Crisis Core game such as Angeal Hewley. The keychain is basically a duotone metal plate which is attached to a metal loop which may be latched onto another loop. Four key rings are linked to the bottom of the metal plate which will hold about five keys each. Add any more and things might get unwieldy and crowded. Preorders have shipped yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.
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Halloween Musume - New Import, In Stock

When Halloween rolls around in New York City, NCS dodges the mobs of trick or treaters by heading to the annual Halloween Parade in the Village. Since Halloween is so special in New York City, we're pleased with the 15cm (5.90") tall Halloween Musume toy from Cerberus Project which shows off a witch in skimpy duds with symbols of Halloween drizzled about her. The figure is packaged in a circular plastic container which may be mistaken for an edible Halloween cake. View Photos.

Macross Zero 1/60 Scale QF-2200D-B Ghost Booster - New Import

Yamato released the original Macross Zero 1/60 Scale VF-0S last year and met relatively positive approval from the fans. For their encore, Yamato has started preorders for a QF-2200-B Ghost Booster which is designed to link up directly above the VF-0S in all three modes of transformation. Please note the VF-0S is not included. Due to the size of this toy, NCS will double-box each order to protect the packaging of the Ghost Booster. We also recommend shipping by UPS Ground within the USA only to avoid dimensional weight air shipping costs. View Photos.

Tachikoma 2008 Calendar + Trading Figures - New Import

Movic continues their assault on the wallets of the Tachikoma fan base with a 2008 calendar which is bundled with three exclusive figures. The monthly pages of the desktop calendar feature the Tachikoma in various situations that are somewhat interesting to look at. If they're not to your liking, you can make colorful origami with the pages.

In addition to the monthly calendar action, three PVC renditions of Tachikoma are included in the package - a blue regulation issue model, a rare yellow Tachikoma with racing stripes, and a cherry red model which looks like a piece of malformed jellybean sculpture. All preorders have shipped yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship this afternoon.
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Disney Fantasia Limited Edition Wristwatch - New Import

The limited edition (1000 units only) Fantasia wristwatch celebrates the groundbreaking Disney movie from 1942. The center of the watch features Mickey in his Sorcerer's Apprentice incarnation and two glow-in-the-dark hands tell the time. Pressing a button located at the 2 'o clock position activates a colorful light show where red, green, and blue lights shine and blink for about 10 seconds. There are a number of LEDs ringed around the face of the watch which provide the illumination for the dazzling lights.

The band is made of transparent plastic and extra watch bezels are included which change its appearance. Every watch is packaged in a little blue-tinted chest along with a certificate of authenticity, a warranty guarantee card, a user operation sheet, and a packet of silica gel.

Winnie the Pooh Limited Edition Wristwatch - New Import

Celebrate 80 years of Pooh with one of Disney's limited edition (1000 units only) watches which commemorate the honey-golden bear. Two variants are on offer: a golden Pooh watch and a platinum Pooh version which share the same functions and the only difference is the color of Pooh's smiling face.

The band is made of stainless steel, the watch canopy itself is water proof, and two natural diamonds are mounted on the face of the watch which are located above the image of Pooh. Every watch is packaged in a little yellow-tinted chest along with a certificate of authenticity, a warranty guarantee card, and a packet of silica gel.